3.3: Haste Gear or Set Bonuses?   4 comments

So, this is my dilemma and, at this time, I do not have an answer.  But with 3.3 upon us today, I need to get it figured out pronto!

After much thought, I, personally, will be picking up the 18/0/53 celestial focus spec.  To do this, I will be giving up the following 7 points from my current 11/0/60 resto spec:

  • Living Seed (3)
  • Improved Barkskin (2)
  • Empowered Touch (2)

 The reasons that I am doing this are:

  • I am primarily a raid healer in 25 man progression content.   Getting back as close to our current 1 second GCD will be important for me (I think).
  • Living Seed is frequently less than 2% of my overall healing.  While it is nice to have, I think the haste is going to end up being more throughput for me as a whole.
  • Empowered Touch (Nourish, Healing Touch) is also frequently less than 5% of my overall healing.  While it was nice to have those bigger nourishes when I used nourish, the haste is again going to give me more throughput for what I’m tasked to do in our 25 man settings.
  • Improved Barkskin.  I loved this talent.  I really did.  It seemed to a lot of people to be a throw away talent, but I can’t tell you how helpful that extra mitigation was as we worked hard modes.  However, in the big picture, it was 2 points that were pretty easy to give up for the extra haste.

I know that not everyone will agree with the reasons, or the talents, that I’m opting to drop for the 3% haste offered by celestial focus, and that is fine.  But it is something that I am going to test out and see if it is beneficial for me and if I how it affects my throughput.  That, however, is a decision that I already made…and not, per se, the topic of this post.  The big question at hand, which I do not have an answer for is:  Should I drop my 4 T9 set bonus for non-tier haste gear?

I have looked for an answer to this question, and so far have not found anything definitive.  If I keep my 4 piece T9, along with my current 245/258 items regardless of if they have haste, I sit just under 600 haste.  Recall that to reach the 1 second GCD you require 750 haste, assuming all of your raid buffs and 3/3 Celestial Focus, which I will have.  If I swap around an item of two here and there, namely my breastplate and off-hand, I reach just over 700 haste, with only a slight loss to spell power…but I also lose my T9 set bonus.

Now, at the point I am at haste wise, we are talking tenths of seconds with regards to my GCD reaching 1 second flat.  How much will that matter?  Are those tenths of seconds worth giving up the set bonus for?  Tentatively, I think not.  But I could be quite wrong about this.  I won’t know for certain until I get into a raid setting and see how sluggish I feel, and analyze the parses to see where everything fits.  However, if things seem hugely slow, I may well decide that it is worth the loss of the bonus to equip a few haste pieces instead of set pieces.  I may also swap out a gem here or there for one with a touch of haste on it.  The last I recall reading haste and spellpower were scoring out about equally for throughput.

Now, getting into T10, I absolutely would not give up haste for the 2 pieces bonus, as it’s a rubbish bonus.  But what about the 4 piece T10?  I just don’t know.

How about all of you?  Are you giving up your set bonuses for haste pieces?  Are you keeping your set bonuses?  Are you flat out staying away from the haste train?

4 responses to “3.3: Haste Gear or Set Bonuses?

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  1. I gave up chasing the set bonuses long ago and for ToC I was disappointed with the sheer amount of crit gear. Foremost, I am a raid healer and always favored haste over crit anyway. With that, I think I am going with CF in my spec (giving up empowered touch and a point of living seed). I don’t envy my tree cohort who just got his 4 piece a couple weeks ago.

    • I have my 4 T9, the problem is that it’s difficult to quantify the actual healing given by the bonus. Which is why I’m uncertain if dropping it in favor of haste gear will be valuable for me or not. I am, however, a bit disgusted that Blizzard continues to insist on giving us crit on our gear. It just makes no sense. Look at how much of our T10 has crit instead of haste, it’s just poorly thought out I think.

      If my haste ever reaches the point, or I decide that it’s not worth those 7 points over in the balance tree, I may drop Celestial Focus at some point in the future…but that’s pretty far away 🙂

      Then again…with cataclysm and the additional 5 talent points that I can grab, and no new talents added to the trees, I can get most of my resto points back and keep CF! Silver linings, amirite?!

  2. Yeah, I face the same issues that you do except I have a lot less haste.

    I have looked around for this, but been unable to find the answer. Exactly how much healing does the 4 set tier 9 actually add?

    Regarding spec, right now I’m planning to dual spec resto with a 18/0/53 (The same one you are planning for) and a 11/0/60.

    I do hate to give up empowered touch though.

    • From what I’m reading Verile, I think haste and spell power are going about 1 for 1 as far as throughput goes. I do think those with less haste are going to feel the changes moreso than those with a bit more haste, but to what degree exaclty? I don’t know 😦

      I’m pretty certain that short of some napkin math over on EJ, there aren’t any difinitive numbers on exactly how much we are gaining from our 4T9 bonus, which makes it hard to quantify how much we lose for giving it up. I suppose I will do some raids with it, and some without, and see where I fall, and then make a decision from that point.

      I thought about dropping my moonkin spec for a second resto spec, and keeping my current spec as well, but for the time being I opted to keep my moonchicken going. 🙂

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