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Ok, I don’t have a lick of my christmas shopping done.  It’s not for a lack of effort though!  It’s because CERTAIN PEOPLE *GLARE*, you know who you are, won’t provide me with 1) a list or 2) any form of an idea if what they’d like.  At this rate, I’m gonna just go get myself something really nice and a bunch of lumps of coal to pass out.  Yea…that’s the ticket!  I’M GOING TO GO TO THE SPA WITH MY CHRISTMAS BUDGET AND YOUR LUMP OF COAL!

Anyhow…back to WoW related topics!

I managed to snag up an Ephemeral Snowflake for Beru last night.  This little beauty is going to be due for a nerf I would bet 🙂  Why, you ask?  Because on a druid it ticks 0ff of every HoT tick, and ends up being somewhere along the lines of 600 MP5.  (HAH!  Nerf hit: “Snowflake now has a very short cooldown to prevent it from restoring inappropriately large amounts of mana”).  While I won’t give up either of my two current trinkets for it, I do believe that it will have some situational use on fights that are very mana demanding.  It drops from the second boss in the Halls of Reflection, so go snag one up if you haven’t yet!

I gave the Glyph of Rapid Rejuvenation a spin in our TotGC last night.  I put it in for Jarraxus, with the thought that it would be quite helpful for Incinerate Flesh.  This, in fact, did turn out to be true, people’s debuff came off much quicker than normal and my healing for the fight from the parses was insane.  But I learned something about this glyph: it will kill your mana.  Last night my rejuvs were anywhere from 9-12 seconds in duration using the glyph.  I forgot to swap it out before faction champs, so I had it on for that as well…which actually might have been a good thing.  After using it in a raid setting, I think I’m going to say that for a 25 man raider, it will definitely be situational, and only good in certain niches.  I am going to toy with it in the 5 mans…when I can remember to swap it out!

I am trucking along with Beru, pugging my way to Perky.  I learned last night that if you PuG with 50 random people, you get the title “The Patient”.  This title cracks me up.  I will have to opt to be Beruthiel the Patient in our raids…to remind myself what I am supposed to be!

I have also decided that I’d like to do the Quel’Delar quest line.  I think it would be fairly fucked up for me to do it on Beru, as that would mean that I would mostly likely be taking a hilt from a PuG with me having a legendary in my weapon slot, so I will hope that I can nab it on her in an all guild/main run where no one needs it.  In the interim I think I will try to get a hilt for my priest 🙂

I took a chance last night, and joined the PuG queue to heal the first of the new heroics on my priest.  It felt a bit more hectic that Beru.  Granted, Beru is much better geared…but with my disc. spec on the priest I sometimes found myself struggling to keep everyone’s health in order.  I don’t know if that’s because I haven’t played the priest for a little while, or if it’s because I’m a spoiled rotten druid that rarely sweats group damage in a 5 man.  I didn’t finish the instance, but not without a little elbow grease being expunged!

I also just now remembered that I wanted to share the front page post on the Monolith Front Page from our 5 year anniversay that Brade and I put together (you will now have to scroll down past the ICC update, but it’s still there on the front page).  I am fairly proud of how it turned out…I’ve just forgotten to advise everyone to go take a look at it.  🙂

In addition to all this new patch WoW fun, I am also currently finishing up the final book in the Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher.  It is a really tasty read, and I would recommend the entire series to anyone!  I am amazed at how well the protagonist in this book is developed and the story just flows, it’s probably one of the best things I’ve read this year.

How about you?!  Read anything good lately?  Got your holiday shopping done?  Still enjoying 3.3?

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  1. Took me about a full day of pug heroics to finally get that puggy pug dog. But watching him scoot his butt across the ground is absolutely priceless.

    I’ve also been doing absolutely everything with my Glyph of Rapid Rejuv on and overall I much prefer having it instead of being without. I even healed Twins last week just to see what kind of numbers it produced and it resulted in about a 1500 HPS increase. Granted I was only able to get the rejuvs rolling on 2 groups instead of 3 the raw power of it is quite handy. Unless there is another fight with constant pulse AoE like twins I think the rapid rejuv is going to be a glyph I constantly use. Alternatively, I’ve been swapping between the glyph of Wild Growth and Regrowth depending on the situation. For 25mans I’ve been using WG/Rapid Rejuv/SM and then for everything else it’s been RG/Rapid Rejuv/SM. I think I like this setup and luckily being a scribe the constant glyph switching is not much of a cost burden at all.

    • I’ve still not got the dog. I obtained my “The Patient” title, but started to run out of steam, largely because I wanted to run instances on my alts rather than Beru. So, I figured that I’d just slowly work to the puppy dog doing one or two pugs a day with Beru 🙂 It’s not as if it’s going to go anywhere, right?

      I’m still not entirely sold on the rapid rejuv glyph in a raid setting. I think it’s nice to have for some niche fights where that kind of fast, burstier healing might be needed. But I think I’m going to tend to shy away from it otherwise. I’m carrying around a stack in my bags currently, so I will continue to play around with it and see if I change my mind on it.

  2. The Rapid Rejuv glyph is pretty good for 5 & 10 mans but I’m definitely not using it in 25 man raiding, it makes you oom too much 🙂

    I don’t think they’ll nerf the Snowflake trinket. I have the Meteorite Crystal and that also procs off hots. It can get up to 1000 Mp5 from that so you should be safe with 600.

    If you are look for a new book series I just finished reading The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare and absolutely loved them!!!!!!

    • I agree Lath, my experience with it in the 25 man settings was largely that it ate through my mana. I am sure that there will be fights where the rapid rejuv glyph will be worth using…but I don’t think it will occupy permanant glyph position for me 🙂

      They *did* nerf the trinket already, by adding a very small internal cooldown to the proc rate. Although, I believe the only two classes that will make notice of it are resto druids and shadow priests, who were getting a disgustingly disproportionate amount of mana returned to them from the trinket.

      I might need to check that series out! I am just about out of things to read at the moment. I have two more books in the Harper Connely series that I have been working on (one of which is on my christmas list, so I can’t purchase it until after the holidays!).

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