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I know that many people have already given their, largely unfavorable, opinion on this asinine new “tool” that has entered the game, but I thought it was time for me to pitch in my two cents on the matter.  For those of you that aren’t interested in another gearscore rant, here is the TL:DR version:  Gearscore can kiss my fuzzy tauren ass.

Over our holiday weekend, I partook in any number of PuGs through the looking for group system on just about all of my 5 level 80s.  I’ve done a good number of these on Beru, so that I could finish off my achievement and nab up Perky (which I did this weekend!).  Brade and I also always make a point to do the daily random for our two badges of frost.  One of these days, our queue popped us into the Culling of Stratholme, which is one of my favorite instances.

As we entered the dungeon we discovered we were grouped with a Death Knight, Rogue and Shadow Priest.  I often greet my groups with a bit of schtick, largely because I like to break the ice and I like to encourage communication in the group.  I am usually fairly silly, and informative, going with something like “Hello, I will be your cruise director for this evening’s adventures.  We will be traveling at high speeds and will only slow down at passenger request.  Please keep your seats in their full upright and locked positions, and keep your hands in the vehicle at all times”.  It is generally met with a laugh, and the groups get off on a good foot.

It also worked in our Culling of Stratholme group, but before we got underway Mr. Shadowpriest starts complaining about how we have two people in the raid with less than 2k “GS”.  Brade and I both reply with a “and?” response.  The priest starts complaining about how he wants his extra badges, and he doesn’t think the DPS can get there in time.  Brade assures him that this will not be an issue (Brade has taken to tanking most of the heroics in full DPS gear, and often times tops damage as the tank) as he can’t remember the last time he didn’t make the timer.

At this point, the DK, who just hit 80 the other day, starts profusely apologizing about his gear, explaining he had just leveled and knew he didn’t have the best gear.  This made me furious.  Not at the DK, but at the priest for being such a pretentious asshole and making the DK feel bad  for ENTERING AN INSTANCE MEANT FOR HIM TO GEAR UP.  I told the DK that he “better not dare apologize, I thought he would do just fine, and that these instances are meant to get him gear and he had every right to be here and I am happy to help him”.

Of course, it didn’t take long for the priest to check out the gear score of the mouthy druid in the group.  This was met with a “Holy Shit, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a GS this high before”…and all of the sudden I was “fabulous” just like that.  I replied with “well, there you have it, I have the best gear score and I don’t mind our DK, so you shouldn’t either”.

We finished the instance without event, having somethings obscene like 8 minutes left on the timer by the time we got to the end.  Brade doubled the shadow priests damage, and you could almost add up everyone else’s damage and Brade had still done more.  But you know what?  Who bloody well cares?!  We finished the instance, and nobody did anything completely stupid.  Even with our two sub 2k scored people.

The priest, somewhat humbled, politely thanked us for “carrying” them through the instance and went on his way.  Of course, the DK and rogue were curious if we were going to keep running and wanted to tag along 🙂

It has been said a million times: Gear does not equal skill.  Gearscore has got to be the most ass backwards thing that I have ever seen come out of this game.  The person that developed the add-on should be hexed and made to live as a toad for the remainder of his time in WoW.

Of course, he isn’t solely to blame.  The members of the community have let it get to their head, and are quite out of control.  Hell, one of our officers was telling me that he was in a group the other day with a DK in full epic healing plate.  But…his gearcore ROCKED!  He couldn’t do shit all for damage, but man did his gearscore own!  And I’m sorry…but you do NOT need full epics to run the pre-3.3 heroics!  I’ll even go one step further and say that you don’t even need full epics for any of the new ones save Halls of Reflection, which admittedly needs a fairly well geared group.  And by “well geared” I mean what you can get out of the preceeding dungeons, NOT full ICC/ToC gear.

In short, I wish this mod would die in a fire.  You cannot evaluate how someone is as a player based solely on their gear.  Period.  It really makes me angry that other players make fresh 80s feel bad for running instances to gear up.  It is completely ridiculous.  Nobody should be made to feel guilty for running instances designed to be done in BLUES.  I am actually tempted to start taking off a piece of gear each time someone mentions “GS” in one of my groups.  GRRRRR.  I really try to be very plesant in my PuGs, but as soon as someone starts pulling out gearscore shit, this tauren tends to become a mother bear: hostile and defensive of those that need protection from your stupidity.

In other things that irritated Beru during her PuG Adventures:

Brade was doing an ICC 10 on his paladin, so I was running the new ICC PuGs in my futile attempts to get a Hilt.  (I’ve seen two drop, and lost the roll on both, but both to guild mates so I’m coping!).  I ended up in a Heroic Halls of Reflection with my paladin.  I actually really like healing this zone with the paladin because I just have so many tools available to save people’s asses.  Not to mention that beacon is god like.  Need to heal the idiot DPS that isn’t on the right target and taking tons of damage?  No problem!  The tank is never at risk of dying because you had to toss someone else a heal.

Sorry, I digress.

So, here I am healing along my merry way, and we finish the second boss making it through all of those god awful waves without a single death or wipe.  And the tank, a druid, says to me in party chat: “You should only use Flash of Light, you are healing way too much”.  Ahem.  What?  I am sitting here thinking to myself…I have 5 years of healing experience and 4 healers.  Nobody died and I didn’t run out of mana.  What in the fuck is this guy going on about?  Not to mention that yes…there was need for using Holy Light.  LIKE WHEN YOU ARE BELOW 50% OF YOUR LIFE.  Oh yea…and did you ever stop to think that perhaps you are getting a Holy Light via beacon?  BECAUSE ONE OF THE DPS PULLED THREAT FROM YOU AND IS ALMOST DEAD BECAUSE YOU DIDN”T NOTICE?

In the interest of not unleashing the inner bitch that is starting to rage inside of me, I kept my mouth shut.  Mr. Druid, however, does not and spams his overhealing meter.  Alright dickhead, it’s on.  “Hi, I’m a paladin.  I overheal.  It happens”.  I do not claim to be an expert on paladin healing, but I like to think that I am at least a competent paladin.  I mean, ffs, I have two viable  heals: One for 6k and one for 18k.  I do not get an in-between, so either you don’t get healed enough or you get healed too much.  Guess which one I’d rather have happen?!  He keeps going on about it.  I am clearly not the only one annoyed as the shaman in the group pipes up “Overhealing is bad?  Nobody died, who cares”.  The druid is still going on.  So, I finally say, “Perhaps you would like to let me tank and you can heal and then I will criticize your healing for you?”.

That shut him right up.  I am still trying to decide if he just needed something to bitch about because the group ran fairly clean…and he needed to complain about SOMETHING.  Or perhaps this was an alt and his main was a paladin healer and he thought “ur doin’ it rong”.  I have no idea.   As a general rule, it would seem to me that if someone appears to be doing their job properly, it is probably best NOT to give them shit about how they are getting the job done.

All of that bitching aside…

I still really do like the LFG tool.  It is a massive improvement from what the game started with, and its many iterations since.  I certainly have more good experiences than bad.  It’s just that the bad stick out more clearly in my memory 🙂

How about you?  How have your experiences been?  Have you had any strange experiences?  Are you ready for “GS” to be “so 2009”?

Posted December 28, 2009 by Beruthiel in /rant, Alt-aholic!, Gearscore, PuGalicious

31 responses to “Your Gearscore Can Kiss My…

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  1. I use GearScoreLite (only appears in the tooltip), but I really only use the average ilvl as a starting point in gauging pugs. Starting point, I’d like to emphasize: how someone acts and/or does his/her job in the dungeon is the determining factor in my opinion of a person.

    Experiences: generally the bad ones get ruined by one person. The only horribly whole group I’ve had is undergeared people in heroic FoS. Which, okay, I tried to stay the entire time and get them gear, but they were also oblivious to boss tactics. Like that whole stop damage thing. Especially when there’s this strand of red connecting to me, the tree healer. If I start at around 95% durability, I leave at 10% durability.

    Though, I have found that a friendly breaking of the ice often leads to a good group. Even just a “hello “works, though “how are you” helps. Just after Christmas I said hello, offered warlock cookies, and asked about everybody’s holidays, and the group opened up and talked and it was a pleasant VH run.

    • I still just don’t buy it. I started raiding on my druid back in AQ40 when I was decked out in blues, and I was able to out perform a number of significantly better healers.

      I firmly believe that an undergeared person with skill will always be better than a well geared person without skill. I would most definately rather have the former and move a bit slower than the later. In my experience it is the latter that will cause more wipes.

      Just because a person doesn’t have gear, doesn’t automatically mean that they don’t know what they are doing. Too many times people equate gear with knowledge, and it’s just a false assumption. At least in my opinion.

      Even in your own examples you elude to the fact they were undergeared as causing your wipes, but I actually believe it was probably more that they were “oblivious to boss tactics”. I don’t think sticking them in gear would have improved the situation much. The catalyst to your failure wasn’t that they lacked gear, but that they lacked skill. Which you roud about attributed to their lack of gear.

      • I figured as much that it was their skill that was the problem. I nearly went OOM healing the Bronjahm encounter because they didn’t start killing the soul fragments until about the fifth spawn. _BUT_ the instance was still new, and they weren’t super decked out, so I gave them the benefit of the doubt and assumed they just were new / undergeared. I mean, I *could* have started bitching about them not knowing the encounter and “zomg only 1k dps,” but I’m tired already of people being jerks to each other. I figured I’d stay until I got too fed up to be pleasant anymore. I felt really bad about leaving at the final boss, but I had given it a long go and I was done for the night.

        People who are jerks, well, they’re jerks. People aren’t jerks because they have a specific GS or not. GS measures the gear, not the person. It’s like standardized test scores for college: it measures whether you can read directions, do basic math, and fill in bubbles. It doesn’t measure whether you can study diligently or the depth of your passion for your major. So when you zone in with me to Forge of Souls or wherever, I look up your WoW “SAT score” with my tooltip addon. Just to know if you’re equipped to handle the very VERY basic thresholds. I thoroughly believe that it’s up to you whether you just flunk out, just barely pass, or go on to win the Nobel Prize in Awesomeness.

  2. Outstanding. This post should be on the login screen for everyone.

    • Honestly, I feel that there is more distinction in gear now than there ever was when tier sets differentiated people. There is so much focus on gear, and so little focus on play 😦 I really hope Blizzard recognizes this and that it resolves itself a bit as the game continues to progress.

  3. Hear! Hear! I totally agree with you.

  4. Is it really the addon that is the problem or just the usage of it?

    I agree that even looking at Gearscore is ridiculous in a 5 man and I get cranky whenever I see “LFM OS10, pst GS”.

    However for new progression content it can be extremely useful and saves a lot of time.

    It gives an indication of whether or not the player has levelled their gear and put the time into their character to make it a useful contributor to a group.

    I’m not in a raiding guild so pug 10 mans. It is extremely frustrating sitting in Dal trying to get an ICC10 together and getting people linking their half completed epic achiev to try and join the run. GS at least sets some kind of benchmark (and yes, I make sure that the Dk isn’t wearing SP and that the holy priest doesn’t have the ilvl245 hit trinket)

    Until there is some magic skill level addon I think GS has it’s uses.

    • I think that it is both. The add on facilitates the idiocy of the add on. If that makes sense.

      “Until there is some magic skill level addon I think GS has it’s uses”

      I actually completely disagree with this. It is again making the assumption that you can equate gear to some level of skill. That in itself is the biggest fallacy of the add on, and the concept of “gear score” in general.

      I think posing the question “tell me your experiences with the zone” when looking to facilitate a group would be far more useful than some artifical number that gives you zero indication of what the person may or may not accomplish. Of course, having a good leader for the pug that will take the time and do a step by step analysis of the encounters rather than assuming everyone knows what they are doing can also solve a lot of PuG issues that gear score cannot as well 🙂

      By going on gear score alone, you can be missing out on a huge playerbase, including very experienced players on their alts that would probably be a larger asset in lesser gear than someone that face rolled their way to gear with no idea of what they were doing.

      I really hate all of the “ranking” that has come into the game by third parties. I hate ranking guilds, servers, gear, you name it. This is a GAME, it is meant for fun. I think everyone’s concern with “rank” is taking a lot of the fun out of that for a lot of people.

      • “I actually completely disagree with this. It is again making the assumption that you can equate gear to some level of skill. That in itself is the biggest fallacy of the add on, and the concept of “gear score” in general.”

        Not at all. My point was that there is not a reliable test for skill and therefore we have to make do with whatever imperfect alternatives there are.

        I really don’t see how using GS is any more exclusionary than asking for raid experience.

        The week after ICC was released people were asking for the achiev when putting pugs together. This is just as likely to exclude good players than GS. (And I’ve learnt the hard way that sometimes when people say “this is my alt but i’ve done it on my main” they aren’t always telling the truth)

        I’m no WoW snob and don’t consider myself an uber elite gift tio MMORPGs. All I expect from myself and my fellow puggers is to know their class, learn fast and do their job without nutting off if we wipe a few times.

        I have limited time to play and therefore don’t want to spend my entire time banging my head against a wall.

        High GS doesn’t automatically = good player but it does give an indication that they have invested time into their toon and are therefore likely to have some idea what they are doing (or just way too much time on their hands and chain running heroics constantly!)

        I enjoy the blog by the way!

  5. I don’t use a gs addon, just look at wow-heroes periodically, which takes too much time to judge a pug xD I like gs as a way to judge my own progression and mostly do a happy dance when I get a new piece of gear and it adds to my score. The only thing I do in pugs (since I’m a healer too) is look at the tank’s health and mentally prepare myself if it’s on the low side. I think this partially has to do with never playing a dps or tank, so I don’t really know how to judge them xD

    And totally agreed about the running heroics in blues, that’s kinda the whole point. I just filled out all my slots with epics BY running heroics until my fingers and healbot bled lawl, I don’t really know how else you’re supposed to gear up ya know?

    Oh and I overheal a TON and I know it, but I always get compliments about my healing when I get a group through something sticky, so I don’t see the problem with it either as long as you don’t run oom 🙂 Heal on garth!

    • If the mod is used as a tool for personal progression, I think that is fine. Unfortunately, it has largely become a tool to exclude people…by people who don’t understand the tool or what is truly needed for the content they are trying to be exclusive about.

      I really get in a snit about people complaining about people running heroics in blues. I mean, honestly, how else are they supposed to gear up? I think tanks probably have it the worst in that sense. But, I healed all 4 of Brade’s tanks in shit gear trough those instances…and I’m sorry but you don’t need a 40k life tank for H UP!


  6. GearScore doesn’t bother me much because on my server (and so far from my experiences pugging on Bloodlust) you’ll get flamed if you dare *mention* what your GS is.

    The only socially acceptable use seems to be Raid Leaders forming PuG groups. It’s quite common to see

    [Trade] LF2M VoA25 4.5kGS minimum. Pst at Eventide

    but if you dare post something to advertise yourself

    [General] Geared SPriest LF raid 4.9GS

    You’ll be flamed/roasted by other members of the community for boasting and being a noob.

    And I’ve definitely never, ever, seen a mention of GearScore in a cross-realm heroic. But then, I’ve yet to see one complaint about a group member’s gear either.

    • I could not agree more. Gearscore is awful, and i have had a few situations where it became an issue. Not fun.
      Personally, as soon as a GS minimum is listed for a raid, that raid is off the list of things for me to do, just out of principle.

      • I tend to be on the same lines as you. Even before gearscore became popular, if someone asked “are you good” when I offered to join a group I would then decline to join.

        I think there is a bit of an underlying pretense to people like that, and I just don’t want to be bothered by dealing with it 🙂

    • Ugh, I wish people in my battlegroup looked negatively upon the gearscore phenom. Perhaps the Aussie battlegroups are just more civalized! *ponders transferring to a server where the men speaking would throw me into a tizzy everytime I heard them* 😉

      I truly miss the days before ranking everything was so important. Bring me back my vanilla WoW! Where your only concern was a little friendly realm competition.

  7. I’d like to place gearscore into a sack, and hurl the sack into a river, then hurl the river into the sun.

  8. @Jeremy –

    Thanks 🙂

    I can see your points, and I “get” them (honest!), I just disagree. I just miss the days when there were no “scores” or “ranks” that people concerned themselves with.

    I’m not sure there is a way to measure good vs. bad by any numerical value other than trial. I do understand that those with limited play want to maximize that time as much as they can, but I think making sure you have a good PuG leader that doesn’t assume everyone knows what is going on would ensure that more than gearscores would.

    I think we will have to decide to agree to disagree on this point 🙂

  9. The only time that gearscore seems somewhat relevant to me is when forming a PuG for the latest raid content. Even then it’s just used to filter out the people that have absolutely no business being there.

    I don’t see the point for any other situation.

  10. This, this, a thousand times this.


    I have no idea what GS is *supposed* to illuminate but it’s just another stick for elitist arses to beat newer players with, gah!

    Also, yay for you sticking up for the newly dinged 80. Woot!

  11. OMG I hate GS. It’s the most stupid addon. I also cannot stand people who stand around the mailbox in Dalaran (which I do) and talk about how high their GS is. Really? C’mon…

    • Also, lol, I ran Heroic CoS, healing, with only my mace and 3 pieces of (real) gear one time drunk. (my lovely red dress was just way to lovely to take off) Gearscore can kiss my ass too.

  12. I think Gearscore has *potential* to be useful, but definitely not as a way to snub people or look down on them. I use GearscoreLite, but never mention it in-game EVER. It’s more of a personal gauge.

    To me, it’s useful for two reasons. One, if I’m on my Hunter and someone walks by with a nice gearscore, I like to stop and inspect their gear and see what kind of nice upgrades they have. Two, when I am entering a PUG I like to check everyone’s gearscore just to get a guesstimate of what kind of DPS we’ll likely have, or if I’m healing, how squishy the tank is. Tank’s decked out in TOC25 gear? That’s cool, they are probably pretty good. Tank’s mostly in blues crafted epics? Also cool, maybe they can get some nice upgrades, and now I know to be just a little extra aware of their health.

    Obviously this isn’t perfect – well-geared people can be the worst players. But it’s generally a better estimate than, well, nothing.

    Gearscore is handy as a better-than-nothing tool, but sadly it becomes extremely annoying in the hands of idiots.

  13. I came back to the game after a year off and was laughed at and snubed becuse i was still in BC gear and my spec was off because I had missed so many patches. I actully almost quit again untill i meet the guys in my current guild that may not be the best on the server but i well stick with becuse they took a freash 80 mage with a cracked out spec and ZG/Kara gear and turned me into the mage i am today.

    They helped me with spec enchanting my gear and worked with me to get gear. I have been back for about 3 months and have gone from the bottem off the dps charts to towards the top and i’m now one of the guilds core raiders. I guess my point is that if they had not given me a chance to imporve and just laughed like alot of people did they would have missed out on a guildie willing to help with what ever i can.

  14. well all i can say is gearscore is still useful to an extend by giving u a quick gauge on how’s the person gear is like

    BUT if anyone were to pass judgement based on gearscore .. you know who the nub is alrdy

  15. I’ve got zero clue about gearscore but am I right in thinking it’s based entirely on item level because if so … isn’t that a gigantic honking flaw with the whole thing.

    Being well geared != having high ilvl gear.

    See also: spellpower, death knight.

  16. …who the hell looks at meters when things are going along perfectly well?! Who the fuck cares!

    Also, a guildie of mine is so going to gear his DK up in SP plate just to fuck with the GS people.

  17. Gearscore by itself is a very crude tool. Regrettably the vast majority of it’s use is by jerkoffs and e-peens. It’s overall utility/accuracy is about as valid as judging a pitcher’s W-L record or the like.

    If I was making a pug I’d likely hit, be-imba or wow-heroes moreso than gearscore. But at the end of the day I’m mostly allergic to pugs and too time constrained to run many randoms anyway. Will be a long time until I get perky.

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  19. Gearscore is an annoyance. My Mage alt has a specific “GS” gear set I am building with gear that is caster-ish but worse for my main spec than my regular gear. The simple reason is that I seem to need to do this to game the GS system and get into PuG’s to get decent items.

    I have a GS of about 5050 on my Mage in my regular gear, my GS set puts this at about 5200 at present. Even this is usually “too low” according to some people, so imagine my shock when someone actually invites me to a group in my 5050GS outfit and I outdps others in the group, including fellow mages with 5300+ GS.

    GS is useless if you are unable to tell when a player is using higher ilevel but inferior items. That is the end of that. When I have someone boasting of GS and I am on my main char then 9 times out of 10 I am, like with your main, able to tell them where to shove it because my Moonkin has a very high GS, currently #4 on the server I think (out of the Moonkin) which considering the saturation of high end raiding guilds is not bad going 🙂

    It’s just the same as linking Achievement and [Epic] before, a way for people to have an excuse to not take someone, probably because they want to reduce the competition for their specific loot items. It is just sad that people will not believe you when you say that you have done the fights (I have 4/4 on the original wing on my mage but not the new fights ofc). I mean I have done them on my main char, but I doubt most of the rest of the raid aside from those, like me, that are alts from endgame raiding guilds can say the same.

    GS can die a horrible horrible death and I would shed not a tear 🙂 If I could be bothered I would make an addon that could judge a players gear based on stat balance for their class. I do not wish to spend my life learning every classes stat balance, updating it every patch, etc etc though 🙂 I have better things to do 🙂

    I wish Blizzard would make do on their (probably joking) suggestion that they could implement a shirt with no actual effect other than an insanely high iLevel to screw up gearscores 🙂

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