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We were told 28 days.  That is how long it was going to take that single engineer to bust down the door into the plaugeworks.  Now, that same gentleman still tells us it will be 28 days…but making the assumption it was 28 days from that first week, I want to be ready for the Plagueworks!  I’m not sure what GridStatusRaidDebuff has updated up to this point for Ice Crown, but in the sake of always being prepared I thought I’d share which debuffs I’m going to be on the lookout for come tomorrow!

As always, these are all speculative, and I will update them as I have experiences myself with the encounters and I am open to adding in things I missed, but you found! (Again, I’d like to refer you to Kae’s excellent walkthrough on adding debuffs to GRID, if you need assistance with adding debuffs).  Also, please keep in mind, these are healer-centric!


  • Mutated Infection – This will be the most important debuff to add for this fight!  It will inflict ~4k damage every second for 12 seconds and reduces healing by 50%.  Not only will healers need to give the infected person some extra attention, but those that can cleanse disease will need to be able to follow that target and cleanse them once they are in the designated “ooze area”.
  • Sticky Ooze (?) – I’m not 100% sure about if this can/will be shown as a debuff.  But in reading the abilities in the encounter, it’s one that as both a raid leader and healer I want to be aware who has it.  The debuff itself will inflict ~3k damage every second and will decrease movement speed by 50%.


  • Vile Gas and Vile Plague – These will be important to note for everyone in the raid, as raid members will need to move away from anyone infected with vile gas/vile plague.  Healers will need to know who is infected as it will cause the target ~5k shadow damage every 2 seconds for 6 seconds.  If anyone is nearby the person infected it will also cause ~4k damage to those close.
  • Gastric Bloat – This will be a debuff that stacks on the tanks.  It will be important to note, because we cannot have a tank hit 10 debuffs or it will cause “Gastric Explosion”.  What is also important to note about this debuff is that it will inflict significant (~15k?) damage to the tank.  It is also important to note that as the stacks of gastric bloat increase, damage done by tank increases by 10% per stack.  I mention it because once a tank reaches 9 stacks, they will have to make a concerted effort to stop building threat, so they don’t overtake the new tank.
  • Inoculated – As a raid leader this will be the most important debuff to be aware of, as any players that are not properly inoculated will meet their untimely demise when the blight hits.  This debuff stacks 3 times, and anyone with fewer than 3 stacks of inoculated will take fairly hefty damage during blight.
  • Gas Spore – This will be important for everyone in the raid to know, as they will need to move to this person to become infected with “Blighted Spores” in order to become inoculated.  Additionally, it will deal ~2k shadow damage.  I would prioritize this over inoculated debuffs.
  • Blighted Spores – Healers will need to be aware of who has blighted spores as they will take ~2k shadow damage every second for 6 seconds.  Everyone in the raid will have this debuff as they become inoculated, so it appears that there will be some heavy raid healing involved.  Those that survive will become inoculated.  I would prioritize this over the inoculated debuffs.

Putricide  – It should be noted that I am less sure about these debuffs than the others.  This is largely because this content was mostly untested on the PTR due to various bugs.  As such, please make sure to note what you are or are not seeing and make adjustments as needed!

  • Mutated Abomination(?)/Mutated Transformation(?) – I am not sure which debuff will show, but you will want to know who has drunk the potion and has become an abomination for a number of reasons.  At some point, it is likely that the party occupying an abomination will need to be freed via a disease cleanse.  But, more importantly, abominations will cause ~4.5 damage to all nearby players.
  • Gaseous Bloat – This will be placed on players that are targeted by Gas Clouds.  The player will start with 10 stacks of this debuffs and will take damage every 2 seconds.  It will be very important to keep them alive!  It will be equally important for that player to move away from the gas clouds.
  • Volatile Ooze Adhesive (?) – I’m not positive how this debuff will be listed, but I think this will be it.  This will indicate the target that has been selected by the volatile ooze, and will be stuck to the ground.  The party with the debuff take ~6k damage PER SECOND.  Additionally, if the ooze is not killed by the time it reaches the target, there will be ~170k damage split between all players withing 10 yards.
  • Gas Variable (?) and Ooze Variable (?) – I saw these listed in one of the few write-ups that I found as possible debuffs.  Unfortunately, this is all the information I have on them right now.
  • Choking Gas (?) – I believe this will be the debuff that is applied if someone gets hit with a Choking Gas Bomb.  It will reduce the player’s chance to hit by 75%.  More importantly, if someone has the debuff, it is likely they got hit with the bomb and took ~16k damage.

As always with new content, be flexible!  Good Luck and Have Fun!

Posted January 4, 2010 by Beruthiel in Grid, Ice Crown Citadel

9 responses to “Getting GRID Ready for Icecrown’s Plagueworks

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  1. Yaaaaay new bosses!

    I like the snow on the website! 😀

  2. So ready for Plagueworks!

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  5. Very helpful tidbits about these fights!

    I went in last night with the majority of these set up on grid, and actually ended up deleting some of them prior to our kills. For Festergut, the 2 debuffs I found essential were Vile Gas and Gas Spore; everyone in the raid will suffer from Blighted Spores and tracking all those Inoculated stacks gets quite distracting. Suffice to say if you’re not Inoculated before Blight goes out, you’re as good as dead. As to Rotface, Sticky Ooze should only be going out on your kiter(s) so showing it on Grid would be especially beneficial to pallies who can mitigate its effects through Hand of Freedom. And Mutated Infection is a great one to have, unless you’re a trigger-happy cleanser and then it might actually be a detriment!

    • I actually don’t think that GRID tracked “Blighted Spore(s)” for me last night, and I don’t think I needed it, so I will likely remove that one from my own, personal, settings. The only reason that I comment on tracking Inoculated is that I lead raids, and *I* need to know who missed it, etc. If you aren’t in a position that you need to be aware of it, then I agree, you are probably more than fine not knowing who has it! 🙂 If you do decide to track it, I made sure that my gas spore had a higher priority so that it overwrote incoculated while it was up, and that worked fairly well for me.

      I actually didn’t think about freedoming the Ooze tank through the sticky ooze, not having a paladin in my 10 man last night! Thanks for the tip!

      Oh god, I don’t want to think about anymore mutated infections! 😉

  6. GridStatusRaidDebuff was updated and is working really well for me. Shows all green stuff and tank stacks of bloat too 🙂

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