Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It…   24 comments

*queues Mission Impossible theme music*

I am on a quest, for which I seek your help!  It’s actually more like two separate quests, that are in fact very different…but I still am looking for outside information!

The Quest for The Chair

It is that dreaded time again.  Yes, sadly it is again time to replace the computer chair.  My current chair has been faithful and loyal, but it is starting to grow weary and tired, and would like to go to that chair heaven in the sky (aka sitting outside with a “take me, I’m free!” sign on it).  But that leaves me with quite the predicament: finding a new chair.

I have decided that this time, I don’t want any old chair, I want nirvana.  I want to sit in my chair and I want my rearparts and lower back to sigh in relief after a weary day.  I don’t want to have to use a pillow from the sofa for lower back support.  I want it to have a wide enough seat that I can sit cross legged in the chair, which is one of my favorite ways to sit while I play.

Here are some guidelines/requirements:

  • I do not have limitations in cost, but I’m a fairly conservative spender, so I probably won’t buy a $4,000 chair.  That being said, I spend a large portion of time at my computer, and for the right chair, I will not have an issue handing over some of my hard earned cash.
  • My cover of preference is leather.  I know it doesn’t breathe well in the summer heat, but I live in Seattle where excessive heat is a fairly rare occurence.
  • I do not like the “mesh” style chairs.  I have one of those at my office at work, and I hate it.  The hard frame on the outside of the mesh is prohibitive to sitting on my feet and/or crossing my legs, and if I wear a skirt or thin pants, I end up with the mesh print on my legs/rear and after sitting for an extended period of time the mesh hurts on bare skin.  So any and all mesh chairs, regardless of their great ergonomics, are out.
  • Any kind of “microfiber” type of fabric is out.  They generate high static, and Brade actually had one of these and fried his hard drive via a static charge from his mouse as a result of the static built while he sat in the chair.  I don’t want to have to ground myself for day to day computer activity.
  • I like “big” and “cushiony” chairs.  Basically, if I could take my oversized sofa, give it good back support, and make it into an office chair, I’d be in heaven!
  • It needs to have back support.  I intend to sit in this chair for many hours each day.  I tend to suffer from a tired, sore back due largely to poor posture.  As such, I’d like a chair that will offer back support, which in turn helps correct poor posture.
  • Lastly, and this is where it probably gets tricky, I need to actually sit in the chair before I purchase it.  I live in the Seattle area, which is a very large metropolitan region, so most national chains should be within a short drive for me, I would think.  However, I’m very picky about my chairs, and just like goldilocks, it needs to feel “just right” when I plop down into it the first time.  So, I probably won’t mail order anything that I can’t test drive first!

Based on that information, does anyone have any suggestions for an office chair?!  Where would you recommend shopping to find chair nirvana?  What have been your own chair experiences?  Does anyone already have chair nirvana?!

The Quest to Build a Better Warlock

My second quest is probably much simpler in nature 🙂  I am looking for some really good warlock resources (I am already familiar with EJ, so no need to replicate that resource recommendation).  More specifically, I’m looking for some warlock blogs that touch on everything from specs to glyphs to optimal UIs to add ons to help performance.

I am aware of a few out there, but being more a healer than a warlock, I was wondering if anyone else had any suggestions for some good warlock reading that is kept up to date.  Any recommendations would be appreciated!


This message will self-destruct in 30 seconds.  *Beru runs away in slow-mo, just barely making it behind that conviently placed boulder, sheltering herself from the blast while humming the mission impossible theme song*

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24 responses to “Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It…

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  1. I’m an affliction warlock, but I don’t have much written down, so maybe I’m not too helpful.

    I mostly just found out how to warlock by myself, but in endgaming, I started with the Warlock Den (forums/community), then I found bloggers such as Saresa (Destructive Reach) & Nibuca (Mystic Chicanery). I have a lot of bookmarkage from Nibuca, actually. I don’t know if Leulier’s spreadsheet is still current or not; he was sorta the Rawr for warlocks.

    • I am actually just trying to find some good resources to provide to some fellow guildmates that we are trying to nudge up in performance 🙂

      But, I did take down those sites and they all seem to have a good bit of information on them!

  2. Check out

    Fulguralis and Fuubaar are good friends of mine, and good people. Lots of good info for affliction locks. If nothing else, check out their blogroll, lots of good lock blogs i suspect.

  3. Beru, I probably need a new chair as well. I was whispering Jess a couple weeks ago in game when I leaned back too far or too hard and the back of my chair fell off. I tumbled over and the chair fell over on top of me. It was pretty hilarious. Jess was wondering what was taking me so long to respond… and I had to explain, wait I just fell over and broke my chair. Sigh I’m such a klutz.

    And omg! I have a bebeh lock as well! 🙂

    • You know what is so funny about that story? The exact same thing happened to Brade a while back. It was so hard to keep a straight face while making sure that he hadn’t hurt himself!

      It’s one of those things that would have been great captured forever and sent to some show like “America’s Funniest Home Videos”.

  4. The best thing I can recommend on the chair front is go to office depot/officemax types of places and start sitting in chairs, that’s what I did when I decided to look for one, I did check that they were designed for long periods of use, and finally found the perfect one, and it was around $150.

    • This is my usual chair shopping game plan, and how I purchased my current char, but I think this time I want to explore some of the more high end “this is a 20 year chair” sort of options 🙂

      You know, like the Mephisto of chairs!

  5. I like cynwise’s blog over at I don’t have a lock and s/he’s more pvp-oriented but there’s a couple really nice articles about macros and UI setup for destro.

    There’s also one called (I think?) destructive reach which is supposed to be the go-to but I don’t remember the exact link at the moment.

    • Oh, I will have to check that out! A lot of PvE’ers could learn a lot about PvE from those that PvP, such as SITUATIONAL AWARENESS OMG!

      Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. Poneria’s first comment is spot on. Warlock’s Den has some really good stuff. Leulier’s spreadsheet isn’t being updated still and the last I had heard, the Rawr module for locks was a little bugged. I use SimulationCraft for my lock and love it. There’s even a guide to how to use it on the Warlock’s Den forums!

  7. Bwah? Microfiber static charge? O.O

    /stares at computer chair in suspicion, considers covering with a blanket…

    • Yar 😦

      I don’t know if it was the pants he would wear in the chair, it we just had a lot of dry air (although being in seattle I doubt that) or what not, but the chair generated enormous amounts of static electricity.

      We actually saw the spark leave his fingers and jump into his mouse. Even though he replaced the motherboard in his machiene, the entire inner-circuitry is having issues, and likely he is going to need to replace the machiene soon.

  8. Hm, no suggestion on a computer chair for you. My IKEA chair isn’t suuuuper comfy but it does its job fairly well.

    Warlock website suggestions, though, I’m seconding all of the places recommended above (particularly Mystic Chicanery). Looking through my feed reader, the only one I’d add is: Fel Fire (

  9. Get a Steelcase Leap chair.

    Steelcase is one of the big national office furniture manufacturers so you’ll be able to find a dealership within driving distance most likely.

    I used to use a Herman Miller Aeron chair (with the mesh) and it was horrible…sitting on my foot started to give me a callous on my ankle, and while my husband’s chair was super comfortable, the mesh on mine always felt too stiff and was uncomfortable after a few hours.

    When I started working at my current job, I fell in love with the Leap chair (I sit in it at work) and bought one for my home office. I’ve been using it at home for about 2.5 years now and it’s as great as it ever was, although it is now decorated with cat hair. :/

    As a starting point, if you decide to talk to a dealership, here’s some specific info:
    Name: Steelcase Leap

    Model #: 46216179S (the S is important, that’s how you get the leather. It stands for Sewn – you see the stitches (like on your couch) instead of the stitches being hidden.)

    Leather: You have a couple of options here. The standard Steelcase leather (which to my mind is boring…think good-old-boy colors) and there’s also the Elmosoft leather which has WAY better color selection, even, *gasp* bright colors. I’m pretty sure that you can look up the colors online at their website, but if they’re not there (not all of their fabrics are online sadly) any dealership you go to should have a fabric card with all the colors for you to take home.

    The standard options (no additional cost) are as follows:
    Height/width/pivot arms
    Hard casters (for use on carpet, if you have hard flooring in your office you’d want soft casters which are a $20 list upcharge)
    5″ pneumatic seat range
    No headrest (I’m 6′ and the headrest would start at about the tops of my shoulders. Unless you’re short, I probably wouldn’t get a headrest.)

    Current list price (price changes usually take effect around July): $2007

    If they try to quote you more than ~$1,400 for the chair alone (not including delivery to your home) you’re being taken advantage of. As a new buyer, you are eligible for the TrueBlue discount, which, while it doesn’t set the sell price, it does drop the cost to the dealership. I’d say anything at or under $1200 is reasonable. Any dealership will usually charge delivery and some charge extra if it’s going to a residential address.

    They also have a “lifetime” warranty, but not all parts have “lifetime” coverage. For example, the pneumatic is generally 10-15 years (I forget which applies currently) so if your chair all of a sudden couldn’t adjust up or down, you could call the dealership where you bought the chair and they’d send a service tech out to fix it.

    Anyway, that’s probably WAY too much info on chairs. 😉 But if you need more or have questions, send an email to my commenter name in case I don’t check the comments here again.

    • This is very close to what I’m looking for! Only there are no stores within 100 miles of me 😦

      Although there is a store locally called “The Back Store” that seems to carry similar quality chairs, so perhaps I will check them out.

      If nothing else, I can see if there is one in the Chicago area and swing by on a visit to my parents 🙂

      Thank you for the suggestion!

  10. for work, i have a Realspace PRO 10,000 Series chair, i believe from office depot. i believe you can get it in leather. the back is a “waterfall” type, and the height and angle is adjustable. the seat cushion is also adjustable. actually, it is quite adjustable all around besides the usual height and tilt. cost was around $300 to $400.

    if anything, check out their website. it’s quite useful in you can check off your preference in chair types. if i remember my research for a good office chair, you would want a chair meant to be used 5+ hrs, a waterfall back, and as much adjustability you can get.

    as for warlock info…. the message self-destructed and now i need a rez. 😛 seriously, i have no idea about warlock sites/blogs except megan on Forbearance.

    • Hmmm…I might have to check that out. Their catalouge that is available to offices probably carries a lot more suggestions than their actual retail stores.


  11. you know, I didn’t think leather would be a big issue in Seattle either, but then we had last summer’s heat wave… *recalls sticking uncomfortably to her seat after hours of WoW*

    hopefully this summer won’t be as bad x_x

    • I was *incredibly* lucky this year, as I was traveling for work the entire week that we had 100+ degree weather in Seattle!

      I grumble everytime I recall someone telling me when I moved out here “don’t worry, you don’t need AC here”. Psha, whatever!

  12. I used to have back pain of all sorts, especially after playing many hours of Wow. A month or so ago, I bought
    and it’s been wonderful ever since. Unfortunately, the only stores anywhere near you are in CA. If you end up getting something via mail order, I highly recommend it.

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