It’s Here! The Resto 4 Piece Tier 10 Bonus (pt. 1)   22 comments

Enough time has passed, and in some cases enough badges have been acquired, for the first live information on the Resto Druid 4 piece Tier 10 to finally be analyzed.  I was one of those people that held out and horded my precious badges of frost, deciding that I was going to grab the 4 piece T10 before buying anything else.  And while others spent their badges, I clung to mine, silently hoping that I wasn’t making a mistake. 

Well, the time if finally here.  I, personally, am just a few badges short of being able to purchase all four pieces, but anticipate being able to pick up the bonus tomorrow.  I have decided that I will be purchasing the following items: helm, gloves, legs, shoulders.  The reasoning behind this choice is that I am already wearing a very nice 258 haste robe (meaning that the 251 robe would be a downgrade), and intend to pick up the Vestments of Spruce and Fir as my next purchase (although in time, I may purchase the badge vest so that I have the option of wearing the non-set haste shoulders while keeping the bonus).  I have all my gems cut, all my enchants ready, all I need is those last few precious badges to nab up the set.

In the interim, I have been watching the EJ Thread like a hawk both last night and this morning for those very first reports from the handful of people that picked up the set last night and what their experiences with the bonus have been (there is a parse from Carebare up over in the thread if want to see the actual data).  So far, it seems quite positive, and that indeed our 4 piece T10 bonus is going to be worth nabbing.  Here are some of the things that people have stated they experienced last night (please note, I haven’t gotten to test for myself yet, I am just sharing what others have experienced and are speculating from those experiences, I intend to do some testing myself and share my results as well) :

  • The bonus can jump on application as well as from rejuv ticks.  This means that the bonus has 7 opportunities to proc from a single rejuv.  It was speculated that it would only proc from the ticks, and not the application, meaning it would have had only 6 chances to proc.  This is good news!
  • Preliminary testing has shown that the bonus will not copy to targets who already have an active rejuv on them.  In small group testing, if everyone in the group already had a rejuv ticking, the bonus would copy to a pet who did not currently have a rejuv.
  • It seems that the bonus is in fact a “smart heal”, when players were at multiple levels of health, the bonus would copy onto the player in need of healing.
  • When your rejuv copies it copies at the full 18 seconds (assuming talents).
  • The bonus will not proc from Glyph or Rejuvenation procs.
  • It is being speculated that there is a 40 yard range on the proc, and it will only copy on people within 40 yards of you.
  • WoL shows the copied proc as a separate heal, very similar to how our T8 bonus was shown.  So you will see “rejuv” which is your normal rejuv and then “rejuv” which will be your set proc.  This seems to indicate that the two spells have seperate IDs.
  • From Carebare’s parse, which is limited to a handful of encounters, the set bonus accounted for approximately 5-10% of her overall healing on most encounters.  That being said on the very raid damage heavy, rejuv friendly, Festergut encounter, it was 17.5% of her healing (!!!!).  The current speculation is that the bonus will probably average about a 16.3% increase in overall healing.

There were also a few good questions that were asked about the bonus that weren’t answered just yet, and that I hope will be answered, or that I will be able to test myself, that I thought were pretty good questions.

  • Is the copied rejuv swiftmendable?
    • My best guess is that yes, once the new rejuv is up I see no reason that it won’t react like any other rejuv.  edit: It is confirmed that it is swiftmendalbe.
  • Will grid recognize the copied rejuv as “your rejuv”?
    • This is one I am not sure one.  With the copied rejuv seemingly having a different spell ID, I do not know if grid will recognize it right now.  I am sure someone more program savvy could probably tell you how to input the logic to make this true (assuming that it’s not), but I am not that person 🙂  edit: It has been confirmed that it will show as “your rejuv” on grid.
  • This is my own question that I’m inserting here, because, well, it’s my blog!  Will the copied rejuv ticks activate Val’ynar procs and be affected by Val’ynar procs?
    • Tentatively I want to say that yes, I see no reason why they wouldn’t.  But then again, I’m not sure.

From first glance the bonus appears to be very strong, at least for 25 man raiders.  Ultimately, I think once I pick mine up, I’m going to be glad that I held out for it.  Now…just to get more friggin’ vanquisher tokens to drop (40% drop rate my ass) so I can upgrade to the 264 items!

After I pick up my bonus (some point during Thursday’s raid, I think), I will post up some of my own analysis on how it worked out for me.  Until then, if you are looking for ongoing data, I strongly recommend checking out the EJ thread linked above where I am sure there will continue to be lots of discussion!

Has anyone picked up their bonus yet?  If so, what are you experiences with it?

Posted January 27, 2010 by Beruthiel in Tier 10 Set Bonus

22 responses to “It’s Here! The Resto 4 Piece Tier 10 Bonus (pt. 1)

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  1. Good news! I guess I will be picking up tier pieces after all.

    Thanks for putting this together.

    • As of last night I’m trying to remember *exactly* how many badges I was short. I just remember that with the 10 and the 25 this week I should have a sufficient amount to get the set bonus!

      A few other things that have come to light throughout the day is that the copied rejuv seems to use things in your glyphs/specs, such as revitalize.

  2. WTB more haste so I can afford to switch out some pieces!!

    • Hmmmm….are you unable to meet the 736 cap with the 18/0/53 spec, or are you not wanting to give up the 11/0/60 spec?

      I’d have to look at your gear when I get home (no armory from work!), but I think you probably should have enough haste on other pieces to hit the 736 cap with the 4 piece bonus, no?

      • I’m just a little partial to my 11/0/60 spec. I can probably meet 735 for the 4 piece I would have to crunch the numbers.

      • Ahhh 🙂 For the most part, I’m still OK with the points in Balance right now. But I know a lot of people that want to get those points out of there.

        I’ll have the final piece of gear tomorrow for DBS and onward. I’ll let you know what I think 🙂

  3. Goddamned overpowered druids.

  4. Hmm, regretting not stockpiling now – it will take me about 5 weeks to get to 4pc. I really wish Blizzard had given us this information sooner, I think it’s quite unfair that they wouldn’t answer questions about it.

    Oh well- can’t change things now, just have to make sure I do my random dungeons each day.. 😛

    On the plus side, by the time I save up for each piece, there should be tonnes of spare Vanquisher tokens around, so I’ll be able to upgrade straight to the 264s.

    I’m glad it’s turned out to be quite powerful – but I’m wondering if they will leave it that way, or nerf it. It seems very strong, particularly on blanketing fights. Not to mention it’s smart, scales, etc.. almost too good to be true. The cynic in me wonders how long it will last..

    • We’ve only seen a total of 4 Vanquisher tokens…ever 😦

      Almost all of our Shaman/Hunter/Warriors are on their second or third piece though, heh. DBS has had a 100% drop rate for us on their token, sometimes even dropping dual tokens for them. *Shakes fist*

  5. Beru – did you see the latest post – looks like it can proc from itself..?

  6. Why didn’t you poke me and tell me to save my badges? I’m holding you accountable here.


  7. If I was still in my previous “progression” guild, I would most certainly go for it, since I had a very clear role as raid healer, and we did a lot of 25 mans.

    At the moment I am in a much more casual guild. Although I do some 25 man raiding, I find myself assigned to MT healing. In that case, tier 9,2 set bonus with rejuvenation crit is much more suitable. Was there some breakdown on specific numbers for rejuv crits set bonus (similar to what you shown for t10 bonus)?

    It almost seems to me as if one should have both sets and switch accordingly.

    My momentary spec is also a compromise – neither raid nor tank, since I am not sure what I will be doing at any given point. I was thinking about making a dual spec resto, but then again – I don’t have time to do dailys as resto 🙂


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  10. [[[This is my own question that I’m inserting here, because, well, it’s my blog! Will the copied rejuv ticks activate Val’ynar procs and be affected by Val’ynar procs? ]]]

    Yes, my procs seem to put protection of kings just like normal rejuvs.

    The highest I’ve seen this hit my healing %age wise is about 15%

    I also work with another resto druid who does not have this bonus, and it feels like we are able to keep more people hotted, even on encounters like sindragosa, where we cannot heal as often as we’d like. I personally think it will be worth it at this point… we’ll see how it does in heroic mode 🙂

    Irarenovo, Shattered Hand

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