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That is the number of badges that were required for the 4 pieces of Tier 10 gear that I wanted.  Last night, two bosses into ICC 10, I had those 310 badges.  The previous night I had purchased, gememd and enchanted the first 3 pieces.  I had a gem and enchanting scroll in my bag so that as soon as Lady Deathwhisper went down I would pick up that 4th piece.

I logged the raid last night so that I could go in and review what the bonus did for me, and I had a few things that I’d like to share about the parse:

  • I am using the bonus for everything post Lady Deathwhisper.
  • As speculated, the 4 piece bonus was a little bit underwhelming in a 10 man setting.  At least that was my feeling on it.  It ranged from 1.8% of my healing to ~8% of my healing, but was most frequently in the 3% range.  This is nothing to blindly turn away, but it also isn’t the OMG AWESOMENESS MUST HAVE that we saw in Carebare’s 25 man parses.
  • I did make an effort to not  blanket all 10 people in the raid in an attempt to try and “force” a jump.  I had limited success with this.

I will say that I was a little disappointed when I pulled up the parse last night.  Even though I knew that it was not going to be as valuable in a 10 man setting, I was hoping for a little bit more.  I have my fingers crossed that I will see a bit more from it on Sunday when we go back into our 25 man.

While I think that it is premature to write the set bonus off for 10 man raiders, I also am not convinced that it is as juicy a grab either.  I certainly did receive a benefit from it, but I’m not sure how to value that benefit over, say, picking up haste pieces in those slots.

I will keep evaluating it as my raids continue, I should have a 25 man parse to share from our Sunday evening raid.

Looking at it, what do you think?  As a 10 man raider do you think you will be looking for the set or are you going to take other pieces?

Posted January 29, 2010 by Beruthiel in Tier 10 Set Bonus

13 responses to “The Resto 4 Piece Tier 10 (pt. 2) – 10 mans

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  1. I think it’s balanced around 25 man content, if for no other reason than trying to obtain that many emblems doing only 10 man raids is just not reasonable.

    • I think it averaged about 6% of my healing last night on our BQL learning attempts. It was just about 4% of my healing for Putricide, I think.

      Not quite as high as the T8 was, at 10ish%, but not terrible either.

  2. Thanks for the info, Beru. I’ve been leaning towards picking up the two haste pieces in the T10 set and filling the rest out with off set haste pieces. My gut reaction was that 10 man raiders wouldn’t see enough benefit from the four piece bonus to justify the haste loss, which seems to be borne out by what you are saying. However, its always good to actually hear from someone who has used it.

    • I would definately see what others have to say about it as well before making a difinitive decision, but I do think there may be a solid argument for 10 man raiders to perhaps pick up some of the haste peices first, and then toy around with the non-haste set items when they have a few extra emblems to burn.

  3. For 10-man, I think it’s more important to focus on haste capping. In 10 mans Resto druids are often tasked with raid-rolling hots and spot/tank healing, which make talents like Living Seed/Empowered Touch better, stretching our talent tree even thinner if we’re trying to pick up CF. Further exacerbating the issue is that having both Wrath of Air and a haste aura with 10 is much rarer. In fact, my 10-man often runs without either for the 2-tank fights; our 2nd tank is the dualspec ret paladin.

    Haste Table:

    Rejuv cap at 5/5 GotEM

    Both buffs (with 3->0 points in CF)

    WoA only:

    Aura only:

    No buffs:

    As you can see, reaching 1s cooldown without haste buffs is a really steep task. Even after picking up 4t10, I’ll be carrying around spare haste shoulders/head and a CF spec for those fights where hitting the haste cap is the best approach.

    • Hey Jurik 🙂

      I think I am going to largely agree with you here. I do think that strictly 10 man raiders are going to get more bang for their buck by stacking their haste. My initial feeling is that the 4 piece set bonus is mediocre for 10 man raiders.

      Now, there are some arguments that “if you use RR glyph it will do just as well as in the 25s”, and I just don’t think I neccisarily agree with that logic. I give my reasons below in my repsonse to Kin.

      But, I do think that 10 man raiders will probably be happier with the haste items over the set bonus.

  4. ❤ Im your new biggest fan

    I think carebares numbers are just blegh, nothing awesome about it. The only fight it LOOKS good on is festergut but the other resto druid was not rejuv blanketing leaving a higher chance of her rejuv's jumping.

    I completely agree with your view on 4set.

    • I haven’t quite decided what I think about it in a 25 man setting as yet. I’ve only had one evening with it to test it, and think I want a little bit more data before I say anything about it. (which is why there isn’t a post up for the 25 mans yet!)

      That being said, in last night’s raid, it was about 4% of my healing for Putricide and averaged about 6% of my healing on our BQL attempts.

      One thing that I *will* say about it is that it completly messes with my blanketing strategy! I generally will start with group 5, rejuv everyone in that group, WG a rogue/druid, and then move to group four, etc. Well, with the rejuvs jumping, I have to pay close attention to who already has one so that I don’t overwrite it, which means that my neat “plan” got shot all to hell 🙂

      • I brought my cloth belt + saronites for boots before I tried getting tier pieces. With so much content on clear now you can usually reach 1 tier piece every week.

        That was one thing I was worried about. ;p Blanketting over a rejuv jump :X They have the same name so I assume there is no way for grid/healbot etc to make the rejuv jump stand out…

  5. Were you using Rapid Rejuv glph. My guess is that it might be a lot more useful with in especially in the 10s.

    • I did use RR for BQL, but nothing outside of that. I’ve read a few people who similarly believe that it would be more valuable with RR in the 10 mans, and I’m not entirely certain that I agree.

      1) I don’t run RR in 10 mans because, quite frankly, I find the glyph to be a mana hog. We don’t always have replenishment in my 10 man group, and sometimes I am already mana tight. When I use the glyph for BQL and blanket, I am usually so mana starved that I swap to my rejuv idol. I am also in 25 man gear, so if I am having mana issues, I can’t imagine that a player in strict 10 man gear is faring much better.

      2) I can still blanket my entire raid with rejuv, even with the glyph. The glyph ticking off faster doesn’t really solve the problem of only having 10 people in the raid and limiting the number of available “jump” targets. At least that is my opinion on it. The problem isn’t how frequently the rejuv can jump, which is why people are saying RR would help with the bonus in 10s, but it is the fact that there are a finite number of targets in which it can jump, diminished even more by those who already have a rejuv ticking.

      3) Lastly, I’m just not all that convinced it’s a “necessary” glyph for 10 mans. I see a lot more downsides to using it than upsides, in most cases. I tend to view it as a more situational glyph, and only utilize it on certain encounters where I think it would offer the most benefit. Honestly if a set bonus requires a glyph to make it “useful”, I’m not sure that says a lot for the bonus. No?

      Just my thoughts on it! 🙂

  6. Can you get the parse of the bonus with REcount?

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