Getting GRID Ready for ICC’s Frostwing Halls   12 comments

The newest wing of ICC releases today, and with it the healing fight!  Woooooooooo!  Eat your heart out DPS, a fight that is finally NOT about you!  Needless to say, I am really looking forward to it 🙂

As always, In my efforts to prepare for the new encounters, I will again be adding buffs and debuffs to Grid that I think will help me on my way.  Please keep in mind that this is all speculative at this time, so you should be flexible and amenable to making changes to your raid frames as you learn new things about the encounters. I will try to update mine as I experience the encounters and have feedback to add. (Again, I’d like to refer you to Kae’s excellent walkthrough on adding debuffs to GRID, if you need assistance with adding debuffs).  Also please keep in mind these are largely healer-centric!

Valithria Dreamwalker – Because this fight is very healer-centric, there isn’t a whole lot going on that needs to be cleansed, cured, etc.  But I did come across a few things that you may want to consider adding in.

  • Emerald Force – This one is probably more important for raid leaders to know about.  This one may also be a “buff” and not a “debuff”.  This is what your healers will receive in the emerald dream phase (after taking the portal).  They will get it from breaking the clouds.  It allows them to regenerate 200 mana every 3 seconds, increases their damage done by 10% and increases their healing done by 10%.  It will stack up to 20 times and lasts for 35 seconds.
  • Corrosion – This is going to be a DoT that is caused by the blistering zombies.  Those affected will suffer 2500 nature damage every 3 seconds and their armor will be reduced by 10%.  This can stack up on a player up to 5 times!  I suspect that it will be cleansable, but I am not certain.  Either way, we need to be aware of it!
  • Lay Waste – This will be caused by the blazing skeletons, if they are not killed quickly enough, and I’m not entirely certain that it is a debuff that can be tracked at all.  However, it does significant damage (~6k every 2 seconds for 12 seconds).  I believe that it is going to be a buff that the actual mob receives.
  • Gut Spray – This is a nasty debuff given by the Gluttonous Abominations.  It is a conal effect that will cause ~3k nature damage every 3 seconds and increases physical damage taken by 25% for 12 seconds.  This should be a debuff that is only on your tanks, and will be something that their healers need to be aware of dealing with.  However…with beacons from paladins healing Valithria, it likely going to be a non-issue while those healers are active and not in the emerald dream.
  • Acid Burst – Simalarly to Lay Waster, I am not sure if this is something that is going to be trackable.  This is caused by the Blistering Zombies, and it happens when they blow up.  It will cause ~15k nature damage on the explosion, and will cause ~1k a tick per second for everyone within 15 yards.

Sindragosa – The queen of the frost worms….and does she ever look like a lot of fun!  Similar to Saph, Sindragosa is going to have a raid wide aura that will tick for ~4500 damage every 3 seconds.  And druids of the world rejoiced!

  • Frost Breath (?) – This is a conal ability done by Sindragosa to your tanks (or anyone foolish enough to be in front of her!).  It causes 37k-43k frost damage and reduces movement speed by 15% and attack speed by 50%.  It may stack.  It is important for healers to know if a tank is affected by this, and which tank has it (if you decided to two tank her).
  • Chilled to the Bone – Physical dps will be affected by “Permeating Chill” which gives their melee attacks a 20% chance to cause this debuff.  While they are chilled to the bone, they will receive 1k damage every two seconds for 8 seconds.  This debuff will stack, so after they receive say 4 or 5 stacks, they will need to stop DPS and let their stacks reset!
  • Unchained Magic (?) – This causes the ranged DPS to have their spells “backlash” with instability after 8 seconds causing 2k arcane damage to the caster.  Casting multiple spells while the debuff is active will cause multiple backlashes!
  • Backlash (?) –  While I think it is OK to just track chilled to the bone for the melee and not the permeating chill itself, the mechanics of the caster debuff seem to favor knowing when someone has unchained magic, as opposed to backlash.  But I am not positive on that, and I am also not positive that backlash will show in GRID.  I will probably add both my first night looking at her, and then remove what I feel is not needed. 
  • Frost Beacon – This will be important for the entire raid to know!  This will mark 5 players with the beacon and after 7 seconds they will be Ice Tombed (and everyone else needs to be away from them!).
  • Ice Tomb – This will cause ~16k frost damage to the target, and while they are imprisioned they will suffer 8% of their maximum health via “asphyxiation”.  Help!  Need heals!
  • Asphyxiation (?) – I think probably just knowing who is in the Ice Tomb will be sufficient for knowing who is asphyxiated, but this will likely also be an option of debuffs to track!
  • Mystic Buffet (?) – this is a phase 3 ability of Sindragosa’s that is applied to all players within line of sight of Sindragosa every 5 seconds.  Healers and raid leaders may want to track this to see how many stacks people have to determine who is going to need a little extra heal love, and who needs to go stand behind an ice tomb to drop their stacks.

When I have an extra minute or two, I will see what I can dig up in the extremely limited information available for The Lich King, and give my best guess as to what we will need to know for that fight!

I will adjust these after I have had some experience with the fight, and know more about what works and what doesn’t!  And as always, any feedback that you might have from your experiences is helpful, and I will add updates on things that you find.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

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12 responses to “Getting GRID Ready for ICC’s Frostwing Halls

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  1. Fantastic resource, as always!

  2. Either a) Healers in my raid are going to work together as usual and pwn this fight. Healers have been great in ICC

    b) guild will regret not gearing us first and gearing us last and these fights become…extremely hard to heal 😦

  3. Thanks for these, Beru 🙂

    As a head’s up, the Stormstrike Battlegroup as a whole was having boss despawn/no-trigger problems all night. One group had Festergut (?) respawn on them, many had bosses despawn midfight, Vortex ourselves had the Blood Princes refuse to get up and fight us (they were t-bagged), and lots of bugs with the wave event bugging and not continueing to open Sindragosa’s door.

    Good luck, may the instance stability goddess smile upon you 🙂

    • We spent the night tackling Dreamwalker. My parses are a mess because everytime I came up from the emerald dream it treated it like a new parse, and so my parse shows something crazy like 27 attempts, when we really only had like…10!

      WE didn’t get her down, but got her life to ~76%! We’ve got to work out some things up top and I think we should have her soon! Is a very cool fight!

  4. Beru,

    We also spent the evening working on Dreamwalker (25). We chipped away doing roughly 5-8% better each attempt. Once we became comfortable with controlling the adds we realized we could afford to drop 2 more dps for heals. Myself (feral dps MS) and the enhance shammy switched to raid healing.

    This really made a huge difference letting two geared healers focus on heal bombing Dreamwalker. We had several attempts we would get her between 84-90% around the six minute mark and adds would spawn to fast overwhelming us. Our first attempt with the two extra healers we got her down.

    • How many healers did you ultimately end up using?

      We started with 7, sending 5 down, and keeping only 2 up top, but I think that we need at least one more up top to help stabilze the raid just a little. The two we had up top did fine…until the raid “oops’d”, and could, for example, get a skeleton down fast enough.

      I’ve hear a number of people who used 8 healers, I’m just so worried that our DPS won’t keep up with the adds. Perhaps 8 healers is the way to go, though…

      • And actually, I think that our attempts where at the 4ish minute mark…maybe 5 when we started getting a little overwhelmed, but I also know that at least myself would have to spend a bit of time getting the raid squared away and not healing her 😦

        (how did you deal with the zombies? they were owning our tanks if we tried to “tank them”, so we ended up “kiting” them, but that essentially took two dps off actually killing the adds, which was bad)

      • If it scales at all, we used 3 for 10-man. 1 healer stayed permanently on raid heals (popped hots on Val when I could), and the other two alternated going in the portal every 2 portal phases: one healer for 2 phases to stack up the buff, then the other healer for the next two. So, that would even out to 2.5 healers on the raid group and 5 healers on Val taking portals.

        Thus, obvi, your solution is to split a druid in half and have them be half-tree half-moonkin at the same time, to fill that 0.5 healer spot. I think Lisanna could do it. 😀

        ….anyway, we bloodlusted during a guardian spirit to pour heals into her; Rul got almost 12k hps due to his double-portal phase with the Guardian Spirit. I’m considering having both healers take the portal at the same time next week, and just split sides… assuming I can keep the rest of the raid alive by myself while they’re gone.

  5. 9 healers total.

    2 priests, 3 resto druids, 2 pallies, 2 shaman

    We used two pally tanks each with a pally healer assigned to them (using beacon to also heal the boss) then myself and a shammy (both of us are offspec healers so the weakest of the bunch) raid healing. I kept hot’s on the boss and tank on my side. The other five healers did the portal rotation.

    Some key points I remember:

    -Quick call outs and dps switch to skeleton’s. If dps failed we wiped.
    -The adds that channel were 2nd priority to burn.
    -When the abom dies STOP aoe and let the tank get aggro on the worms. They hit for 6k and we were losing dps to them in early attempts.
    -melee get the hell away from the zombie explosion. I believe our tanks got healed through it, but, think we had rogues stun them at low health when they could and everyone run away while dot’s finished em off.

    We thought it was crazy trying nine healers. We one shot it with this comp though. Also, credit to our tanks individually calling dps out during the fight that were not on the right targets. Dps really got organized once they were called out mid fight.

    • Hmmm…I definately think that perhaps we will try 8 healers tonight. I’m just worried about our DPS falling behind on the adds.

      We were also having hunters kite the zombies because the debuffs were just wrecking our tanks, but I’m seriously debating the value of that, and if it wouldn’t just be better to have the tanks pick them up.

      We also were not chaining the portals, which I now know was a huge mistake. I think that most of our later attempts were 5+ minutes, and perhaps if we had been doing a few things smarter we might have done better 🙂 I suppose we will find out tonight!

  6. Yeah it pretty much came down to the 5 portal healers saying “screw you guys! We’re healing the boss. If you die it’s because you fail.”

    It was the 11:45p last attempt of the night. More or less decided to try and overpower it with healers. When we had her at 90% with everyone alive the call came “ALL HEALS ON BOSS BLOW IT UP!”

    Of course I was the only one to die…when we had her at 99% >.<

  7. BTW we tried 9 healers our first attempt and failed miserably because dps couldnt control the adds. We then spent several attempts working on controling them using seven healers.

    We didnt go back to nine healers until we realized tanks/dps knew what to do and had good control. It was now the 6 min soft enrage (adds coming quicker) that was our problem. So que up two more healers and put the pressure back on the dps 🙂

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