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I read Keeva’s and Kae’s stories about their pets, and the value that they bring to their lives. It got me to thinking about some articles that I’ve read about the therapeutic values that pets offer, from stress relief to companionship pets can be wonderful attributes to our lives! I personally believe in the therapeutic value of having pets in your life. If I’m sad, my puppy is there. If I’m stressed, my puppy is there. When I get home from a rough day of work, my puppy is there. There is very little that is more relaxing than just letting her sit in your lap and petting her 🙂

Inspired by both Keeva and Kae, I thought I’d share my little barking bundle with everyone as well! (Yes, this is she who has to have her say in vent as well!)

We got Kalie when she was about 7 weeks old. She was such a tiny little fluff ball that fit into my hand.

Here she is today. Not quite as small…but still a fluff ball of fun!

And uh….I was playing with my Kevin Smith iPhone app. But it was still cute!
Kalie and Kevin

How about you all? What do you do to de-stress from the day? Is there a fluff ball in your life?

Posted February 15, 2010 by Beruthiel in Just for Fun!

13 responses to “Stress Therapy!

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  1. Me and a certain hunter had been entertaining the idea of sending you a stress ball for those special times during raids 🙂

    I think that my pets actually add stress to my life 🙂 Dang Bulldogs!

  2. There are four little fluff balls in my life. Actually 2 of them arent exactly little. I’ve got 4 cats. The youngest one has taken to knocking over my monitor when I play WoW. Not exactly stress-reducing, but it sure is cute when he does it.

  3. aw the cute! 😀

    i think dogs (my parent’s have two i would watch every now and then) are easier to have when playing WoW – they seem content to lie on your lap or at your feet while you play and the occasional scratch behind the ear.

    cats on the other hand seem to like to jump on keyboards or something. too many times i hear in guild chat: “Aiya! my cat just jumped on the keyboard!” once that caused a wipe in ICC which was quite funny. 😛

  4. I have two small evil cats. They know when it’s Raid time. That’s when they…
    …decide it’s a good time to step all over my keyboard.
    …follow the mouse pointer on the screen and try to catch it (good luck watching a Grid frame).
    …but mostly, listen to vent channel. When they hear “Druid, Combat Rez OT asap” all hell breaks loose.
    Smart. Evil. And fat. My cats.

    • hah! I just pictured the bad guy from Mr. Gadget stroking his cat.

      …are you the evil guy from Mr. Gadet?!?!

      • I am Doctor M.A.D. Hahahahaha…. And you will never catch me ! (insert evil laugh here).

        …Mr Gadget…good old times… Geez, that was 20 years ago for me. And I still remember the tune.

  5. That looks like a miniature schnauzer. I have one of those. Cute little dogs that everybody should have. 🙂

    • It *is* indeed a miniature schnauzer! I absolutely adore her 🙂

      The only thing that is a little frustrating at times is the barking. We are trying to train it out of her, but I am doubtful that it will ever happen!

  6. I love my dog! Your pics are so cute, my dog definitely helps me relieve stress. There are those times when he is barking over vent because he has to go outside and it drives me nuts. But my guildies all think it is funny. One of my guildies gave him a nickname, so I think having pets relieves the entire groups stress lol.

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