It’s Been Fun, Thanks for All the Pet Biscuits UDI!   2 comments

I normally don’t post a lot of “news” announcements here, but I haven’t seen this announcement get a lot of attention.

Warcraft Trading Card Game and Miniatures Game and due to ongoing discussions, we haven’t been able to provide any clear answers until now.

After long and careful deliberation, Upper Deck International (UDI) will not be renewing its World of Warcraft license agreements with Blizzard Entertainment. We’ve had a fantastic time working on the World of Warcraft brand and feel we have produced some of the most compelling TCG and Miniatures Game products since the turn of the century. Unfortunately, due to gradually declining sales over the past few years and the overall downturn in the economic climate, we have had to make the tough decision to discontinue our World of Warcraft product lines.

UDI World of Warcraft products will be available until the end of March. Upcoming products such as the Class Starter Deck, Wrathgate Booster, Souls of Vengeance Starter, Deluxe Starter and Booster will not go into production.

We know this is disappointing news for all World of Warcraft fans and want to thank players and retailers for their ongoing support over the years.
Being part of such a great and passionate community has truly been a privilege.

We are currently working with Blizzard Entertainment to facilitate a smooth transition as they work on their own plans for a World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.
Further announcements on this transition will follow over the coming weeks.

We will be pulling out all the stops to send off the UDI World of Warcraft lines in style. Look out for special events at your local gaming store with some of the greatest prize support ever and a final opportunity to complete your collection.

Joeri Hoste
Category Manager Trading Card Games
Upper Deck International

Carl Crook
International Marketing & Community Manager
Upper Deck International

While I didn’t actually ever play TCG, I have enjoyed many of the perks provided by the loot cards.  I have a lot of fun and unique toys in game, which many people find silly or a waste of money, but bring me hours of amusement 🙂  After reading the announcement late last night, I decided that I would venture to my local comic shop where I’ve purchased things from pet biscuits to a spectral tiger kitten, to snag up some of the loot cards that I’ve been eyeing but never purchased.  I just wanted to give others like me out there a heads up, so that you can snag up anything you may have wanted, but haven’t committed to spending the cash on, a chance to do so before they are gone for good (or the prices jump!).

And now I’m off to drop my foam sword rack in the middle of Dalaran and watch the hilarity that ensues!

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2 responses to “It’s Been Fun, Thanks for All the Pet Biscuits UDI!

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