To Buff or Not to Buff…   12 comments

That is indeed the question.

Unless you’ve been living under a virtual rock, you are probably aware that Hellscream’s Warsong (and some alliancey named, but far less cool sounding, version from Wyrnn) have been added into Ice Crown Citadel as of yesterday.

I am a little bit torn about this.  I mean, I knew that the instance was “self nerfing”, but I guess I sort of thought that the buff wouldn’t be active quite so soon.  I mean, my guild has only gotten 2 nights of solid Lich King work in the 25s (and 2 nights in the 10s as well!).    Granted, we aren’t a cutting edge progression guild, but we certainly aren’t a slouch of a guild either, generally falling within the top 3-5% of guilds in the world as far as 25 man progression is concerned.

Why does it bother me?  Because I know that as a guild we don’t need this buff to kill the Lich King.  We just needed more time to work through the mechanics of the fight.  Our DPS is fine.  Our tanking is fine.  Our healing is fine.  We just needed time.  That’s it.  I suppose that perhaps I feel that by using the buff, my first kill is going to feel tarnished.  Dirty.  I’m always going to know that we could have done it without the buff.

However, now that the buff is here, we have a decision to make:  To buff or not to buff.

While my moral high ground is screaming at me in my head to shun the buff in all it’s 5% glory, giving it a proper two finger salute, and say “we’ve come this far without you, we can finish without you”, my realism is also screaming at me.  “Sure, you can do it without, but why make it harder than it needs to be?  Why not access your Hard Modes sooner?”.

In all honesty, who is going to know that we didn’t use the buff other than us?  Now that it’s out, I am sure that the assumption is going to be that anyone who killed the Lich King after 03/02/2010 did so with the added benefit of the zone wide buff.  Of course…I will still know if I did it with or without  help.  But, I am also one of a team of many, and I am sure that my feelings on the matter are different than others.

My moral dilemma aside, at this point it truly almost seems detrimental to our guild as far as progression goes not to use the damn thing.  If it means we kill the Lich King even one week sooner, it means that we will have access to our hard modes sooner, which of course means more progression for us, which in turn boosts guild morale (at least theoretically).  And I guarantee you that a good number of guilds out there won’t be having this internal discussion, and are happy to see the free boost to their performance.  So now if we opt to stick to our morals does it put us at a detriment?  Probably, as I suspect most guilds will not be opting out of the buff.

It seems to me that it puts a good number of folks in a bit of a damned if you do, damned if you don’t, situation.

So, what will we end up doing?  It’s still up in the air a little bit, as we’ve opened it up to discussion for our raiders to give their two cents on the matter.  But I will say that the overwhelming number of people who have responded have said “buff it and get to hard modes”…so I imagine that is likely what we will be doing.  While I am a little disappointed, there is a lot of good sense in using the buff as well, and I’m not so foolish as to not see that.

So how about you?  Will you be using the buff or turning it off?

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12 responses to “To Buff or Not to Buff…

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  1. I just posted on this but in short – YES, HELL YES, WE NEED THIS BUFF!

    • Well…I don’t think that the buff is bad, in and of itself, I just think it came far too early. I mean, they buffed a zone when only 800ish guilds have killed the end boss. I think they should have waited just a tad longer before taking the action is all.

  2. This is one of the few times I am glad I’m not in a raiding guild. As someone who just pugs ICC, I’m happy to take the buff since I’ve no group mindset or history with the rest of the raiders. However, I can definitely see how for a team of people slogging their way through, you would want to deny the buff and do it “the real way.” Tough choice!

    In the end it’s really only important to your raiding members as a whole, since no one else will know the difference regardless. Put it to a vote?

    Actually – one thing that *might* be important is if your guild wants to have downed the Lich King before the buff increases again. Yes, killing him on March 10 means that you had access to the 5% buff (whether you used it or not)…but it also means that you killed him before you had the 10% buff. Something else to ponder.

    • We’ve put up a post for people to opine on the subject. Most people have said “use it”, I just wish that the discussion didn’t have to be had at this point.

  3. If I were still raiding, I would be pushing for not. I would want to clear the place at least once without using the buff. Obviously once the place was on farm, definitely for speed but not the first few times. The way I see it, its like a nerf to content but rather than just making everything easier Blizzard are offering you a choice.

    • Yea, and that is where I am conflicted on the whole thing really. I’d like to think that it can, and should, be done without it. But, at this point *not* using it puts you at a fairly significant disadvantage if you are still trying to push progress.

      Fairly nasty catch 22 😦

  4. As I said in my comment to BobTurkey’s post, I’m disappointed. 😦 Four weeks time to kill Lich King just isn’t enough time to give non-bleeding edge guilds a chance to clear the content without the nerf. Hell, when I looked on WoWProgress this morning, there were still only about 830 guilds in the entire world that had killed LK on normal. I just would have liked at least another 2 weeks for my guild to figure their crap out so we could get the kill without it.

    Sure, we could turn it off, but if we’re going to be damned for the assumption of using it for any kills after Tuesday, we might as well be guilty. That’s what the rest of the officers keep saying; it still sticks in my craw though.

    • I 100% agree that it is too soon! I know that the goal is to get everyone to see everything before Cataclysm, but c’mon. We killed Sindragosa the second week that she was available (on Monday night), we’ve had one raid week to work on the LK encounter, and we aren’t exactly slacking on progress.

      I guess I just don’t understand why the need to put it in so soon.

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  6. My guild had the ‘joy’ of having to decide this yesterday, and we opted to use the buff for a quick clear up to sindragosa (who we’re currently learning). Come next raid we’ll have to have made up our minds about whether or not to use it for sindra as well, personally I don’t think healing tanking or dpsing has been substandard on our previous tries and that the buff, while helpful, isn’t a solution to what’s kept us from the kill. Like you said I feel TIME would’ve been the only ‘buff’ we’d need to clear the place in its entirety.

    Hope you end up not feeling ashamed if your guild does end up using it, what you’re doing is still an accomplishment and you would be happier not comparing that accomplishment to ‘what couldve been’. I mean, I’m sure we could take down what we have so far in 10man without using heroism, but since it’s available, why not use it? You shouldn’t (hate that word ^^) have to gimp yourself to feel proud or satisfied with what you’re doing. Having said that it’s debatable whether or not blizzard were a tad quick with effectively nerfing their final encounter. *shrug*

    • I imagine that we will have made a final decision by Sunday, which will be the start of our two nights of LK work this week. However, I think roughly 90% of the posts up have indicated a desire to go ahead and keep the buff active.

  7. I understand the feeling. Back in BC, the guild I am in almost, almost had Illidan down before a large nerf happened. It was a somber evening that Monday night, when we were out of time and Illidan was still standing. He died the next night–first night of the nerf. We maintained that, given another night or possibly two, he would have been vanquished, but we were unable to prove that.

    That said, I suspect we’ll use the buff, just because every other guild we know is using it. Why gimp ourselves in the relative progression?

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