You Asked, and I Answered! pt. 1   2 comments

A little while back I posted asking for topic feedback for my stint as a guest poster for Virile while he was soaking up the sunshine in the tropics. Well, I am still jealous…but I’ve also finished my first post in the series: What’s the Rush? Another look at Druid Haste.

I just wanted to give those of you that posted asking questions a head’s up that you can venture over to Rejuvo and find the post 🙂  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them over at Rejuvo or send them to me via email, and I will do my best to get to answering them!

Ahem *embarrassed* ah…also…I am so proud of my very first photoshop efforts (with a lot of help from Lash!), that, um…I wanted to shamelessly send everyone over to go look at it, in case you might not have seen it already!  (/blush).  Yes!  I actually photoshopped!  Glee! 🙂

Posted March 11, 2010 by Beruthiel in Druid Healing, Guest Post

2 responses to “You Asked, and I Answered! pt. 1

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  1. All three of my druids would be resto permanently if we could accessorize tree form like that. Love the picture.

  2. nice photoshop, very cute. although i think that tree had too much sun as it’s looking a little dry. 😛 but if you changed the leaf wristbands to green and put on a grass skirt, the tree could be a hula dancer. 😛

    and i live in hawaii and the weather isn’t totally “paradise” right now. it’s sunny but windy with occasional rain.

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