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Unless you’ve been trapped under a boulder that was hurled at you by a Gordunni Ogre, you are probably aware of the many changes that are coming our way with Cataclysm. Including significant changes to the original two continents of Azeroth that we were introduced to 5 years ago. If the hype we have been provided is to proved true, the worlds will be sundered and changed forever. As a result, there will be life in places that were cracked and broken before, and destruction in places that were formerly lush.

Now, before I had learned of Cataclysm, I had seriously considered making this my last expansion. But when I learned what was in store, I was hugely excited, and couldn’t imagine hanging up my mace just yet, and so I committed myself to at least one more expansion of the game. Because, well, who doesn’t want to fly into Nefarian’s lair to enter a dungeon?!

However, Cataclysm has done more than just get me excited to see all of the changes that are in store for us, it has also sent me many trips down memory lane. It’s been years since I’ve done anything other than rush my way to Outlands/Northrend in the old world. But now that I know that everything is going to be irrevocably changed, I have been taking the time to re-explore the game as it was when I first picked it up. The game that I grew to love, not with the fancy demons of the Outlands or the frozen wastes of Northrend, but with the original artwork and lore that was presented to me 5 years ago.

I’m leveling one last tiny alt before Cataclysm hits, and I’m taking my time doing it. I’m appreciating everything as it is now, because in six months, I don’t know what it will be. And that is kind of exciting. I’m in no rush to get anywhere. I run places instead of flying just to explore, and when I do fly, I often do it with my UI turned off just looking at what’s around me. Sure, I have memories of what this was like when I first encountered it, but like all memories, sometimes time makes them dusty. In essence, I am making memories that will be fresh when the world sunders, so that I can vividly remember what has changed. And my screenshot folder is busting at the seams as a result!

My challenge to everyone is to make, and share, your own memories before Cataclysm hits, and then revisit those memories after the world sunders and see exactly what has changed. You don’t have to do it on an alt, you can take your main and explore somewhere that you remember from your first experiences with WoW but haven’t been back since. But the goal is to appreciate what is there now, and explore how it changes. To remember things before it’s too late for them to be remembered! Take screenshots and share stories of new and old memories. But tuck a few things away in your scrapbook so that you have it to remember before it’s too late! And share them with all of us either on your own blog, or in the comments below, or even in my own future make a memory posts!

Coming Soon: Beru cleanses in Thunder Bluff!

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7 responses to “Beru’s Make A Memory Challenge!

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  1. Cleanses… with fire?

  2. I’ve been meaning to go and do the explorer achievement on at least one of my toons before Cata, so thre might be some “Make a Memory” posts from me soon 🙂

  3. I, too, have been leveling a couple different alts. My shaman is level 52, and I’m almost sad that she’s almost in Outland. My baby druid is level 18, and just finishing up Westfall (yes, I have another druid, and she’s a tanky druid ^^). And I have a priest too, who’s level 31? 32? I forget.

    But I’m enjoying leveling all of them, quite a lot. And I’m taking my time as well. It’s weird to think that all of these places will be changed forever come Cataclysm. Call me sappy, but it makes me sad that we’ll never be able to go back.

    However, I’m also REALLY excited. It will be so neat to have all of those old areas fresh and new!

    Mixing feelings, i suppose. =)

  4. I love Azeroth. I really do.

    It’s been years (yes, years) that I quit raiding. Partially due to my poor computer but also because I took the game on a light side.

    I enjoy things that most (not all) players will consider silly or useless. I am having fun riding and exploring for hours on my beloved main character, my rogue. To find that one spot at the peak of a mountain just to see the view below. I crank up the volume for ambient sounds and music. I visit areas during night time. Oh and, the weather! Don’t you like a rainy day in Stranglethorn Vale? I do!
    Sadly, no such thing in Northrend, except for a few snowflakes here and there in Storm Peaks.

    I love that stuff.

    Of course I’m excited to see what Cataclysm will bring, but I will truly miss my old world. I took hundreds of screenshots because… just because.

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  6. I know I am late to the game, but I am going to make mention of this on this week’s show… and going to put together my own post on the subject.

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