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One of my favorite places in all of Azeroth is The Hinterlands.  I always make an effort to come out to this zone to quest.  I know a lot of people dislike it, but I love it.  I think I’ve done it on every character that I’ve got.  I think the troll lore is fascinating, and really enjoy many of the troll towns that are in the game.  I find this particular zone peaceful and tranquil, in a very sort of naturey way.  I think that this is the true habitat of the trolls of Azeroth, and I’m not sure if there is another zone currently in the game that exhibits it quite as well.  I also have fond memories of coming out and doing the Jintha’Alor quests, trekking up and through the cave for the Ancient Egg.  Dying as the runners got loose, or you made one too many friends 🙂

Of the zones that becomes drastically changed with Cataclysm, I really hope that this one doesn’t get destroyed.  I hope that the forest here stays mostly in tact.  I think I would become very sad if I came out here and found it a barren wasteland, torn apart.

I think it’s partly because of it’s rich Troll Lore, which I love (plus they’ve got great music!).

And I think it’s partly because of how beautiful the zone itself is.

What memories do you have of The Hinterlands?

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12 responses to “Make A Memory: The Hinterlands

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  1. I just blazed through there last month doing loremaster. I like the zone well enough, but it’s not in my top 10. I think its real problem is that its so far out there, like the desolace of the eastern kingdoms, and questing was a slight pain cuz you have to run miles to get to the road up the mountain. Though in another sense it was great cuz you could pick up easily half a dozen quests at a time before you had to jog up that road.

    Plus whenever I’m running across it I always fall in a pit and have to run around looking for the exit.

  2. I always, always make a point of heading to Hinterlands to quest for a bit and pick up the Nat Pagle’s Extreme Angler FC-5000, even if that toon doesn’t have fishing – best to have it in case I change my mind in the future! Other than that, I love how so many of the quest areas overlap – sometimes you’re in an area fulfilling 3-4 quests all at once, which is nice. 🙂

  3. Mainly my memories of the Hinterlands involve dying a lot, but it’s a fantastic zone. And I love the screenies 🙂

    The big evil troll temple of doom is particularly unforgiving, I seem to recall. But epic . Definitely epic.

    • I remember when that big evil troll temple of doom was all elites! No way for anyone of level to solo it 🙂 It was basically an outdoor instance!

      When I was doing it recently on my warrior, I remember getting aggitated because the hex lady would hex me and then heal to full 😦 I think it took me three tries before I outwitted her shenanigans!

      Of course, when I went back just recently with my moonchicken…I felt obliged to talk trash to her, seeing as she could no longer hex me! “No more of your foolish hexing games I see…let’s see what you’ve got now, huh!”

  4. Epic battles half up Jintha’alor when various groups trying to save Sharpbeak, deal with the Ancient Egg and the like clashed.

    Jumping off the waterfall for the bag quest, back when we needed bags.

    How the zone is always empty until I start that escort the chicken quest, then suddenly its flooded with the opposing faction.

    Oh and the horrible corpse run in Vanilla when we wiped on the nature dragon. Who puts a graveyard on the edge of a cliff? It’s asking for trouble, especially when combined with autorun.

    I think its one of my favourite zones in terms of looks, so pretty in places and I’ve always been fond of Troll architecture.

    • haha, one of those screenshots is from when I picked up that chicken quest! I was like “I don’t think I’ve noticed that pretty waterfall before”. If you look really closely, you can see the chicken there!

  5. around level 41, i decided to farm the trolls near aerie’s peak for xp (‘m alliance). as i was about to call it for the night, i loot one of the trolls and find the Staff of Jordan. being this was during vanilla WoW, an epic was a huge huge deal for me. i tell all my friends and then contemplate what to do: give it to my s. priest friend? sell it on the AH? keep it for myself?
    in the end, i kept it and it’s something i still have today.

  6. Hinterlands is one of my favorite zones. Really, it is.

    It is very Troll’ish (and frankly, that you play Alliance or Horde, admit that we need more Trolls). They deserve more.

    The zone is gorgeous. (nice job, Blizz). Please, don’t go there stricly for the fishing pole quest (as most Horde will).

    There’s ton of lore there, the zone itself is amazing. Also the place to meet a World dragon! Don’t skip it. Experience it before Cataclysm hits your computer.

    I swear that you will regret and miss the “old” World soon enough. Travel now, enjoy everything.

  7. I love the Hinterlands 🙂 Not only is it a beautiful zone, but when we went through there for RAF, we did about 20 quests at once and dinged close to three times when we turned them all in!

  8. I completely agree. The Hinterlands is beautiful and I think that I’m going to park myself there the night that Cataclysm hits. It’s my favorite zone (other than Grizzly Hills, which is actually kind of similar).

    Now that Beta is out, I’m looking for info on how the zone might change. I haven’t been able to find anything, so I hope that it survives relatively unscathed.

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