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Over the weekend, I was struck by a very nasty bout of apathy. No matter what I sat down to do, I ended up feeling very “meh” about it. Personally, I blame the never ending rainy season…if I don’t get some sunshine soon *mumbles* So I decided that perhaps it was the perfect time to tend to an item that was on my “things to do before Cataclysm” list…get my Timbermaw rep to exalted.

And farm I did. I went from neutral to exalted all in the course of a day. I don’t know that I would necessarily recommend grinding all of it out over the course of one day…unless, of course, you are feeling quite apathetic and nothing else tickles your fancy! However, here are the results of my efforts!

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Cute little bugger, isn’t he?! What is that you say? You’d like one of your very own? Well, why didn’t you just say so! Here is the advice that I have to impart on the adventure:

1) Pick out a few movies. Grab something you’ve not seen in awhile, or that you’ve been jonsing to see, and queue up your player. The grind does take a number of hours, so having something take your mind off of the doll drum is very helpful! I started with Rocky because I felt that the theme of the movie was appropriate: perseverance. That…and I got to run around the house all day yelling “ADRIAN” in my best Rocky voice =)

2) Pick a favorite farming spot and stick to it…mostly. You can farm Furlbogs in both Felwood and Winterspring. They will give the same amount of rep regardless of their venue (20 per kill, 60 for the pack leader guy). Personally, I favored those in northern Felwood because I got into a good “pattern” there where I could moonfire my way through the mobs, which are fairly packed in each of the little camps there, loot my goods, and by the time I finished the circuit, the first packs had generally respawned. I also liked this area, because the quest turn in guy is very close.

I found that none of the Winterspring areas could sustain my killing spree the same way this one spot in Felwood could, and that I ended up running around a lot when I tried to farm in Winterspring…which was just annoying to me. That being said, a number of my guildmates seemed to favor Winterspring. Maybe the white snow did it for them, or they killed faster than me and Fellwood lacked appeal. I’m not sure!

3) Don’t Compete. If someone else shows up to farm their Timbermaw rep as well, it’s not worth the hassle to compete with them, and ends up being highly unproductive. When this happened, which was fairly infrequently, I just went and did something else or farmed in a different area for a little bit. One of the times I went out for dinner, and one of the times I decided to bake cookies and went to winterspring, as the camp by Everlook had respawn times that worked pretty well with when I had to get up to put a fresh batch in!

4) Help that lowbie out! There are quests to kill both the Winterspring Furlbogs and the Fellwood Furlbogs. If someone came into the area and was clearly trying to quest, I just invited them into a group and let them know that I was just after headdresses/necklaces. The lowbie was grateful not to have to try and compete for their 18 kills with you, and to have their quest finished in short order. It also prevents the lowbie from throwing off your groove! It’s really a win/win for everyone.

5) Don’t forget the Quests! There will be two totems that drop, one in Felwood and one in Winterspring, from their respective Furlbogs. Each totem is worth 1200 rep, so do be sure that you turn them in! Additionally there will be quests in the tunnel that open up as your rep increases (one is a runecloth turn in) that award rep, so be sure to go in and do them as well.

6) Bags! Make sure that you go with your bags empty or have a quick way to sell things. I found that I really loved my Tundra Mammoth here, because I could do a run and as I was running back to the start of my circuit I could sell what I had looted. I made a decent amount of coin throughout the day as a result. However, full bags will just be annoying as you won’t be able to differentiate the sparkly loot that you’ve already picked up and what you might not have looted for a headdress/necklace.

7) Turn In in Bulk. The quest only requires 5 necklaces/headdresses per turn in, however I found it more efficient to wait until I had a stack of 30-50 to take my turn ins over (more if I was in Winterspring because the turn in guy is so far away). This also really helps once you hit revered and don’t get rep for the kills anymore (save the one chief in each area), for me, watching a big chunk of that green bar move towards exalted after a round of turn ins helped a ton!

As it turns out, there is a pretty cool story line explaining the corruption of the Furlbogs that you get to complete on the way. The grind really wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, and I’m glad to have it finished just in case it gets removed in Cataclysm! And besides…who doesn’t want their own Furlbog protector? Seriously?!

Have you ground out your Timbermaw rep? Do you have any tips that you’d like to add for those trying to get it finished before Cataclysm gets here?

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12 responses to “Say ‘Allo To My Little Friend (aka How to Grind Timbermaw Rep)

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  1. Re: Timbermaw, It’s also wise to save up ~350 feathers/beads while grinding to revered. After hitting revered, the mobs no longer give rep, so you want to stay below revered as long as possible — that includes putting off the quests if you haven’t done them already. The best place to farm rep is indeed north felwood: feathers in north felwood drop at a higher rate than south felwood. After hitting revered you should have enough turn-ins to exalt immediately.

    Lately I’ve been grinding wintersaber rep–35 “full circuits” remaining for exalted. I’ve also been collecting AT champion seals, so I can pick up the mounts I’m missing there. My target is 10 seals a day (maximum is 13, but some of the quests are annoying, like the one that requires flying to K3 and back), and I need only 3 more mounts to hit 100. I should have that achievement within the month.

    • Oh! Grats! I think I will hit 100 this weekend with my first Frostbrood vanquiher 🙂 Assuming I stop being cheap and drop the 2k for the wyrm rest flyer 🙂

  2. Gridning Timbermaw is soooo much easier now than it used to be. =) I ground out the rep on my mage alt (who is still below level 70, so i have no idea what the heck possessed me to do this). She actually -leveled- by doing nothing more than killing timbermaw mobs, until she had collected enough feathers/beads to max out the rep. At the time, you couldn’t get rep from killing if the mobs were “grey” to you.

    Later on, when they let us get rep from kills even if they were “grey” mobs, I did the same grind on my main…soo much easier, I think I got it in a day as well.

    Like you, I always grouped up with lowbies! I love to do the old world content, but I hate feeling like I stole stuff away from someone who actually needed it… If a lowbie horde (I’m alliance) came by, I would back off, let them get the first hit, and then I’d destroy it with a Moonfire…. Once they figured out that I was helping them it went smoothly. They probably also realized I was trying to get them out of my rep grinding spot asap. >:)

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    • Fast Quest Turnin Macro:

      /script SelectGossipAvailableQuest(1)
      /script CompleteQuest()
      /script GetQuestReward()

      Bind this to a key, right click the turn-in person, smash the keybind a few times, and repeat. Automates it a lot.

  8. 2 and 4 I agree with 100% I even helped out players of the opposite faction. Let them tag a mob and then I one shot it.

    I used a different method by farming over a long period of time. Essentially I farmed rep on my main anytime an Alt needed needed mageweave or runecloth (Plus I always try to farm 2 things at once). Once I hit revered I then did 3 or four one hour grinds with a random dungeon thrown into the middle of each hour. Took a year but breaking it up like that made it far less tedious.

  9. I remember grinding this rep over a year ago, took about 4? hours, so not bad at all timewise.

  10. Your offhand is Eternium Thread??

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