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I am an EJ benefactor. What does that mean? Well pretty simply that I support EJ by giving an annual donation to help support the maintenence of their forums.

Beru, I hear you say, wtf does this have to do with your backpack size?!?! Well…I’m gettin’ there!

Anyhow, one of the “perks” of being a benefactor is access to forms that are only open to benefactors. Within these forums there is all manner of topics discussed. The other day, I read a comment from another benefactor who indicated that he had no pity for anyone complaining about bag space who was carrying around a titanium seal of Dalaran…

And I thought “damn, it’s a good think this guy can’t peak into my bags!”, because, um, yea…

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Do you see my backpack?! It is full of what I consider “fun” things that enhance my gameplay! Let’s take an inventory of the kind of “junk” that I am carrying around:

A Party Bomb – because sometimes you’ve just got to dance!

A Toy Train – um, hi, choo choo; ’nuff said.

One Red Ribbon Leash – I have 129 non-combat pets! You seriously don’t expect me to walk them without a leash, do you?

One Super Simian Sphere – Monkey Ball. That is all.

Pet Biscuits – My pets get hungry!

One Train Wrecker – uh…who can resist a tiny mechanical gnome who dances?!

One Murloc Suit – Hi, I can dress up as a Murloc whenever I want! This really doesn’t need justification, does it?

One Titanium Seal of Dalaran – because WoW doesn’t have a “coin flip” app!

An Ogre Pinata – You can loot bubble gum. BUBBLE GUM! *pop*

One Imp in a Ball – “will we kill HM LDW tonight?” “ask again later” yes, folks, this right here is the best raid planning tool available to you!

One Orb of the Sin’Dorei – Because WoW has yet to add a plastic surgeon to make Tauren as sexy as BELFs.

One Iron Boot Flask – ok…I’ll admit that these wired mechano-dwarfs kinda freak me out. But, sometimes I’m feeling short and stout dammit!

The Whistle of The White Raptor – tiny little dinasaurs that I can ride? Yes please.

One Foam Sword Rack – ever had a key person like a tank run late or go link dead before a pull? I promise this sucker will make everyone forget they are sitting with their thumb up their ass while waiting! Plus, um, “bonked” owns.

A spectral tiger sandbox toy thingie – because I can’t afford the real thing!

One Timbermaw Trinket – You never know when you might need your Furlbog guardian!

A Haunted Memento – I know it’s creepy…but at least I know I’m never alone!

Sure, perhaps these doo-dads aren’t mandatory to any sort of progression success, but they are a lot of fun! And why shouldn’t I carry around a veritable toy shop if it makes me laugh now and again? To me those little gadgets are just valuable in my bags as the gear sets, flask mats and glyphs that are required for raiding.

I guess maybe different people find different things important when considering how to allocate their precious bag space!

What kind of “essentials” are you carrying around in your bags?!

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6 responses to “My Bags, My Business!

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  1. Needs more ragdoll/teddy bear, imo 🙂

  2. Its interesting me how people choose what to carry around in their bags, as well as how they are organized. For example my herbing bag is organized in a specific way which is different than yours.

    But hon, you’re running around with only 9 empty bag slots? Don’t things get tight?

  3. Not only are you a packrat, you’re a druid (I assume with multiple gear sets) *and* an inscriptionist.

    I feel for you.

  4. There are four things that I never leave home without:

    1) Lovely Black Dress

    2) Bouquet of Red Roses

    3) Romantic Picnic Basket, and lastly and most important,

    4) my Broken Chastity Belt.

    ‘Nuff said.

  5. *laughs* Awwww. Also cows are extremely sexy – just less conventionally so than those irritating prom queen belves.

    My dorf never leaves home without his bunny ears. And The Prettiest Elf would not travel with A Pretty Rock.

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