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Feralas is another one of my favorite places to quest.  In case you haven’t picked up on it as yet, I really enjoy the green, lush areas of Azeroth.  Feralas is extraordinarily lush, however almost to the point of seeming a bit of a rainforest, with its canopy of trees covering the zone.  I think one of the things that I really enjoy about Feralas is the elven ruins that you find throughout the zone, even if they are now taken over by the Gordunni ogres.  The structures are still quite lovely.  I wonder what happened to all of those elves.  I know that you learn quite a bit from the quests in Dire Maul, but it’s been so long since I’ve done them, I can’t say that I recall their stories with much accuracy.

I have a lot of memories of the zone itself from my years of playing.  I remember trekking out here and running endless sessions in Dire Maul trying for a Quel’Serrar book.  I remember Swazzy pulling shenanigans in Dire Maul, and coining the phrase “pulling a Swazzy”.  Although, he did quite enjoy his mad mind control skills!  I remember wiping countless times on the damn chicken escort.  I remember the first time I was here as horde quite enjoying the fact that I didn’t have to ride that damn boat everywhere!  And the silithid quest being perpetually bugged, which I am happy to announce that after 5 years if finally fixed!  I remember coming out and farming for Chimera chops with 3 or 4 of us having to make that swim to the island that almost kills you from exhaustion.  The awesomeness that was the warlock mount quest (and it’s a shame people don’t have to do it anymore!)  I think some of my best memories from WoW are in this zone.

I could probably go on for hours about my love for Feralas, but to keep you from falling asleep at the keyboard, let’s get to the pictures, shall we?!

I love the feel that the tauren bring to Camp Mohache, a touch of Thunder Bluff is felt in this outpost.

There are any number of waterfalls that you will find in Feralas, almost all of them lovely.  This one is right next to the flight master in Camp Mohache.

Here is some of the canopy of trees that you see throughout the zone.  I wonder if in Cataclysm we will have any deforestation here?  I really hope not!

The landscaping done in this zone often just takes my breath away.  I had about 6 pictures of different waterfalls in the zone, but Brade advised me that was overkill so I trimmed them down a bit.  This, however was my favorite.

Here are some of the elven ruins that you will find throughout the zone.  You truly get the feel that this was a thriving area for them, with Dire Maul being a massive capital town here.  Even in ruins the architecture is still beautiful.  Perhaps even more so than it had been originally.

I found this grave, all by itself, very intriguing.  There is not box to tell me who was laid to rest here, but it seems as if someone has recently visited to mourn.  These little tidbits around Azeroth are just one of the things that make the journeys here so great.  But they are also the things that you will often miss if you rush by everything.  I shared this with some of my guildmates who had been playing since vanilla and they had never run across it in their 5 years of WoW.

I actually just love this shot out on the coast.  The sunset is beautiful, and I enjoyed how I was able to capture it!

How about you?  What memories do you have of Feralas?  Are there things here that you hope don’t change?

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  1. You forgot the Faerie Dragon minipet quest for alliance 🙂
    That is, I’m hoping you just forgot…if you haven’t, go look for it! I won’t spoil it for you…

    • I am horde, but I did do the quest with my hunter. I was SO glad when they added them as a drop for the horde so that we got to have fey dragon pets too!

  2. It’s one of my favourite zones, especially when it rains. The one thing that stands out the most though, is teleporting up to the Twin Colossals and jumping off.

    • I personally love the long, graceful bridges over the waterfalls a bit west of Dire Maul. I can’t imagine them improving the area any, so I’m personally hoping they do as little as possible.

      I had no idea you could teleport up the Colossals though! I have to check that out.

      • I actually took a waterfall picture of the twins…but some of my other waterfalls turned put better 🙂

        The bridges are indeed lovely!

    • I’m not sure if I’ve been there in th rain! At least not that I can remember, but I do bet it is lovely. The entire zone is so beautiful!

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