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Undercity is one of those towns that you either love or you hate.  Me?  I love it.  Largely because I am fascinated with the Forsaken lore.  When I first came to horde, I will admit that I was constantly lost in Undercity.  Much like when I roamed in Ironforge or Stormwind, I needed my map 100% of the time to locate where I was going.  Wait…who am I kidding?  I still need my map to know where I am going!  Outside of the lore Undercity has many fond memories for me.


My first experience, and memory with Undercity was as newly minted 60 hunter. See, on alliance there was this crazy little gnome rogue named Hatter. He loved his PvP and would go into horde towns just to stir up trouble. Somehow one night he asked “anyone want to come to Undercity with me?”, and I was like “why not”. And so we went…with him stealthing inside the city and attacking aboms to draw the horde out to us. Ultimately the few of us that tagged along ended up meeting our demise, but it was still a lot of fun!


I think part of what draws me to undercity is the history. The legend behind it. Here we have what was once a beautifully built alliance stronghold. A town of legends and kings. So much so, that one of them is still even interred here!


Yet, Undercity has been abandoned…forsaken, you could say! But even in the ruins, some of the original beauty can still be seen in the structures. And if you look hard enough, you will find plenty of pieces of Undercity history around the town. Not to mention a few famous folks…have you ever looked at the names of the bankers in Undercity?  (10 gold if you can tell me where their names are from!).


One of my other fond memories of Undercity also comes from my days on alliance.  Have you ever done Scarlet Monestary as alliance?  Have you ever had to run to Scarlet Monestary as alliance?!  If not…it’s a real treat.  The “safest” route was often to swim/run around the back side of Undercity.  Let me tell you…it’s a daunting task at such a low level!  But it is also mysterious.  “What’s inside these walls?”, I often wondered!  It also was interesting completing your Barov quest…with the Barov brother so close to a horde capital!


I will also never forget all of the running to Undercity while questing in Western Plague Lands.  You’d think they would have put a close flight path in for us!  Of course, there are also all of the memories and hauntings in WPL that send you into Undercity to seek out their lost loved ones.  And honestly…where else can you buy a pet cockroach?!


I am interested to see what changes will come to Undercity with Cataclysm.  Outside of my memories and the lore, I can’t say that I am as attached to this capital as I am to some of the others.  But at the same time, I think I would be sad if something drastic happened.  Of all of our capital towns, I do think that this one hosts the most lore, and I think I would like to see that it is preserved.  (Although, I was a bit sad to see the Aboms take leave of UC).  How about you?  What are your memories of Undercity?

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  1. The Montagues of the undercity bank for the win, Romeo and Juliette (i’m not english originally so excuse the possible misspelling of Juliette, she is called Julia in my native tongue!) reference if i’m not mistaken, montague being one of the families, capulet the other!

    Too busy right now to write anything extensive about my memories of the zone, but suffice to say I love the zone as much as you do, for pretty much the same reasons (except my first 2 years was as an undead rogue and i visited it to kill druids, not the other way around >: ))

    Good post! Keep em coming

  2. I was way sad when they took out the aboms. When my mage was working on getting the Love Fool title I would use the abom guards to get candies and such and now I can’t help but feel a little heartbroken that my old friends are gone.

  3. The quest at the apothecary, where you end up killing this tauren woman with a potion you collected the parts for always bothered me for some reason.

    Then there was back in stress Beta where there was no map for UC, and being completely unfamiliar with it, youd run around in circles forever trying to find the right quarter with the vendor you needed.

    I do recall seeing screenshots of a revamped top floor level to the Ruins area, which I always thought should be more the size of a ruined city, rather than just a little entry garden thing.

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