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Last week Vixsin over at Life in Group 5 ( took a look at some of the statistics that Blizzard’s been compiling regarding her, and then tried to piece together what that means about her. As I read over her post, I thought “man, that is pretty intriguing…and fun! I wonder what my stats say about me?!?!”. And so, borrowing her format, here are a few stats from my own statistics page!


Total Number of Badges Acquired: 6,076 (362 Justice, 2000 Heroism, 1672 Valor, 925 Conquest, 548 Triumph, 569 Frost). Holy cow! I guess you could say from that I enjoy instancing and raiding? But also note the decline. Each tier fewer badges are earned. This probably tells you that I ran lots of instances early on during this expansion, but I definitely slowed down as the expansion wore on. That is probably to be expected. I do love instancing as I level, and hit every instance in the zone at the appropriate time. I also love running them when they are fresh, but as you can see…after 2 years I do get a little tired of them!

Bandaged Used: 9 – This is no joke! I have seriously only used a total of 9 bandages since they started tracking stats. Um…rejuv > band aids?

Healthstones Used: 205 – Um…sorry Vixsin, I think I am your anomaly on the healer healthstone theory. Of course, it’s probably because rejuv > healthstones too! ^.^

Mana Potions Consumed: 625 – Yea…I tend to run my mana bar down, even with my innervate. I always carry Crazy Alchemist pots and mana pots in my bags.

Food Eaten Most: Conjured Mana Strudel 5,466 – I like mine Strawberry or Apple flavored, thank you!

Vanity Pets Owned: 132 – I like companions, what can I say?! I also have a fantastic macro that will randomly select a pet for me. I have a superstition that some a good luck, while others are bad luck! I guess it can also say that I am a fan of some of the “useless, but fun” things in the game =) I will state, however, that as of the date of posting I am still missing my Ice Chip on Beru. Dear RNG Goddess…can’t you see how important this is to me?!?! Can’t you see the torture you are putting me through by not awarding me with a new friend?

Legendary Items Acquired: 2 – Um…2? I do have a Val’anyr, but I can’t recall another legendary! Maybe it’s counting the fragments as one and the actual weapon as the second?


Total Healing Done: 7,930,654,370 – This seems pretty consistent with all of the instances and 10 mans that I’ve done. I like healing. I have 4 healers, so that should not come as a shock.

Largest Heal Cast: 8,785,350 – Really? As this is the exact number that Vixsin has on her page, I cannot say that I really had such an awesome heal. I think it’s probably a bug in the statistics page. But I am curious what my biggest really is!

Total Kills: 347,809 – Yea…James Bond ain’t got nothing on me. M should totally call me for super spy work! Of course…I wonder what those numbers would look like for someone with a PvP focus as opposed to a PvE focus?


Total Deaths: 5,167 – Yea…about that James Bond thing. /whistle In my defense though, 4,907 of those where in Raids and Dungeons! I blame Brade! That’s how it works right? Blame your tank for your deaths?

Most Deadly Lich King 10 Player Raid Boss: Sartharion, 31 – Like most things in Monolith, we didn’t take the “optimal” group, we did it the “hard way” and learned this fight with a full melee team and two healers. Still one of the kills I’m most proud of. This sucker was no pushover.

Most Deadly Lich King 25 Player Raid Boss: Steelbreaker, 74 – We really struggled with this Hard Mode back in Ulduar. Also, if there was a wipe to be had on this encounter, we found it. You name it, we did it. After our first kill, our tanks swore they would never come back.

Rebirthed by Druids: 373 – Um…we run with a lot of druids? I swear, I really don’t do many stupid things in raids and die to the bad that often. I’m just going to blame the tank again. Yea, that’s it! Well…it’s sorta true, considering that Brade tanks a lot of the raids or dungeons I’m in. If something goes south, he’s pulled out some pretty impressive battle rezzing.

Ressurrected by Soulstones: 132 – Ok, ok. I really need to explain something here! I am a bit of a healing agro magnet. Remember that druid spec without all 3 points in Subtlety? Yea, I can’t use that! One of our paladins even has a BoP macro specifically just for me. It got to the point in SSC where I just wouldn’t heal the trash before Tidewalker.


Quests Completed: 4373 – I am a loremaster. And I am good about dailies when they offer things I need, and yes I really need all those pets! Until I burn out on them, anyhow (someday I will have you pony bridle!).

Quests Abandoned: 105 – I don’t give up on much, really, but sometimes there is that one thing that just isn’t working for you. And even though I’m stubborn, I also know when to walk away!

Dungeons and Raids

Total 5-player dungeons entered: 474; Total 10 player raids entered: 184; Total 25 player raids entered: 441 – I lumped these all into one, because I think they say a lot about what I enjoy in the game. Cooperative play with other people. This is definitely my favorite aspect of the game.

Lich King 25-player bosses killed: 777 – I’ve been raiding since about week 2 of this expansion. I wonder if I’ll hit 1,000 before the expansion ends?


Weapon skills at maximum skill: 4 – Why? I am a resto druid, why on earth do I have 4 weapon skills maxxed?! Hello Mr. Achievement!

Cooking Recipies Known: 338 – is that right? Are there that many recipies in the game? That can’t be correct, can it? Well, regardless, I do have all of the recipes that are available! Just call me Betty!

Fish and other things Caught: 6159 – Ok, aside from my deviate addiction, I used to fish…a lot. Before they introduced feasts I fished for both myself and Brade. I actually find it a little bit peaceful. Find a nice, quiet, spot and just space out for a bit.

You know…it’s too bad there isn’t a “bandages crafted” skill. Remember earlier how I have only used 9 band aids? Well, I’ve crafted over 500…achievement.


Number of Hugs: 156; Number of Waves: 75; Number of Cheers: 277 – apparently /cheer is my favorite sort of emote. I cheer just about anything!


Total deaths from other players: 590 – yes, kill the healer is still a fairly good PvP Strategy! I don’t pvp nearly as frequently as I used to, I wonder what kinds of number I’d see if I pvp’d more. Think it would surpass my PvE death count?!

Warsong Gulch Battles: 17 / Warsong Gulch flags captured: 13 – well, I may be a bit rusty, but I can still get the flag from one end of the field to the other! (ps – ALWAYS be in the vicinity of the cap and ready to take it on a whim…my biggest wsg pet peeve is idiot flag carriers who miss the cap!).

What does that tell you about me?

I likely play too much WoW. I enjoy the frills of the game, and die…a lot (and raid with a lot of druids!). I’m slightly anal retentive when it comes to the little things, such as secondary skills and achievements. I’m stubborn and face most challenges presented to me until they are complete, even if they are frustrating. I love raiding. And you know, that’s pretty accurate. You will rarely find me logged in and sitting in Dalaran, I will almost always be busy with something, be it a raid or leveling an alt.

How about you? What do your statistics say about you?!

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  1. 8,785,350 is the exaxt amount of Saurfangs HP in 10man Normal mode. I don’t know how to heal him to 100%, but a lot of people seem to have this as their biggest heal cast.

  2. I think we had a discussion one day in guildchat about this and the consensus was that 8,785,350 is the amount healed by the drakes in the Malygos encounter.

    I am, however, frequently wrong and could totally be thinking of something else 🙂

    I am fairly certain that the statistics take vehicles into account though.

  3. Have you done a Kael run since the achievements came in?

    I think the legendary counter includes temporary legendaries from the Kael encounter.

    It also counts Val fragments individually – but perhaps it deletes the extra numbers when you combine them to form the mace? Dunno, I’m still sitting at 8 fragments or something 😛

  4. Okay, I admit it … I was trying to hide my healthstone addiction behind the guise of healing efficiency. I’ve been outted! >.<

  5. Hrmph. My armory is somehow buggy since I only have 32 Badge of Justice acquired and more importantly… only 19 Heroism?

    What’s really fun is I’ve used more Elixirs of Draenic Wisdom > Flasks of Distilled Wisdom > Flask of Frostwyrm.

    Anyways! memory lane is always fun, so awesome post.

  6. It must count the Kael stuff because my shaman has theoretically equipped 2 shiny orange weapons and my druid one. I assure you, neither of them has anything that would make anyone in a random 5 man go, “COOL!!!”.

  7. Unfortunately my main is too new (I started from scratch after moving from Oceanic>EU) and thus will perish from tree inadequacy. 😦

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