I Have Solved the Mystery of the Mysterious Heal!   4 comments

So…you know that “largest heal cast” in your WoW stats that is mysteriously the same for LOTS of people, at 8,785,350? The one I talked about in my post last week? The one that was the EXACT same as Vixsin’s over at Life in Group 5 www.lifeingroup5.com ?

You do?! Great!

Well I happen to know where it came from! And guess what! It’s not a bug…and we really DID, technically, both have that large heal!

(drum roll please!)

So last night we had the misfortune of having a wipe on Heroic Deathbringer Saurfang when one of our paladins went LD at the end of the fight. I had the double misfortune of being afflicted with a mark of the fallen champion at that point and I died. And do you know how much Deathbringer Saurfang heals for when you die from a mark of the fallen champion in his hardmode iteration? A heal that is 100% attributed to you? Well, if you said 8,785,350 you’d be right!

Proofs! http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/ifioqi1ozkjxhzbz/spell/72280/?s=3928&e=4182

And thus the mystery of the massive heal is solved.

Man…now I feel like Nancy Drew! AFK to find a spyglass =)

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4 responses to “I Have Solved the Mystery of the Mysterious Heal!

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  1. Can you also find some socks I’m missing?


  2. Now we know who dies on Saurfang when they have the mark *cackle*

    That will either be a very old mark of an ICC raider in Cataclysm, or a great way to see who’s at least attempted Saurfang.

  3. Happy to help!

  4. Dammit, I thought the butler did it…

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