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On Raiding – after only about 2 days of work on Sindragosa’s Hardmode, we saw 3% last night. However, more exciting than that was the fact that by the end of the night everyone was putting ice blocks in the proper locations for the air phase, our tanks weren’t dying and we were starting to get the hang of our new phase 3 positioning. Hell, we were getting into phase three in just about 5 minutes. I think we are very close to a kill on this, and I’m quite excited about it. All in all, it seems to be an easier encounter for us than HM Putricide. There will be drakes for everyone soon!

On WoW in General – I’m at a little bit of a meh point. I have a number of alts to level, but then I just think about what I’d do with them once I got them to level, and end up just doing something else. At this point I have Beru who is extremely well geared; both Mynn and Dannie who are very well geared; Kitai who is working on being very well geared; Earenn who is decently geared; and Tsuname who is ok geared. And I find myself starting to get increasingly bored in game, looking at my loading screen and going “meh”, or logging in for a bit and not really having the motivation to do much. I’ve been opting to either veg in front of the television…or try to get out of the house some while we have nice weather.

Of course, I’m bored outside of the game a lot too. So perhaps I’m just in an “I’m bored with everything” phase right now. It’s possible…but I hope that it passes, because it could get expensive! Although, I saw an advert on the playstation store the other day for a Monkey Island Anthology and I was pretty excited by it, so perhaps I’ll go snag that. I also still have the newest Final Fantasy to play, with only about 3 hours currently invested in it. I’ll need something to keep me occupied while Brade’s trudging through SCII!

I also really wish they’d announce the release date for Cataclysm already.

On Blizzcon – Tickets, Check. Hotel, Check. Airfare, Check. Rental Car, Check. Clothes? Perhaps some shopping is in order, but I think I will wait until closer to October. For some reason I find myself not quite as excited this year…but that could be because it’s still months away yet.

On PuG Pet Peeves – I really, really loathe a PuG with a careless raid leader. I did one yesterday on Mynn where there was myself and the paladin who did about 80% of the healing in the raid. But not only that, when someone asked about healing assignments…the raid leader really just didn’t know and/or care to do them. And it wasn’t just in the healing that it was a problem, we got to Festergut and the DPS were in the same boat.

Also. Why do people try to over complicate strategies? I’ve seen so many PuGs come up with incredibly confusing strategies for things. How does this happen? How do so many people forget the KISS principle?!?! Argggghhh!

And loot…why does it have to take 15 minutes for free roll loot? Seriously! I think this may be one of the reasons that I prefer to lead in PuGs. Pacing. I get so antsy and frustrated when things are inefficient. Blargh.

Of course, in my PuG yesterday I made the MASSIVE mistake of fat fingering my blood lust key right as the Gunship fight was ending. I felt like an idiot, and apologized for making the mistake. Considering that I was doing roughly 40% of the healing for the entire zone, I thought people would just be like no biggie. No. Not at all. People started just being flat out jerks in vent, including the raid leader. To which I finally just said “It was a mistake. ‘Seriously’. If it’s that big of a deal, I can just leave”. I was only in the PuG to begin with because a few guildmates were there and they were short healers, it would have been no skin off of my tusks!

At this point, someone must have taken notice who it was that made the error, because all of the sudden it was “chill out” and “no one really said anything anyways”. No…they did, and I will tolerate a lot of things, but being treated poorly in a PuG is not one of them. If you can’t treat me with respect, I’m not going to be part of your efforts. Pretty simple. I take note of who can run a good pug and who cannot. I won’t participate in a second pug if it’s not pleasant the first go around. I don’t really care about how many bosses are killed, but I do care that I’m enjoying myself while doing it.

I ended up staying…and you know what? Yea, it took them 15 minutes to sort out loot and then another 5 minutes to find a replacement for someone. You know what that means? Bloodlust was back up for Saurfang. I’m so glad people made such a big deal over the fact that I fat fingered the key and the end of the prior fight.

On Lifestyle Changes – Brade and I are attempting to make one. We’d both like to lose a little bit of weight, so we’ve decided together to work on a diet. However, because we are both have terrible eating habits…and need some motivation, we’ve joined weight watchers. We went to our first meeting on Saturday, and after finding the building we’ve decided that it’s close enough to home to bike to the meetings each week, weather permitting.

I did the weight watchers program when I finished Law School to drop all the stress weight that I had gained doing nothing but studying, and stressing out, for 3 years of my life. It was hugely successful for me, largely because I was/am an extremely picky eater and have a monster sweet tooth. What it does that a lot of other diet programs don’t do is teaches you to eat…without telling you that you can’t have something. If you want to go out to get a sundae, you can. You just have to budget for it.

Our biggest challenge right now, I think, is working out dinner while raiding. Because we live on the west coast and raid on an east coast server, we often times find ourselves eating fairly late…and whatever’s “quick”, which often means food that isn’t very good for us. What we need to do is cook meals on our off nights for our raid nights, and portion them out into microwaveable containers, so that we can just reheat them during, or even after, our raids.

However, we spent the weekend having a fair bit of fun adding up points in our iPhone app, and trying to make smart decisions in when and what we eat. It is my hope that working through these challenges together means that they will be successful for both of us. Like any lifestyle change, only time will tell if it sticks or if we revert back to our bad habits!

On Movies – We’ve seen a few recently, with the most recent being Despicable Me. It was really good, and I’d certainly recommend it to anyone that is interested in seeing it. Also, be sure to grab the “Best Buy Movie Mode” app for your phone…it has a really cute thing where it will “translate” the little yellow guys during the credits. It was pretty cool!

On Books – Still trucking through the JD Robb books!

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  1. If they were *that* concerned about the bloodlust debuff, they could have taken a flying leap off the platform and died, thereby resetting the debuff. Jerks.

  2. Good luck with Sindragosa. My guild worked on her for the first time this weekend. Learning hurts. How many healers do you use? Even with 70k health our tank is getting smashed in phase 1.

    • We have our tanks in Frost Resist and they make smart trinket use for her pull effect. We are using 7 healers, which means we have 4 active during unchained magic.

      We worked out a pretty good strategy for phase 3, I think, where we have two that stay just outside of the ice blocks and heal the tanks, and the other two drop their stacks. Of course, anyone with unchained drops their stacks. It’s tricky, but seems to be working for us.

      We just recruited a new tank, he’s decently geared, but still a little squishy. Makes it a little more interesting in phase 3!

  3. I have fat fingered many a Bloodlust.. and taken the icy glare of my raid leader. Perish!

    What I did was create a floating toolbar with just Bloodlust on it, and I placed this in the top right of my screen, above and partially behind my portrait.

    Yes this means I am now clicker for Bloodlust. But it’s something you do once a fight, and this way I a sure I mean to do it.

  4. I struggle with the food/raid issue too. I can’t stand cooking anything and its even worse if I’m cooking something that I’m not even going to eat that same day so I have a really really hard time of it. Really, a little bit of buckling down would take care of a lot of stress but mehhhhhhhh.

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