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Beru Note: I’d like to introduce you all to one of our crazy resident rogues, Rholm. Rholm not only has one “the Insane” title, but is working on his THIRD (dear god…why, Rholm? Why?!?!?!). A while back he posted the following guide in our forums, and I asked him if I could utilize it as a guest post on my blog, as I cannot think of anyone more qualified to give pointers on this crazy achievement than the guy taking his third trip towards insanity. If you are going insane, I hope that you find it helpful!

You probably all know by now of the Insane in the Membrane feat of strength.

I am currently grinding for a third title, on Sholmie this time. Most of the required items are already farmed. The planning and some basic gathering are on the way for a fourth title too; my paladin.

The purpose of my post here is to help some of you who often asked “how to”. I will not write a full guide but simply share my thoughts, experience and opinion on the whole thing. It is a great personal challenge and multiple facets of it can be applied to raiders and even PvPers out there. There is more to be said about it, but too long to discuss here.

You do not need to be a good player, as far as pressing buttons or incredible situation awareness goes. Be a keyboard turner if you wish. However, planning, schedule, daily goals are all key words to work efficiently in order to see the end of it. Lots –and I mean it– lots of dedication and patience are required. It is easy to give up. Your sanity is your end-game boss.

Trust me, the feeling is the same as when you finally beat that one particularly tough raid encounter after weeks or months of hard work. But this time, you won’t see a screenshot with 25 players dancing on a corpse. It is you alone. The pride and feeling of completion. Alone.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Now, there are many guides on the Web, but I found most of them to be incomplete, inaccurate or just plain inefficient. One notable exception being that one here. Once again, the following is not a guide. It is an overview, some commentaries and pro-tips. I am not going through every single item that you will need. Do your own homework!

Important note: Contrary to the popular belief, you DO NOT need to be exalted with all the Steamwheedle Cartel and honored with Bloodsail Buccaneers at the same time. As long as you reach at least once the exalted mark with the four factions of the Cartel, you can literally destroy them down to hatred. Same goes for the status requirement with the pirates; hit honored at least once. As the Cartel and the Buccaneers are at war, grinding reputation with one will decrease the other. I learned that the hard way on Rholm and Dholm, but today I can proudly walk in any of the goblin towns sporting my Bloodsail Admiral title and all the green dudes are in awe. I can drink up at the tavern with them (with discount price) and finish the evening hammered on rum with my fellow pirates on the ship. Arr! I am a double-agent. I am a rogue. I am a pirate-rogue. I am insane.

• That being said, if you leveled a character normally and completed a few goblin quests here and there, you are probably at friendly or honored with the Cartel. This is good. Even better if close to revered. Start by completing the exalted requirement with them first. Some people will refer it as the easy way. It is debatable. Once done, set yourself at war with Booty Bay and go wreck havoc there. There are two safe spots to kill the guards. It is efficient and you won’t be overwhelmed. Just ask me. When you reach friendly with Bloodsail Buccaneers, grab another Feat of Strength along the way; Avast Ye, Admiral! and continue up to honored.

Voilà! All Cartel and Buccaneers feat requirement completed. But, the little green skins will kill you on sight now. No problem! You can turn in various clothes and items to NPCs located outside all four goblin towns up to neutral status. Again, this will destroy your Bloodsail reputation, but at least you will be able to use the flight paths again in Gadgetzan, Booty Bay etc… without being killed. You can wear your Bloodsail Admiral title, but you’re not a true pirate! Walk the plank, matey!

One more thing: As you can’t normally track your progress as you would with a regular achievement, you can use this command in game to make sure you are doing everything right.

/script AddTrackedAchievement(2336)

Miscellaneous info:

• You need a high level rogue for this feat of strength (lvl 70+). Really, you do. Even if it’s not the character (class) you want to complete the feat on. It can be an alt or a friend or a player that you hire.
• You need the Crescent Key (Dire Maul), the Skeleton Key(Scholomance) and ideally, the Key to the City (Stratholme). You will have to do quest lines to get them, except for the Key to the City.
• If you are careful, you can avoid all the trash mobs in Scholomance (except the 2 guardians at the first gate) up to the lower level of the Great Ossuary where you will kill the Risen Constructs for the Skin of Shadow. Time is precious.
• Use the Gatherer addon to keep track of the possible spawn points of the Blood of Heroes.
• Being an engineer with the portable mailbox Moll-E is an incredible asset to save valuable time.
• Get the Argent Pony Bridle for your Argent Gruntling. It is a decent replacement if you don’t have Moll-E.
• Having a personal guild bank is nearly a must or at least an alternate character with lots of bag space, unless you want to fill your mailbox with the Librams of Focus, Protection and Rapidity (you can only carry one of each at the time). Now, turning in the Librams will give you the old armor enhancements; Arcanum of Focus, of Rapidity and of Protection. Keep them if you are planning to raise your reputation with the Zandalar Tribe. You can turn them inside Zul’Gurub for 500 reputation points once your reach the honored status with them! Easy to make your way up to exalted.
• Best place for Heavy Junkboxes are the murlocs of the Greengill Coast on the Isle of Quel’Danas (Thanks to Judis!) Turn off your computer volume or overdose on MMMRRRGGGLLL! at your own risk. Use a Glyph of Pick Pocket to speed it up.
• Do not throw away the Gordok Ogre Suits unless you have to (as you can only carry one at the time). Advertise them in trade channel as people don’t tend to search for such items at the auction house. They will sell nicely. Or heck, use them because… because you are an ogre! Wait until you get a lot of Ogre Tannin before turning them into suits. Pop Moll-E and mail them to your bank or alt characters.
• The Gordok Shackle Key can be found on all ogres in north DM, but higher drop rate from the four boss-guardians, Mol’dar,Fengus, Slip’kik, Captain Kromcrush and the Gordok Bushwacker that spawns after you loot the Ogre Tannin Basket. If you are lucky enough to get it early in the instance, head to Knot to free him. The key can drop multiple times during a run, but you can only carry one. Use that at your advantage as you can only reset an instance 5 times per hour (and this is all characters wide). The key is found on your keyring and not in your bags.
• Keep all the Runecloth and Rugged Leather that you find. You will need a lot.
• Check the auction house often for the Pristine Black Diamonds. They are expensive and hardly farm’able. Don’t rely too much on lucky drops. You can test your luck on the demons in the Tainted Scar area in Blasted Lands where Lord Kazzak used to be. Zul’Gurub is also a viable option, especially if you are working on your Zandalar Tribe reputation as I mentioned above.
• Having an access to a second account with a character on the opposite faction (Alliance, in my case) or the help of a trustworthy player is a big plus. Acquire some missing items from their auction house, guilds or players, then transfer them to your side via the neutral auction house.
• Be prepared. You will need gold. Mucho mucho gold. It is really hard to evaluate. If you manage to farm most of what you need (and that’s a lot of work), my guess is that you will still end up spending ~50k gold on the missing stuff. This is based on current Horde-side Llane realm economy. Back when I did it on Rholm, it was more around 150k gold spent. Do you remember how expensive the Darkmoon Decks were over a year ago? Once turned into trinkets, they were BoP too. I had to vendor them all. At least you can get some money back today as they are BoE. It was a (gold) relief when I’ve completed the feat on Dholm. Keep in mind that the more we approach the Cataclysm expansion, the cheaper they sell. Less demand and easier access to better ones already.

There is plenty of info I could add, but you will most likely find answers to your questions in here. Feel free to ask me anything either in game or here if you need more efficiency during your grind. This sneaky rogue has a few more tricks (of the trade) under his sleeves.

Sanity is weak.

~Rholm the Insane~


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  1. There is a time when the operation of the faction becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part; you can’t even passively take part, and you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop. And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you’re free, the faction will be prevented from working at all!

  2. Wow.

    I have no comment, I salute you sir & your dedication.

  3. Are there any updates to the knowledge you have accumulated for this feat in the post-cataclysm era? (If at all) I know Shen’dralar is no longer needed, which relieves a big strain of this feat (and to the die-hards, a lot of the prestige of it as well). Goblin reps don’t have as many options since the removal of that one quest as well. I’ve been playing it the safe way and keeping my Bloodsail rep at the appropriate level while farming goblin kills in Tanaris, but if you can confirm that I don’t need to do so, even in post-cataclysm, that would be a godsend – since it’s stopping me from completing my Loremaster as well!

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