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You might have noticed that it’s been a bit quiet around here this week, and I have a very good reason, I swear it!

I could tell you that my adventures into Photoshop on Monday tuckered me out (Syll! I PHOTOSHOPPED OMG!); and that would be partially true. What would take most people probably minutes (my photoshop skills are not max level as yet) takes me hours to proc successfully! There are also a few choice words that would make even the most crass dwarf blush thrown around as well.

However…I have taken on an even more challenging project, well for me anyhow!

Remember back in like January of February, and I had told you that one of my guildmates had stumbled across my blog, and had seen me complaining discussing how I couldn’t make a proper header. Well…he surprised me and crafted me one, apparently people pay him to do stuff like this! The problem was that I liked the coloring and l liked how the template I used had the ability to adjust to the size of the monitor that I was on, and all the extra width it had, but it didn’t allow for a header. I really disliked the space constraints of the smaller templates that did have customizable headers.

However, I really wanted to use it, because it looked so awesome! So, I have taken to leveling another skill known as CSS Proficiency (oh god). I’m still a journeyman in this skill, however I was able to tweak a different template to something that I rather liked (and was obscenely proud of…due to my zero starting skill!). I’m still adding a few touches here and there…and saving constantly so that if I totally botch something I can go back to an earlier version. However, I did want to give everyone a heads up that in the next few days you may see a change or two here around the old blog. (It only took me six or seven months to work up the bravery to make a change, but we won’t talk about that!).

If there is something that isn’t working quite right (or not at all) or something is out of place, I will be making those dwarfs blush with the profanities that will likely be spewing from my mouth as I try to fix it. So…when that occurs, please excuse my mess! (Also…I wouldn’t turn away suggestions once the finished product is available for review!).

And…um…because it’s taken me hours and hours to do simple things like change colors around and adjust sizing, I’ve been short a bit of time to actually, well, write. So, I thought I would offer this little “teaser” by way of explanation for my silence until the grand “unveiling” occurs!

BTW…wtf is with all the colors on that color wheel?!?! The only thing I know with 100% certainty that I have learned is that fff is white and 000000 is black!

Posted July 22, 2010 by Beruthiel in Take two and call me in the morning

2 responses to “Pardon My Dust!

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  1. Color codes are 3 2-digit hexadecimal numbers glued together, representing the Red, Green, and Blue components.

    So for example #000000 is black because it has a red component of 00, a green component of 00, and a blue component of 00.

    #FFFFFF is white because it has a red component of 255 [FF in decimal], as well as green and blue.

    Along that line of thought, #FF0000 would be pure red (red @ 255, green and blue @ 0), #00FF00 would be pure green, #0000FF would be pure blue. Other colors are composed additively: for example, yellow is green + red, or #FFFF00.

    Hope this helps.

  2. *bates breath*

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