General Apathy…Or Is It?   1 comment

The past couple of weeks I’ve been feeling a little bit of WoW apathy, which may be considered burnout, and I’m not entirely sure why. I mean, things are going well for the most part:

· Our progression raid team has been doing fantastic, so much so that we have been down to a three night raid week for the past couple of weeks. Of course, we’ve not put in a whole lot of time on HM Halion or HM LK, but the night we spent working on HM Halion pushed him into phase 2. At this point in the expansion it’s a very fine line you have to walk between finishing progression and pushing people towards burn out.

· Our 10 man has stalled on HM Lich King, after pushing him into phase 5 before the 30% buff. And sadly, we’ve not been able to come together with the right group of people to even go back in and work on him since they’ve implemented the newest buff. This actually has me pretty bummed. We are really very close, just needing to iron a few more things out to net our kill. But, something always seems to happen last minute, and our group crumbles into a workable group for the zone, but not for HM LK. So much for “bring the player, not the class”, heh.

· With the exception of my mage, all of my level 80 alts have seen a good bit of ICC, are well geared for the most part, and largely ready for the expansion. Perhaps part of my apathy is too much ICC raiding? Hmmmmm.

But, outside of raiding, I’m finding that I’m not netting a lot of time online these days. Ok…I do kind of raid a lot. Between my alts and Beru I probably raid 5+ days a week. But still! I’m not online as frequently have I have been historically.

I think part of it is because I’m trying very hard to eat well, so almost immediately after a raid I’m logging out to cook dinner. And a good dinner, not just a run down the street to McDonald’s, but real food that is prepared before consumed. I’ve been Queen of the grill lately, which is fantastic, but it takes time and effort to put together a proper meal on the grill. After dinner is ready to eat, I generally sit down in front of the telly to watch an episode of whatever show I’m watching, and then it’s time for bed.

I think another part of it is that my mom is coming to visit and I’ve been cleaning. Oh god have I been cleaning. I mean, my mother knows that I’m a terrible housekeeper, but she doesn’t need to know exactly how terrible. And, a good cleaning isn’t going to do us any harm. But it’s time consuming. A lot of my weekend time has been spent dusting, vacuuming, and organizing. I seriously should have just hired a maid service to come and do the job for me. They could have done it more efficiently and probably better than I’m doing it now!

Of course, there is Starcraft II that has been occupying some of my free gaming time as well. I’m about 5 or 6 missions from completing the campaign on Normal, and generally enjoying myself. It’s been a nice breather from WoW, but I don’t know that I’ll go through and replay the campaign, or do much with the multiplayer outside of giving some of my guildmates a good laugh =)

As I sit here and type this, I can’t help but wonder if some of my apathy is from too much ICC raiding. Perhaps if I go back and level some of my half completed alts I’d feel a little less blah. I did this at the end of TBC and it helped keep the game fresh for me. Brade did ask me last night if I intended to go back to my baby druid. I mean, I do intend to, I just don’t know exactly when. I think that maybe this isn’t a bad idea. (After I finish Starcraft, of course!).

You know, I could also do one of my other favorite pastimes: gather and watch Magnum PI. I haven’t seen Magnum in awhile, and he’s great to watch while fishing, mining or herbing. (Let’s be perfectly honest…there isn’t ever a bad time for Tom Selleck). Herbs and ore still sell well, and you can never have enough gold or supplies for an expansion. Yes, perhaps this is just the ticket!

You know, now that I’ve written it all out, maybe the apathy is really all in my head. Maybe I’m not apathetic about WoW at all…maybe I’m just apathetic at everything right now. And maybe if I’d stop thinking that I’m apathetic I wouldn’t be anymore.

So, tell me, what do you do to cure your apathy?

Posted August 4, 2010 by Beruthiel in Deep Thoughts, Medic!

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  1. “you can never have enough gold or supplies for an expansion”

    Well…. 🙂

    I’m finding myself in a very similar situation to you, actually. I stopped raiding a few months back to free up my evenings and since then have really only been chatting to friends and building up my piles of gold.

    I’m sitting at around 250k at the moment with truckloads of enchanting mats/etc stockpiled. I’d tentatively say that a goal of 500k before Cataclysm is realistic, but lately definitely feeling the apathy!

    The one redeeming thing in my playing experience these days is my 5-box shaman team. I’m really enjoying settling in for a few hours over the weekend and levelling them up. Just hit 74 so not too far to go now 🙂

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