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I don’t know that I’ve ever done a community link post previously, but I’ve been reading a lot of interesting things lately and I wanted to share! And because there may be some silence here over the next few days as I entertain my mom, who is coming to visit tomorrow, I could think of no better way to help everyone occupy your brains than to give you some food for thought on posts that had me thinking!


Borsk has a very good commentary on some difficult decisions that he and his guild leadership had to make as they set their goals at the end of this expansion.

Ecclesiastical Discipline considers what motivates raiders.

Xeppe Struggles with making some difficult decisions about her guild, and her future.

Aunna Takes a look at mana management, and offers some tips to avoid going OOM. Certainly something to consider as we approach Cataclysm!

Vidyala offers a different perspective of the Moon Guard server.

Angelya provides advice on how to set up a healing UI.

Oombulance offers a healers defense to my question “Do Healers Have A Bad Attidude?”.

The Save Dragons go PvP Guild Takes a stance on Gearscore! (Kudos to you guys!).

Cassandri Provides some pointers for DPS on what they can do to while away their time in the LFD queue (and keep them from going AFK when their queue pops!).

Moonra Contemplates the future of HoTs.

And if you haven’t taken the time to view a few Postcards from Azeroth, you really are missing out!

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8 responses to “But It’s Not Even Friday!

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  1. Most of these links have a quotation mark at the end, so they lead to a “page not found” error.

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  3. Thanks for the linky Beru 🙂 have a nice weekend with your mum!

  4. :O

    Thanks for the link love Beru! You just reminded me to sort out my blogroll!

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