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Over the past few weeks, I asked a few questions here with regards to the Lich King. In the first question I asked people’s opinions on “selling” Lich King titles, and there was a really fantastic mix of opinions on the topic. In the second question, I asked what killing the Lich King meant to you, and shared that we had decided not to “sell” Lich King titles, but rather to open up a contest that gave players on our server the opportunity to answer that question for a chance to join us in defeating the legendary foe.

We have received a tremendous number of replies to this contest, and many of them have been quite good. I have no doubt that we will be able to provide Lich King kills to people for weeks to come. However, we also received one incredibly stand out entry that I wanted to share. Because it was so amazing I asked the submitters if I could have permission to share it here, as it was just too awesome to sit dusty in our private forums. The imagination that is shown is amazing. I really think that everyone will enjoy it!

Without further ado, I’d like to share Tallerius and Kaelthal’s submission:

I promise that it is well worth the time it takes to click on the link and read through it!

And because we found it so thoughtful and recognized the effort that was put into the submission, we thought we’d let them know that they’d been selected to join us in a similar fashion. You can find my response to them below the break (but be gentle! I don’t generally participate in role play – so if I’ve made errors, please forgive them!).

As Beruthiel turned to the friends that had battled their way against Arthas, a small contingent known as Monolith, led by a tauren as stubborn as he was intimidating, she, too, recounted those that she had lost on her journey to this cold, unwelcome place. She may not have etched their names into the hilt of her mace, the way that Tallerius had, but they were etched in her memory all the same. While she had slain many of Arthas’ allies, she had also seen many of her comrades fall in this beautiful hell that Arthas had created.

Beruthiel looked out at her friends expectantly as she let the question “Think we can help them, brothers?” weigh on their minds. She quietly hoped that those who had made it this far on their journey could see the same strength in Tallerius and Kaelthal that she had seen. She knew that no matter how battle weary or worn they looked, there was still a fire that burned inside them, even if it was hidden beneath their well-worn and battered armor.

As she looked around, she could hear the quiet murmurs of her friends as they contemplated the fate of the two strangers they had come upon on Arthas’ footsteps. Beruthiel knew well the struggles that the pair had faced to make it this far, and knew that those that had fought along beside her would recognize the challenges that the two Blood Elves had faced.

It was only a matter of time before a small representative from each faction stepped forward and spoke quietly to Beruthiel.

As the contingency stepped forward, Beruthiel spared a glance over her shoulder at Tallerius and Kaelthal, wearily standing hand in hand, knowing that their fate was soon to be decided.

The first to speak was a massive tauren named Even, his bulk only increased by the battle armor that he wore. He was one of the bravest to be found in Monolith, charging into battle with his shield raised and a battle cry on his voice, an encouragement to all that followed him. Even though, it is well known that he has a soft spot for pigtailed women, there is no fiercer warrior in all of Azeroth.

Even’s voice emanated a low rumble, almost like thunder, as he spoke with Beruthiel. Regardless of his attempts to speak softly, Tallerius and Kaelthal could feel the rumble in their feet as he spoke. They nervously looked at the massive warrior and wondered what he had to say about their fate. As Even spoke, they saw a small, brief smile cross over Beruthiel’s lips and as she nodded in agreement they saw Even reach out and shake her hand as he moved aside.

The next to approach Beruthiel was a troll named Lashaah, his bow slung over his back. As he stepped forward, Beruthiel leaned down and whispered a few words to Lashaah’s faithful companion, Jambi, as she scratched behind his ears. Lashaah thoughtfully strokes a dagger that he pulled from his belt as he speaks to Beruthiel, the thick Sen’jin in his voice carrying to Tallerius and Kaelthal’s ears.

They do not know what is being said, but they can tell that Beruthiel is carefully considering Lashaah’s opinions, her trust and respect for the troll obvious.

Kaelthal tugs at Tallerius’ hand as they study the conversation from a distance, and Kaelthal discreetly points to a rope around Lashaah’s neck that appears to be holding ears. “Do you think those are souvenirs?”, she whispers. Tallerius was sure of it, and knew just from looking at Lashaah that this was a dangerous troll who dabbled deep in the mojo. Trying to conceal his shudder he whispers back “I’m not sure” in an attempt to ease Kaelthal’s nerves. What Tall did not know was that it has been rumored that Lashaah killed two dwarves every morning, and that it was those dwarves’ ears circling his neck.

Once Lashaah had taken his leave, a dark forsaken priest stepped forward to speak with Beruthiel. It is rumored that this priest was once the Holy priest Zarazhas, who had given up the way of the light to explore her dark powers. Even though Zarazhas was cloaked by the shadow that she diligently studied, the twinkle that could be seen in Beruthiel’s eyes as Zarazhas spoke was a sure sign of the laughter that Zarazhas could bring to Monolith, even during their darkest hours. It is speculated that Zarazhas is able to make things, such as her traveling mammoth, disappear before everyone’s eyes.

As Zarazhas continued to speak, Tallerius and Kaelthal noticed that from time to time Beruthiel seemed to turn her attention to Zarazhas’ right and left. Confused they looked at each other questioningly. Of course, what they could not see was that Zarazhas was flanked by two other members of her Forsaken contingency. The stealthly and sinister rogues Jail and Rholm had joined her, quiet as church mice as they crept forward and confirmed Zarazhas’ thoughts. Of course, as they left Zarazhas couldn’t help giggling as she gave Jail a firm jab in the side with her finger, breaking him out of his stealth.

Kaelthal gave a quick sigh of relief as she saw that the next to approach Beruthiel were two Quel’dorei, and found herself even further relieved when she realized that one of them, a mage named Kadabra, had the remnants of the same green glow in his eyes that she held in hers. As Kadabra spoke to Beruthiel, he couldn’t resist sheeping Even, who was standing just off to the side. Of course, this caused Kadabra’s companion, Valys, to sigh as she pulled out her wand to cleanse Even after each morph.

The sight of the massive Tauren being continuously morphed into all manner of things – and then returned to his tauren form was more than Kaelthal could handle, and she burst out into laughter. Tallerius quickly whispered a quick “shhhh” to her, as he saw Even look over and snort. But Kaelthal saw that Beruthiel was also concealing a laugh, and knew that her outburst would not reflect poorly on her.

Eventually Valys confiscated Kadabra’s wand, much to Even’s relief, and the two of them were able to convey the thoughts of the Silvermoon contingent. As they finished, Kadabra could be seen poking around trying to get his wand back, with Valys finally sighing and handing it over, her patience and discipline showing, but not before threatening to let the mage meet his demise the next time he got himself into trouble if he so much as thought about turning her into a sheep.

The last to speak with Beruthiel was a representative of Thrall’s own clan. A stout orc stepped forward, swinging the heavy blade of the axe he carried on his back into the ground and leaning on the hilt before he began speaking. As Rimar spoke, Tallerius’ breath hitched when he realized that the giant axe Rimar was using as support was the fabled weapon Shadowmourne. Tallerius wondered what loyalty Rimar had shown to be trusted to bring such a dangerous, and cursed, weapon into battle.

On finishing what he had to say, Rimar heaved the giant axe over his shoulder, the cold blade glinting in harsh sunlight of Ice Crown, and stepped aside. Beruthiel looked at those that had just spoken with her, nodded, and made her way over to where Tallerius and Kaelthal were standing. Knowing that a decision had been made, Kaelthal gave Tallerius’ hand another squeeze, and set her mind to accept whatever fate Monolith had decided for them.

As she approached them, Beruthiel could see that they were tense, and smiled, hoping that it would give them some comfort and put them at ease. "My friends", she started, "We recognize the bravery and steadfastness that it took for you to fight your way to Arthas’ feet. We know, from our own experiences, the pain that you have experienced and suffered on your journey here".

At these words Tallerius subconsciously move his hand to the hilt of his mace.

"We see the determination that burns in your eyes, and in your hearts, and we understand." Beruthiel took a moment to carefully look Kaelthal in the eyes before continuing. "We believe that we will have battled our way through Arthas’ fortress, and be ready to face Arthas in six days time. We know that no matter how hard we try, we will suffer a great many losses on this journey".

Beruthiel again stopped, this time to meet Tallerius’ eyes, her meaning clear.

"Six days from now, we will face Sindragosa – her magic betraying us – and although we expect her downfall, we fear that we will lose a good many and require reinforcements to aid us in our final confrontation with the Lich King. After much consideration, we feel that the fire in your hearts will make you strong enough to join us as we face Arthas and hold him to task for what he has done to our beloved Azeroth."

At Beruthiel’s words, Tallerius looked once more at the worn handle of his mace in his hand, the weight of the mace far heavier than the saronite that it was made from, and thought of the friends that he had lost, one word escaped his lips, "Finally".

Seeing the emotion swim in Kaelthal’s eyes as she looked at Tallerius, Beruthiel spoke again.

"You are tired from your journey here, and you will need to rest and rebuild your strength before departing on this epic Journey. Please see Judis, our finest cook, and he will provide you with something warm for your bellies – although I must warn you to watch your pockets around him, he is quite sneaky and has sticky fingers. You will need to meet with our strategists before we face Arthas to learn our plan of attack. But first, a good meal and some rest is in order. We can discuss everything else later, once you have rested, I have a good Kungaloosh that is just waiting for new friends and the stories that they bring".

Beruthiel smiled, placing a hand on Tallerius’ shoulder, "Come Friends, let us rest tonight", and led them into Monolith’s camp, a smile on her face.


We also had a rogue that went even further past my story as well, and when I have a moment to speak with him will see if I can get his permission to share his entry as well.

I truly hoped that you all enjoyed the submission as much as we have! If you are interested in more, please let me know…there has definitely been some talk into continuing the story after they have joined us for the kill =)

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  1. Absolutely amazing 🙂 Bravo to Kael/Tall on a wonderful submission; it was also fun catching a glimpse at the personality of Monolith’s raiders!

  2. Just stumbled across this and so glad I did, superb and well done! Keep it coming ;D

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