Please Forgive My Bullet Dust   8 comments

So sometime between yesterday and tonight when I got home my blog theme took a shit on me. For some unknown reason the “entry” boxes for comments and the search function reverted back to the blue color that was part of the original style sheet. No matter what we tried to do, it wouldn’t fix it.


We made a few changes and I am now running the blog solely from the “Custom CSS”. Which is all well and good. Except for some explicable reason certain things are just fucked. Even though the only change I made to the original style sheet were to some of the colors (none of which were the text colors!). One of the guys in our guild spent a couple of hourstonight getting me mostly straightened out, and the blog is largely still readable and functional because of his help.

However – you will find that any and all bulleted posts/pages the body text is black, instead of the light blue that the rest of the body of the post is in. You will also see this to the left in my WoW RSS feed. I have tried about 50 different things to get the damn thing fixed and I am at my wits end with it. So – until I can figure out how to get it fixed, some of my older posts and pages will be botched – and will be difficult to read as a result of the black text on brown background.

I really apologize for this.

However, I have no clue as to how to fix the damn thing, and every last thing that I have tried and every last tidbit of information that I have found on the internet so far has failed to resolve the issue.

Yes, I feel like screaming like a 2 year old who just got told that they couldn’t have the candy from the isle at the grocer’s.  I have spent my entire evening, which was supposed to be a nice relaxing night, trying to deal with this mess and growing increasingly frustrated when I couldn’t fix the problem.

I promise that I will try to get this fixed ASAP, as I know that I do A LOT of my posts – especially strategy posts – utilizing bullet points.

Additionally, if anyone has any clue on how to fix the damn thing I would love advice. Hell, if you do it for a living I will pay you to un-fuck my blog. Even though I love the way that the new layout looks – I find that I am starting to regret having ventured into the custom CSS, as I don’t have the time or patience to deal with it when it goes haywire 😦

Posted August 24, 2010 by Beruthiel in /rant, Blog Design, Changes

8 responses to “Please Forgive My Bullet Dust

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  1. Hey Beru, put this in somewhere in your code about the tag:


  2. Damn. Didn’t show up right. Direct tweeting you the code.

  3. I feel your pain! 🙂

  4. We never added formatting for or elements when we were screwing with the CSS file. You have some specific to the #nav ul elements over on the left, but nothing for generic lists, so any that show up in the content area are going to default to fugly.

    • goddamnit it ate my tags. and elements.

      • okay I hate this thing. ul and ol elements are not specified in your stylesheet unless they appear in the navbar area

      • yea – after we finished last night I spent a few more hours trying to resolve that…and then pulling my hair out when 100% of what I tried wouldn’t work!

        This is why attorney’s don’t program! Our usual tactic of yell -> threaten -> yell louder -> draft scary paperwork -> yell more doesn’t seem to resolve the problems!

        I sent a copy of the style sheet to Dido – along with my sad, sad story – and he’s going to take a peek at it when he has a few minutes as well 🙂

  5. I have also noticed that the “Leave a Reply”, “Like this post” and comment numbers are all black as well. Argh!

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