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As we fall on the eve of Wrath of the Lich King, and approach the dawn of Cataclysm I find that a lot of people are falling into two camps. The “been there done that” camp, that logs in, does their raids, and then logs out to enjoy some non-WoW time doing other things; and the “I need to finish” camp. You know, the people that are frantically trying to get “x” done before the new expansion.

Most nights in our guild, you will see somewhere around 30 people online at raid time, and within 15 minutes of the raid finishing that number dwindles down to somewhere around 10. I’ve also noticed that more people are taking their off-nights WoW free. I may see them log in to do transmutes or check their auctions, but a lot of folks are enjoying the quiet before the storm. Taking in movies, or doing some things around the house before Cataclysm hits.

I find that I tend to be in the second camp of folks. I had a small bout of WoW malaise for the past month or so, where I would log in to raid and take care of guild matters, but as soon as we were done I would log out to tend to other things. However, I seem to have gotten my second wind again. As Cataclysm draws nearer, I look at the list of things that I’d like to accomplish and find that I am fairly motivated to work on them, as a result I find that I’m once again spending a fair bit of time in game, and generally having a lot of fun!

Here is a list of things I’m currently trying to “complete” before Cataclysm launches:

· Frostbitten and Bloody Rare. Do not ask me why, because I honestly have no clue how or why this bug bit. But, recently I have found myself tossing in a DvD and flying all around Northrend and the Outlands looking for rares. I’m also getting some great screenshots as I fly about.

· Leveling Alts. I think this was actually one of the reasons for some of my WoW Malaise. I’ve always loved leveling alts, and have always had a lot of fun with the alt game. But somehow my head started asking “well, wtf do you plan to do with them once you get them max level?”, and three of my remaining alts were in zones that I just, quite frankly, hated. So, I moved my baby druid from Hellfire Penisula over to Zangermarsh, and I am seriously debating moving my DK and Hunter out of Borean Tundra. I had put both of them there thinking “well – I’ll give it another go”, that was a mistake. I’m not really sure how far I’ll get with any of the alts I have remaining, but here is what I have left:

o Elentari – my mini-me. She’s currently almost 67 and grooving away in Zangermarsh. I’m having a lot of fun exploring the druid leveling game again, it’s been so long since I had leveled Beru and I did outlands as feral for leveling. I suspect that she will see 80 before the end of the expansion.

o Nadine – Alliance Paladin. This is paladin number two. Level 60. I try to see the alliance side of the quests with each expansion, however this expansion they introduced the faction transfers – and I transferred my two high level alliance toons over to the horde. I decided that I really did want to see the alliance quests – so I resurrected an old, not been played since vanilla, dwarf paladin. I gave him a sex change, and converted him to a Dreanei, and now have a space goat of my very own. I am going to try to put in a good effort to get her to 80 to experience the “other” side of Northrend.

o Earendiljade – my very first character. She’s 62 (I think). This is one of the two characters that is languishing out in Borean Tundra. I don’t know if she’ll make it to 80 or not because, to be honest, I find her kind of boring to play. I don’t know if it’s just the zone – which I hate – or if it’s the BM hunter’s playstyle.

o Isulde – The token DK that everyone needs. I think that she is somewhere around 73 – and she’s been stripped of her heirloom gear. I’d like to get her to 80, but I must get her out of Borean Tundra. Since she’s of level, I may just pick her up and move her to either Dragonblight or Grizzly Hills (love this zone!). I think she has a good chance of seeing 80.

o Goldberrie – My warlock. Max level inscription, and still level 70. I don’t know what I’m going to do with her. I’ve always enjoyed the warlock class immensely, so I don’t really know why she never made it any farther than Dalaran this expansion. Depending on how much I’m playing my other alts, she may or may not see 80 before the end of this expansion – but I’m not putting any money on it.

· Old Ironjaw. This sucker has been on my “to do” list for quite some time now. I keep putting it off, but I know that if I want this completed I need to do it before Ironforge becomes overly populated again. I’m thinking some late night weekend fishing might be in order!

· Raid Achievements. I did really well getting the achievements for ICC, but I’m still missing The Immortal, and that really bothers me. I am also missing a lot of the Ulduar “just because” achievements as well as Earth, Wind and Fire. I’d like to try and knock out as many of these as possible.

· Instance Achievements. Well – it turns out after I got my drake they went in and added a bunch of achievements for the new instances. I need to get a group together to finish out the ones that I am missing. Of course – Brade and I duo’d Heroic ToC for the zombie explosion one after failing to do it in PuG groups. I don’t know that I recommend this. The jousting took us in the neighborhood of 15 minutes! 🙂

· 310 flyers for some alts. Dannie and Kitai are already set here. However, I’d really like one for Mynn and wouldn’t complain if I snagged one for Earenn as well.

· Speaking of mounts…Anzu. How I loathe thee. I haven’t gone in and killed him in awhile, but I suppose there is no time like the present to start back up again. It’s just so disheartening to go kill after kill without the damn thing dropping.

· Keep working through the old world zones via my Make-A-Memory project and getting posts up, so I can go back and see how the world has changed!

All in all, I think that list is enough to keep me occupied and enjoying WoW for the time being. We are largely down to raiding 3 nights a week, so with the extra down time I think I should be able to squeeze a good chunk of these in, assuming that my attention doesn’t falter.

So how about you? What are those last few things that you are trying to accomplish before Cataclysm hits? Are you feeling a bit of that end of expansion malaise? If so, how are you countering it?

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11 responses to “Those Last Few Things

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  1. I had planned to finish Loremaster / Seeker and get a new bow on my hunter. Nailed those way too quick. Ended up changing mains to my druid and thinking about trying to do the same things…(except for the bow….)

    Totally feel your Anzu pain – the big bird continues to elude me as well.

    • I’m not sure I could do a second lore master. I’ve always enjoyed questing – and the stories. But there was just something so tedious about having to go back to quests I completely out-geared/leveled to essentially “grind” them that bothered me!

      Kudos to you for having the patience to do it again!

      And let’s not talk about Anzu… 🙂

  2. My interest in completing my pre-Cata goals waxes and wanes. One week I’m on everyday grinding away at achievements, the next I don’t sign on at all outside of raids.

    The achievments I’m working on include:
    – Getting exalted with Consortium
    – Trying to get Anzu (don’t have much hope of this, mounts NEVER drop for me)
    – I have 5 more achievements to go for my red proto-drake (but am having trouble finding a group for them)
    – Getting exalted with Frenzyheart
    – Trying for 100 mounts but can see myself giving up on this one because it’s too much of a pain in the butt (and too expensive)

    • Hah, I hear you on having your goals wax and wane. I’m the same way a bit!

      I got the 100 mounts one awhile back, but I will say that it was a bit of a challenge to complete, and to an extent invovles some luck.

      Also – I saw your good reads post yesterday! That is a really cool site 🙂 I signed up for it as well! If you are interested I will email you my information for it. (I also sent it to a few people, including my mom, to sign up for!).

  3. I wanted to start Cata with 25k gold and about 7k achiev points! that was my goal!

    now I’m sitting on 60k gold and nearly 7.6k achiev points… Getting exalted with keeper of time is next I’d say 🙂

    • Very Nice! I’m not entirely sure how much gold I think that I “need”…but I want to be able to buy all the “toys” that might come with Cataclysm!

      Good Luck with Keepers of Time!

  4. Interesting post once more, I am one of those people that will never have “alts”. I put so much of me into one toon on an emotional level that if I go off and create another character I feel a degree of apathy towards levelling them.

    I do however change mains. :>

    1 character kinda guy.

    I much like yourself (besides the alts) will be focusing on clearing achievements including *shivers* actually levelling cooking.


    I will clear up some misc pvp achieves that I dont already have- hopefully Conqueror title and “Ironman” achievement.

    Just want my toon “finished (more or less)” before I embark on cataclysm. :>

    • Cooking isn’t so bad to level anymore! If you aren’t a fisherman, I’d strongly recommend leveling fishing along with it, as the recipes for cooking correspond well with fish you catch. Also, do not forget to go to Felwood and purchase the cooking recipes they added out there a few patches ago…they help bridge a huge gap that was problimatic until their introduction.

      Good Luck!

  5. I’d be happy if I could actually read all the blogs in my feed reader 🙂 I think that might be Camp 3, or possibly Camp Lame. I can’t wait to see the finished Make-A-Memory project!

  6. I’m in the “I need to finish” group for sure. I want the Rusted Protodrake for my druid (she only needs the general and Yogg). The rest is all about the alts, I’m powerleveling my horde shaman and druid because my husband has gone hordeside and I need somebody to run with him!

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