Calling All Resto Druid PvP Bloggers!   4 comments

What – what is this dirty PvP thing that you are talking about?!?! Beru, say it isn’t true, you haven’t decided to try Arena again have you? You remember how that went last time. No Arena, phew! Wait…does this mean that you are going to battleground more? I mean, I know you want the AB exalted and all, but you know how much you hate Arathi Basin, it will just make you cranky. And please, for the love of god, do not tell me that you’ve decided to run flags in WSG.

Dear Subconscious, do not worry! I haven’t been bitten by the PvP bug…yet! But you see, my friend Lash has! Not on his completely awesome and tusky troll hunter, but on his druid. I mean, it’s seriously about time he saw the light! Trolls are smelly, and they have those tusks that get in the way of everything. Life is so much better getting down to your roots (har!).

So, anyhow, last night Lash asked me if I knew of any good druid PvP resources. And while I do know a few – I am positive that with my almost complete lack of knowledge of the PvP community I do not know them all. I mean, come on, the last time I did any sort of serious PvP you could still get Feral Charge into your resto build! But I realized that not only do I not know many of the PvP bloggers out there, but that my blog is missing them as a resource for others, like Lash, looking for PvP advice.

Because I am so far from the person to give any sort of advice on PvP, I have decided to add a PvP sub-category to my blog roll list of Druid Bloggers so that people who do want that kind of advice have somewhere they can go to get it! As such, if you are a Resto Druid PvP blogger, or know of some, please leave me a comment below so that I can add you to my blog roll. Additionally, if you know of some exceptional general PvP blogs, please let me know that as well! 🙂

Posted August 27, 2010 by Beruthiel in PvP

4 responses to “Calling All Resto Druid PvP Bloggers!

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  1. Woot! Thanks Beru. I googled some stuffs today but most of what I found seemed rather old.

    Also – don’t hate on my tusks!

  2. Well, I am primarily focused on pvp however I have been slacking like a pro in that area in lieu of clearing up achieves before cata.

    I would put under “PvP resources” since it has more glads than you can shake a fist at.


  3. <— is a tree pvp blog. Also on general PVP you might try Cynwise's battlefield manual over at

  4. Hi Beru,

    My main (Cenoir) is a resto druid, and I’ve just started up, which is a site focused on PvP in battlegrounds and arenas. It’s still kind of new at the moment, but I’ll be adding plenty of resto druid stuff in the future as I write about my BG and Arena experiences.

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