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Felwood. For some reason I have always really enjoyed this zone. I find its somewhat spooky, corrupted ambiance charming. I haven’t actually quested in Felwood in quite some time, I brought Elentari out to Felwood to quest, and despite the darkness of the zone I found it to still be beautiful.

One of my first memories of Felwood was when I was leveling Earen. Here I was, new to the game, having never left Kalimdor, and minding my own business in Ashenvale. I was doing some quest or another that sent me out to look for some hard to find item, when out of the blue BAM – I was wolf fodder. I recall being terrified of going back into the zone as I was leveling because I had no idea how I was ever going to manage taking out those damn wolves. And believe me, since that day they got a taste of me, they remember my scent and want more!

One of the best things in Felwood is sadly missed these days, as it had to do with the three ancients that told you the tale of Rhok’delar. The trees came to life as they sent you on your journey, and it was absolutely amazing to witness. If you’ve never seen it, see if you can find a hunter willing to farm for the Petrified Leaf and go through the quest line. It really was one of the most amazing quests that Blizzard put into the game. Not only that – it taught you how to hunter. It’s truly a shame that they left this model after MC. (For what it’s worth the story line for Benediction was one of the best hidden snippets of lore in the game, I’d recommend that as well!).

I suppose some of my fondness for Felwood may have come from the sheer amount of time that I spent in the zone. I would go there before and after raids, as well as on the weekends to harvest Night Dragon’s Breath and Gromsblood. I suppose that I always found the zone eerily peacful – even during all of the hours that I spent farming.

I also remember the Warlock’s quest sending you into the demon filled caves to purchase goods for your mount. I remember the silver lasso quest line, where you needed to obtain the blood red key to free a captured lover.

I remember the death runs through the timbermaw tunnel because it used to be such a pain to gain the reputation to freely pass through the cave – and you know that the first time you want to go there is to turn in the quest from Mauradon. I remember farming timbermaw rep for agility enchants back when it was nauseatingly slow. I remember when there was only one flight path and it took you almost as long to run the length of the zone as it did to traverse STV! I remember the first time that the alchemist at the horde camp wanted me to test her concoctions on her cat and jumping when it grew huge.

I think I certainly have very fond memories of this zone, and while I certainly enjoy it, I don’t think I feel as attached to it as I do some of the other zones. I am very interested to see what changes are brought to Felwood with Cataclysm.

What memories do you have of Felwood?

Posted September 2, 2010 by Beruthiel in Make A Memory

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  1. Felwood = Furbolgs and Oozes.

    I spent so many hours in that zone, killing the poor Carebears (same story here, for the +Agility weapon enchants) and the Oozes (for the Disgusting Oozeling pet).

    I absolutely adore Felwood. That is a zone I rarely miss when questing and leveling my characters. The quests are very very interesting (especially the one in Jaedenar). I never experienced the hunter one, though. But boy, was the zone a pain to travel prior to the Emerald Sanctuary flight path.

    And of course, as you mentioned, the Furbolgs cave to reach Moonglades or Winterspring. So painful. You were also dismounted in there, having to fight your way out, unlike today.

    But I’m biased with the forest or jungle zones. I just love them (STV, Grizzly Hills, Feralas etc…)

  2. Oh I love WoW map hommages! =)
    Felwood to me is first and foremost the zone where I spent countless afternoons farming elementals and satyrs to craft my very first epic cloak needed for MC – I believe it was Hide of the Wild. every self-respecting healer wanted one, so the competition around the northern pools was horrible!

    I think that’s also what partly influenced my dislike for the zone, though I went back later to try and farm the Oozeling (an experience which didn’t improve things!).
    on the other hand, ending up in Winterspring after fighting your way through the furbolg maze, was an utterly rewarding experience. =)

    • I’m doing an entire series on the old zones (and with Cataclysm just around the corner, I better get snapping!)

      I remember those elementals! You needed living essence for not only a hide of the wild, but for the spell power to weapon enchant as well šŸ™‚

  3. Im’ thinking about making some posts about my fav area’s in WoW before Cata hits…

    Felwood is def one of my more favourite levelling area’s… the quests have been put nicely in a chain which makes it easier for both veteran and new players

  4. Lovely pics as always šŸ™‚ I never had to farm Felwood but I do remember it taking forever to grind that rep >.<

  5. Beautiful screenshots!

    My first memories of Felwood is from back when I was first leveling as a horde and I had the worst time finding the horde camp *lol* Took me forever to find it hidden behind those hills!

    I liked the zone as a whole, the corrupted things, the satyrs, the cult people.. awesome atmosphere.

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