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The past few weeks our raiding has sometimes been a struggle. We have a team that is 100% capable of the content that we’ve been clearing for I don’t even know how long now getting, well, bored. And when people are bored they start to tune out, and become lacsidasical in their performance. Malaise sets in and people start phoning in performances while keeping one eye on the raid, and the other on Monday Night Football.

It’s a problem.

So, in order to try and spice things up a bit this week, and to bring some fun and excitement back into raiding, we ran a little contest during our raid this past Wednesday that I think can ultimately be considered a success. I’m sure some people thought it was silly or juvenile, but the majority of the raid seemed to enjoy it – and the results of keeping the raid engaged and their mind on the raid were undeniable. We didn’t spend the night wiping on encounters that we have had on farm for months. We smoothly went through the content – and had a lot of laughs on the way.

So What Did You Do?

Before the raid, I visited the Auction House and picked up a number of rare pets to offer as prizes. White Kitten carriers, pet bomblings, little raptors and alliance specific pets that some folks might not have. I think I may have to shop on the alliance side next week, having bought the horde out of all of their rarities! Anyhow, I tossed all the pets in my already overflowing bags, and headed to the raid.

During the day, I had come up with a little mini-game to be played between each boss encounter as we cleared the trash, ran back from a wipe, etc. It was really simple and didn’t take me too much time to put together (I’ll have to get more creative next week though!). I picked a handful of NPC/creatures in WoW and came up 3 “hints” indicating who they were. When it was “trivia” time in the raid I would read off the three hints and the first person in the raid to supply the answer, by either blurting it out in vent or typing it in raid chat, “won” and was rewarded with a prize.

Those who had already won were still welcome to play, but had to send me a whisper with their guess – and weren’t able to win another prize.

Going into it, I was a little nervous that people would think that it was lame. And I do not doubt that a couple of people in the raid probably thought it was. But as we would move from one boss to another, and people asked for “trivia!”, I felt pretty confident that it was a success, and that as a whole, the raid was enjoying this change of pace. Enough so, that I will have to be even more creative for next week! (I still have a few prizes left for our last 3 bosses this week).

Because the raid enjoyed it so much, I thought I’d share my “hints” with all of you, and see if you have the same fun trying to figure out who everyone is. Some people were able to figure the answers out with just one clue – and some required all three clues. Many of the clues have my own added snark in them and may not be 100% factual! So – let’s see how you guys do!

Beru’s Who Am I Trivia Challenge (yea – I totally just made that name up 😉 )

Clue Set One

*I am green, but I am also sometimes blue.

*I am often difficult to understand and get beat up a lot, but don’t worry because I have lots of friends to help me if I yell for them.

*I live near the water

Clue Set Two

*I am frequently upset over my boyfriend’s actions.

*I studied in the way of Arcane.

*I am a master at Time Stop and Portals.

Clue Set Three

*I am wise in the way of the elements.

*I make terrible choices when delegating responsibility.

*It’s not easy being green.

Clue Set Four

*I am pretty, almost distractingly so, just look at how my hair flows.

*I like to hear myself talk – like a lot.

*I like it so much and I’m so awesome, that it took you two attempts to even kill me! Pathetic!

Clue Set Five

*I am constantly hunted, I mean really, I spend day and night looking over my shoulder.

*I like forbidden things. Others think this is a mistake, but I disagree.

*One of those forbidden things is my Brother’s wife!

Clue Set Six

*I am a strong Woman.

*I am strong enough to overcome control over me, and convince others to do the same.

*I miss my family. Before I was a banshee I was an archer.

Clue Set Seven

*I was shunned for doing the right thing and protecting my people.

*Even the best intentions have negative consequences.

*I have an amazing power to grow and shrink at will. Oh, I can also steal people’s souls and raise them up to fight for me.

Clue Set Eight

*I really like animals – well, at least I like their skins!

*I am famous for my hunting abilities.

*Those abilities are only second to my devilishly sexy dwarf good looks and accent.

Clue Set Nine

*I often rest deep in the belly of the mountain.

*Insects like you will fear my fiery power.

*You will have no chance at getting through my Major Domo to confront me!

Clue Set Ten

*Everyone always picks on me.

*Sometimes they even drag me all over the world!

*And all I wanted here was a damn drink!

So who do you think they are?!?! I’ll post up answers in a few day, but I’m curious to see how many people can guess correctly based on my, sometimes admittedly terrible, clues!

If this game is something that you think your guild would enjoy – feel free to borrow it, along with my terrible clues, to see if it can spice up your raid night here at the end of the expansion. I will tell you that the laughter sure beat the yelling 😉

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7 responses to “Adding a Pinch of Spice

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  1. Oooh, I love this! If I have spare loot cards left from a TCG release event I tend to do a guild chat lore popquiz and dish ’em out.

    Let’s see if I’ve got the right people without giving answers away in the first comment.

    1. “Rwlrwlrwl!”
    2. “Oh, Arthas I can’t let you d-*boohooo*
    3. “Lok’tar friend, what is it you wish?”
    4. “Just a setback!”
    5. …
    6. “We will slaughter anyone who stands in our way”
    7. “Father, I see only darkness before me. Is it over?”
    8. “Just find me these twenty bajillion pages…” (I may have paraphrased here)
    10. …

    Stumped on 5 and 10 at the moment.

  2. Rats! I wish I would have listened in Vent last night!

  3. —- Possible spoilers, don’t read my comment if you want to answer the quiz on your own still —-

    1. Murlocs (suspected it on first hint, confirmed on 2nd)
    2. Jaina Proudmoore (let’s be honest, are there any other whiny gf’s that spring to mind?)
    3. Thrall (again, suspected it on the first go, but wasn’t too sure!)
    4. The first two hints were merely a setback, Kael’thas Sunstrider I presume.
    5. This was a hard nut to crack. The first 2 actually kind of make me think of Jitters in duskwood haha, but the third one doesn’t fit in on him I believe.
    6. Sylvanas Windrunner (probably the strongest woman i know of in warcraft lore)
    7. Prince Arthas Menethil, although it could be argued that it was Arthas that had good intentions and that it is the lich king who has the power to eat people’s souls, so to speak.
    8. The honourable Hemingwary Nesingway, or his son JR!
    9. Ragnaros the Firelord, TOO SOON. Although I guessed Onyxia could’ve been it up until clue number 3.
    10. My paladin, Paralorian on Shadowsong EU. Your hints are spot on. Clearly.

  4. 1) Murlocs
    2) Jaina
    3) Thrall
    4) Kaelthas. EASY ONE. 🙂
    5) ILLIDAN! 🙂
    6) Sylvanas
    7) Arthas
    8) Hemet Nesigwary (or however his name is written ^^)
    9) Ragnaros
    10) I’d say Fel Reaver here, but… the drink part doesn’t fit, I think… O_o

  5. Oh! Oh oh oh!!! I know what ten is! LMAO!! I heard he’ll still be there in Cata, too, even though his surroundings will be a bit fancier.

  6. Oh my! what a great game to play! Great idea and it promotes guild solidarity. Nice job Beru!

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