Getting Raid Ready for 4.0.1 – Beru’s Addon List!   22 comments

So, I don’t know about all of you, but one of the worst things about getting raid ready after a big patch is sorting out addons. What works, what doesn’t what will never work again. So I thought I’d do my small part to help my listing a status of addons that I use that have been updated, or have not been updated. I will also try to indicate if they are still working, regardless of not being updated, once I am able to get logged in and test what’s broken for myself.  If you find an updated for one of my addons or have any alternatives, please feel free to leave a comment so that I can add the link to my list! Of course…you will get everything updated and then have to wait, and wait…and wait, to get logged in and set everything back up 🙂

NPC Scan

NPC Scan Overlay


Bartender4 Alternative: Dominos

Beacon Countdown – No Longer Maintained (?)

Blood Queen – Not Expecting Update.


CT Raid Tracker – Not Yet Updated.

All CT Mod Updates –  (It seems that all CT Mods have been updated and can be found on the link provided).

CT View Port

FF Check – Not Yet Updated.


Item Rack – Not Yet Updated. Alternative: Outfitter Item Rack is completely non-functional on live.


Livestock – Not Yet Updated.  Seems to be functioning on live.


Mik Scrolling Battle Text – Not Yet Updated. Alternative: Scrolling Combat TextMik’s seems to be functional on live.

MiniMap Button Frame – Seems to be mostly functional on Live.  There is a strange glitch with the “map” button, but most things seems to be gathering.



oRA3 – Not Yet Updated.

Pally Power


Portal Box – Not Yet Updated.  Seems to be mostly funtional on live.  I am having an issue where a random minimap button is appearing in the far left corner that I cannot move.

Power Auras Classic


Quart Procs – Not Yet Updated.

Rank Watch – Unlikely to be Updated.

Rating Buster – Not Yet Updated.  Seemed to be working on the PTR, but imagine may still require an update to remain relevant.

Satrina Buff Frames – Not Yet Updated.  Is completely non-functional on live.

Shadowed Unit Frames – No Longer Being Maintained.  Simplistic Unit Frames is the “new” ShadowedUF.  It has been picked up by a new dev and is updated – There are still a few bugs that the dev is trying to tweek before releasing a non-“experimental” version.  Alternatives:X-Perl; oUF and oUF Svelte; Pitbull 4.  ( I am actually looking for a good alternative to Shadowed if anyone has one. I will probably go back to X-perl for my target/focus/party frames until I find something I like 😦 )


<a href=" GRID IS UPDATED. Alternatives: VuhDO (Probably what I will try to tide me over until Grid gets back up and running) or HealBot.

Grid Plug-Ins – Not Yet Updated, but for my own reference.

Ace2 Phanx suggests that most Grid Plugins will work if you install Ace2 seperately, while the modes are working on updating to the Ace3 coding.  (Source: )
Tidy Plates

Threat Plates

Titan PanelWoW Interface is listing this as “updated for 4.0.1, but I’m not seeing any recent updates.  That leads me to believe that the latest “live” version is still functional in 4.0.1.  ***I am having an issue where titan panel is “eating” my guild notifications.  I can hear people logging into the game, but I am not receiving a notification for them logging on/off.  Is anyone else having this issue?

Deadly Boss Mods

As the day progresses, and I am able, I will try to keep track of what is updated and where.  Additionally, if there is anything that you’d like me to add to my list or that you know to be working without an update, please just leave a comment below!  May the force be with you…as well as your patience!  And may the addon gods smile upon you tomorrow 🙂

Last Updated: 1:40 PM (PST) 10/14/2010

Posted October 11, 2010 by Beruthiel in Add Ons

22 responses to “Getting Raid Ready for 4.0.1 – Beru’s Addon List!

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  1. Oooh! Thank you! I use some of those addons above, too.

    For unit frames, I use Stuf (formerly / a continuation of StellarUF). Lighter than Pitbull was, but takes some fiddle time if you don’t like the out of the box setup. Also need something like Reflux to do “profiles.” If only Reflux could ignore certain addon profiles, I’d be happy.

  2. It’s highly unlikely that rankwatch will get an update or any use now either. Ranks have been removed from spells/abilities.

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  4. I updated my Domino’s right before the raid like an idiot (damn you curse client) because I’m kinda used to doing last minute addon checks before logging in) and it was completely broken. I guess it was set up for 4.0 or something but as of last night, I had no totem bars and no xp/rep bars, from what I could see at a glance :/ my poor raid group had to wait while I sorted out my bars – had to get bartender for time being. you expect addons to go all wonky after the patch, but before it even hits is a little scary :/

    • If you downloaded a version that was 4.0.1 ready, it is likely that it wasn’t fully functional on live! From everything I’ve been told it’s still working on the PTR/Beta 🙂

  5. Skada seems to be working fine on beta and ptr, btw, so I imagine it is good to go for live for the most part.

    • I used Skada on the PTR as well, and it seemed to work OK – although some people indicated that it was inaccurate. I imagine that it’s going to need some update to recognize new spells? I could be wrong though!

      I will continue to use the current live version until an update comes out!

  6. no healbot? it has a beta version so it should run with 4.0 as well…

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  8. I need my Grid!!!! /twitch

  9. I really appreciate you doing this! I have this page bookmarked for future updates. (FYI No Stock UI also did a list if you want to take a peek)

  10. Hi !
    About Shadowed Unit Frame, he released the licence yesterday and I think some people will be able to update it.


    You are free to take over and modify the project as you wish, provided it’s referenced that it was originally SUF. However, the addon has to have its own name instead of SUF, including the folder name.”

    The question now being *when*… It seemed to work ok on the PTR with the 3.3.5 version though. On WowAce, someone called Aviana said he/she had updated a few things but was waiting for authorization to publish it.

    I’m usually using Vuhdo, but on PTR, I tried the new raid frame with Clique, it’s quite ok. Not customizable, but functional. Clique didn’t have the full features yet though.

  11. My approach is going to be, disable everything and then see what I need after. I am hoping that the power auras are now going to make it so I don’t have to touch that adon 🙂

  12. eeek.


    I use suf and grid exclusively, could you let me know what replacements you end up using?

  13. Satrina Buff Frames actually works with a few changes. Instructions here:

    May be at page 3/4 when you read this but its really simple and you can at least use your functioning again gow it was (except for canceling aura’s)

  14. dealing with your question about titanpanel, i havnt seen a problem with it myself but my buddys have seen that issue

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