Preparing For Blizzcon – Now With More Sparkles!   3 comments

Thursday morning I will be heading down to Blizzcon with Brade. This will be our fourth Blizzcon, and may be our last. We’ve talked about it, and aren’t 100% decided on it yet, but it’s a possibility that we won’t tackle the trip again in the future. That, however, is really neither here nor there…because we are going this year!

Like last year, I’m making sure that I’m prepared for the trip. I’ve looked through which panels I want to watch, I’ve speculated on what announcements (if any) that they might have to make, and I’ve been making preparations for the trip. I’ve also been giving a little more thought to looking into more of the social aspects of Blizzcon for this year. I’ve never really done a lot of the meets – largely because we mostly just hung out with guildmates that also made the trip. But this year I’m thinking about expanding my, usually very introverted and unsocial , self and testing the waters out for some of the meets.

That being said…I’ve largely been very bad about keeping up with what meets are happening when and where. So if anyone has a list, or the skinny on what’s going on – the when and where – I’d love to have some of the information. I can’t promise that I’ll make an appearance anywhere, because when push comes to shove I’m a little shy around people I don’t know, but I do think it might be fun to put some of the faces to the names that we talk to regularly! So I may put a toe in the water.

If you are looking for me at Blizzcon (Blingcon?!?!) – and can’t find me I did happen to pick up a few very, um, noticeable items for the trip! Just follow the sparkles 😉

These fantastic twinkle toes, because honestly who can say no to hot pink, sequined converse? Clearly not me!

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Also, one of the guys in the guild was helping to get a T-Shirt business going, and surprised me with a couple of test shirts (one of which is in the photo below – that is not me holding the shirt, if you were curious!). I’m sure I’ll be able to find some time to wear it. Because, hello! IT IS A VERY SPECIAL BEDAZZLED SHIRT JUST FOR ME! (Ok – it really is higher quality than bedazzling – but you get my point!).

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As a side note – if you are interested in having a shirt made for yourself, I will try to see if I can get order information from the lady doing them. As of right now she does not have a website – but if folks are interested, I can try to find out how/when/if you might be able to put orders in.

Also like last year, I’d like to know, for those that aren’t going, if there is anything in particular that you’d like to see and/or know more about! I won’t get up and ask questions at the panel – mostly because I truly hate “Q&A” sessions in just about any setting. You know, you always get those people that feel that they just need to say something, even if they have nothing to say. But I will try to make my way around to panels and answer questions or give information that I am able to gain!

Something different for this year, is that I will be checking twitter regularly while I am there, convention hall permitting, so if you hear about something you’d like to know more about please feel free to shoot me a tweet and I’ll see if I can track down what you are looking for. You can find me on Twitter @BeruHeals.

We will be leaving Thursday morning, so there is about a 50/50 chance of radio silence here on the blog while I am at the event. I always have the intention of providing updates in the evenings when I get back to the hotel, but somehow those intentions frequently fall a little flat.

So – there you have it! Anyone know what meets are happening Thurs/Fri/Sat? What would you like to know and/or see if you aren’t able to attend? And if you are attending…maybe I’ll see you while I am there 🙂

Posted October 19, 2010 by Beruthiel in Blizzcon

3 responses to “Preparing For Blizzcon – Now With More Sparkles!

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  1. I demand that you wear that shirt each day of the event! 😛

  2. Living in Europe I can’t go to Blizzcon, but I did geek myself out and got one of the tickets for the stream 🙂

    Would love to hear your thoughts on the event in its live form once you get back.. hope you’ll have a great time!

    And PS, that t-shirt looks awesome (and the shoes too!)

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