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It’s been a little while again since I’ve done a community spotlight post (and I promise, I’ll try to be sure all my links work!), and I thought that it was the perfect time for another. So, while I am away at Blizzcon, I thought that I’d point you to a few other good blogs to check out!

Hamlet does some moonkin math on Starsurge and offers a video and some commentary on one of the Beta Test raids where he is healing as a Resto Druid.

Jasyla has put together some fantastic guides to who can provide the new raid debuffs and raid buffs with Cataclysm/4.0.1.

Kae has humorously given the community some advice on how to recognize good green goo and bad green goo while raiding!

Icedragon is going to be live blogging Blizzcon, and invites you to join in the conversation!

Saga does a great post on collecting, and subsequently enjoying, WoW Memories.

Erinys offers some really great a Chakra tips, as well as ways to get your guild to use Lightwell (with macros!).

Llani gives us a fantastic primer on creating your own custom art for use in Power Auras. You know, in case Jesus and 1 UP Mushrooms don’t do it for you 😉

Vidyala had a really great week of guests posts while she was on vacation that all gave different perspectives on PuGs. Most of them were humorous in nature, and it’s worth taking a gander over to see what folks had to say.

Syl offered a great look at the three Chakra states and what makes each unique.

Jar gives us some napkin math on how Int and Spirit are battling it out for our prime regen stat.

Angelya has a guide to hitting up all those pesky trick or treat buckets during Hallow’s End. It’s great XP or easy money, depending on your level!

Maelvica did a fantastic guide to learning to heal with Smite. It includes several great macros and some nifty Power Aura strings!

Nathain and Larisa both give their opinions on the Cataclysm Trailer.

And last but not least, and on a much sadder note, Keredria says goodbye. Be sure to go on over and wish her well, if you haven’t yet. We will all miss her unique perspectives and humor in the community.

Hopefully there is a little something to keep everyone entertained in there! And, in case it wasn’t obvious, yes, I did read a lot about priest healing this week! No, I am not giving up Beru, I just wanted to understand priests a little better! Enjoy!

(I did painstakingly hand enter all the links in hopes that would keep the wordpress app from eating them, but if something isn’t linking properly, please let me know!)

Posted October 20, 2010 by Beruthiel in Community

5 responses to “Community Spotlight

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  1. Thanky for the link Beru ❤

  2. Thanks for mentioning the guide! =)
    And have lots of fun at Blizzcon, how I wish I could attend it too!

  3. Yay TY for mentioning the power aura guide! And I love this big spotlight, it gives me lots of things to read today while in the city. =)

  4. Much appreciated, Beru. 🙂

    Make sure to bring us back lots of Blizzcon news, esp if they announce the next Blizz MMO! ❤

  5. Ty for the link

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