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Niniel recently shared his desk set-up with his new monitor. I have to say that I loved his clean, candle-lit look! Inspired by Niniel, I thought I’d take a few minutes to share my past weekend’s desk endeavors as well!

For a very long time (3+ years to be exact), Brade and I have shared this desk. While it was workable it was, needless to say, quite cramped. Neither of us had very much personal space. Part of the reason that we shared the desk was because we just didn’t have a whole lot of space to put in a second desk…or so we thought. We had been talking about trying to find a bigger desk/desk solution for quite some time now, tired of knocking elbows while we played. We had just never gotten around to getting those conversations past the “I’d like” or conceptualization stages.

However, this past weekend, venturing out to purchase a laptop table for the living room had us looking at desks. And of course, once the bug go into my head, along with actually shopping while we were discussing it, I was excited to have a new project! And so we got home and I dug out our tape measure and started taking measurements. Ultimately we wanted to keep the desk we already had, not only to help keep cost down, but so we didn’t have to figure out how to dispose of it. We also knew it was something we’d like to do before Cataclysm, so that we’d have extra space once we were back at the computers a great deal.

We took measurement after measurement, added up the space, debated, discussed and finally decided to go down to Ikea to have a look around. After doing the math, we were fairly confident that we’d have enough room to purchase a second desk like we already had, and “L” them up. We had also hoped that we could purchase a connector for the two desks. As luck would have it, we could purchase another desk. However, because we favored the glass top desk, they did not have the connector option. That was fine, it just meant that we had a huge square gap between the corners of the desks – I could find a way to fill that space.

We got home, got everything assembled, and I have to say that I’m quite pleased with the results! We bought a silk tree to fill the gap in the desks, but I am still considering having a table made to fit the space. It’s a little snug between the front desk and the wall, but we can still maneuver through the space without problem and can get the vacuum and what not through it easily – it’s almost as if we just created a bit of a snug hallway. The best part is that we each have our own space again! And that is well worth it in my opinion!

Combined Desks
The new desk space, with both desks, and plenty of room to move about.

My Desk
My desk – with lots of space! And yes, that is a framed map of Middle Earth on my wall =P

For those that may be curious, and/or considering a desk/office renovation project of their own, the total cost of our little weekend remodel was ~$560 USD. However, we picked up a few non-essential things like a couple of blotters ($70/two), the non-essential silk tree ($50), the little shelf unit you see on my desk ($35) and a couple of desk lamps ($100). The cost also included a new surge protector (we shared one before), and longer cords to compensate for the additional length needed to get from the computer to the router (combined total $50). If you stuck just to the absolute bare bones, it probably could have been done for under $300 USD, depending on how many of the desk components you needed/wanted to purchase.

All in all, for what the end product ended up being, I think it was pretty well done and a relatively economical solution to our problem!

Posted November 7, 2010 by Beruthiel in Computer Setup, Just for Fun!

21 responses to “New Desk Design! (Now With More Space!)

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  1. Yay! ❤

    I'm glad to have inspired you! That looks great! 🙂

    Mine is an IKEA desk as well but I'm thinking about getting an ergonomic one that can be adjusted for standing up when I feel like it.

  2. Your blogpost was such inspiring and beautiful, that god came down from heaven. You can spot even more desks in my post below:

  3. Where does the box of wine fit

  4. Love the fact that your windrider cub is guarding your monitor. That’s where mine sits too. Wish my desk was that tidy though 😦

    • So does mine! And it looks like you guys have the same office chair that I do, weird!

      • I love this chair! I think when I finally wear this one out I’ll but another of the same model – unless I decide to upgrade to a serious chair (read: drop a shit ton of money to make my back feel better!).

    • I was going to give the gryphon cub to the dog to play with…but Brade wouldn’t let me. Because he was worried it would potentially harm the dog!

      I do love my windrider though 🙂

  5. That looks really neat. And I’m jealous – I’ve been wanting the windrider cub for ages but not been able to convince myself to get it yet. (I keep telling my guildies to get it for me for xmas, but for some odd reason they won’t hehe)

    I’m in the middle of fixing my new gaming spot too. I’m moving to a new apartment in a week, and have a new desk waiting for me when I get there – as well as a new monitor. However, I still need to get to Ikea for some additional little things. Maybe once I got it all sorted I’ll post a picture too 🙂

  6. I love the set up, nice and neat. I have a desk from ikea that me and my husband share, although I wish it were as neat… somehow it end up loaded with all the odds and ends and assorted toys that get left everywhere. I just wish my beast of a tower could sit somewhere besides on the floor.

    • hah! Both of our towers have to sit on the floor. I gave up on putting my tower anywhere but the floor ages ago when I started buying gaming PCs.

      Although, I do know that Ikea has some attachments for towers so that they don’t sit directly on the floor. I don’t know the dimensions, but I might be looking into.

      • I think I’ve looked into those and my poor beastie just doesn’t fit on them… ah well at least it’s the perfect height to use as a footrest. I’ll just have to keep up with the daily vacuuming of pet fur off the floor 😛

  7. Looks purdy!

    My question is, where’s your storage? I have a desk that’s the fancy equivalent of a table, kind of like it looks like you have, and all my stuff just piles up on top of it and interferes with my gaming b/c I have no drawers etc to put them in :-\

    • Well – I don’t really need a ton of storage. I do have a file cabinet for the things that we need, and our spare room is wall to wall bookshelves. Of course, when you live in a place with limited space (like we do) you learn quickly what is worth hanging onto and what isn’t! Space becomes a very valuable commodity 🙂

      I’m not a student, and I work 98% of the time from either the office or the road, so I don’t bring a lot of work home with me – and when I do work from home I remote into my office PC. So really, my desk space is primarily for gaming, blogging, and whatnot. So I guess I don’t really need a huge ton of storage space! Anything that I want to store gets shelved in the spare room.

  8. Definitely found my Wednesday project!

  9. I have the same monitor and stand as you, lol. Nice setup. Reminds me that I need to do some desk cleanup and rearranging before Cataclysm. Enjoy your new set-up 🙂

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