Beru’s Resto and Balance Druid Power Aura Exports – Cataclysm Update   30 comments

Since my original Power Auras post is one of my most frequently visited pages, and because I’ve also had several queries as to what, if any, Power Auras changes I made since Cataclysm, I thought that it was ripe to offer an update on my Power Auras settings since my original post.  That, and, uh, I also use this as a dump/back up for my exports in case I ever lose them!  Prevents me from having to re-create the wheel 🙂

Before we get into the pictures and exports, I want to comment on my style. When I was learning Power Auras, the person that helped me learn the mod had told me that he tends to use icon settings so that he remembers what each setting is for, indicating that when he just used auras and squiggles and what not, he tended to forget what each “aura” indicated.  As I went on my Powa journey, I found that this was true for me as well, so all of my settings will mirror icons.

Now, there is no “right” way to do this, so if you prefer “auras” and that works better for you, you should set those up!  Everyone will find that something works different for them, and should experiment until they find something they feel comfortable with.  For those that are interested in seeing how other druids utilize Power Auras, you can find some alternative settings from Jaslya, Keeva, Kae and Angelya.

And now…here are my exports:

Beru’s Resto Exports:

Low Mana – This activates when I hit 80% mana, letting me know that it’s time to innervate.  It fades away after a few seconds, but will return briefly each time I hit 80% mana.

Version:4.9; g:0.2471; icon:inv_alchemy_elixir_02; r:0; bufftype:9; texture:6; alpha:1; isResting:0; duration:1; sound:12; threshold:80; y:49

Innervate – I like to innervate at 80% mana, and then when it comes back up, or as needed after that.  I often found that I would miss my innervate coming back up, so that is why this is very large and obnoxious, so that I wouldn’t miss it.  It only stays up for a few seconds, but it’s highly effective.  It also plays a cookie monster sound to let me know innervate is ready!

Version:4.9; icon:Spell_Nature_Lightning; buffname:Innervate; bufftype:15; alpha:1; owntex:true; duration:3; sound:19; size:0.36; y:46; finish:0

Clearcasting/Tree of Life Available/Tyrande’s Doll Available/Lifbloom Dropped/Swiftmend Available/Wild Growth Available/Nature’s Swiftness Available – Whew!  That’s a mouth full, huh?  It IS a lot all right there, above my casting bar and right in my line of sight below my feet.  Below I will discuss what each one does.


Clearcasting – Each time I have an OoC proc, this will pop up.  It also tells me the time left on the Clearcasting buff, so that I know exactly how long I have to utilize the proc before I lose it.

Version:4.9; icon:Spell_Shadow_ManaBurn; buffname:Clearcasting; x:-69; alpha:1; owntex:true; isResting:0; inVehicle:0; size:0.11; y:-39; texmode:2; ismounted:0; timer.h:0.65; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.y:-45; timer.x:-63

Tree of Life Available – This is pretty straight forward.  It tells me that Tree of Life is available for use.

Version:4.9; icon:Ability_Druid_TreeofLife; buffname:Tree of Life; x:-40; bufftype:15; alpha:1; owntex:true; size:0.11; y:-39; texmode:2

Tyrande’s Doll Available – This Aura lets me know that Tryrande’s Favorite Doll is off cooldown and ready for use.  I found that I wasn’t making maximum usage of this trinket, because I often just forgot.  As such, it comes with a pretty obnoxious audio queue as well!

Version:4.9; icon:trade_archaeology_tyrandesfavoritedoll; buffname:Tyrande’s Favorite Doll; x:-11; bufftype:22; owntex:true; sound:32; spec2:false; size:0.11; y:-39; texmode:2

Lifebloom Dropped – This lets me know that my Lifebloom has fallen off of a member of my party or raid.  I track the time of lifebloom via Grid, but found that sometimes it would drop and I’d be so busy I’d miss that it had dropped for a few seconds.  This helps ensure that I have maximum uptime on my lifebloom – I’m usually 90%+ for most of our raids.

Version:4.9; icon:INV_Misc_Herb_Felblossom; buffname:Lifebloom; x:17; alpha:1; owntex:true; mine:true; spec2:false; groupOrSelf:true; size:0.11; y:-39; texmode:2; inverse:true

Swiftmend Available – This lets me know that Swiftmend if off cooldown and free for use.

Version:4.9; icon:INV_Relics_IdolofRejuvenation; buffname:Swiftmend; x:46; bufftype:15; texture:6; alpha:1; owntex:true; size:0.11; y:-39; texmode:2; finish:0

Wild Growth Available – This lets me know that Wild Growth is available and ready for use.

Version:4.9; icon:Ability_Druid_Flourish; buffname:Wild Growth; x:74; bufftype:15; alpha:1; owntex:true; size:0.11; y:-39; texmode:2; finish:0

Nature’s Swiftness Available – This lets me know that Nature’s Swiftness if available and ready for use.

Version:4.9; icon:Spell_Nature_RavenForm; buffname:Nature’s Swiftness; x:102; bufftype:15; alpha:1; owntex:true; size:0.11; y:-39; texmode:2; finish:0

Tree of Life Active – I found that once I activated ToL, it was imperative to know exactly how long I was going to be in ToL.  So I added an additional power aura to tell me how much time was left on my ToL buff.  (You can see that the ToL aura now has a timer added to it in the picture below).

Version:4.9; icon:Ability_Druid_TreeofLife; buffname:Tree of Life; x:-41; owntex:true; spec2:false; size:0.11; y:-39; texmode:2; timer.h:0.65; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.y:-44; timer.x:-38

edit: I’ve recently started playing around with FRAPS and video recording again, and did a short of my solo UI for our guild forums.  There is no sound – but you are able to see all of my auras in action if you are so inclined!  Note – this views best at 720 or 1080.

Beru’s Moonkin Auras

You may recall that awhile back I did a post on how to become more proficient in my DPS spec.  I did an experiment where at least once a week I ran a raid as moonkin to improve, and I think that it was fairly successful.  I went from really floundering in my offspec, to becoming a viable, and competitive, member of my raid team in a DPS setting.  You may also recall that one of the struggles I had was leading raids in a spec that wasn’t nearly as familiar to me as healing.  This is still true.  You will find that several of my moonkin auras are very large to the point of being obtrusive, and that is because I really need them in my face while leading to help ensure that I don’t miss them.  If you are a full time Moonkin – you can absolutely tweak the size and positioning of them to better suit your needs 🙂

Starsurge/Insect Swarm/Moonfire – These auras tell me when Starsurge is available, as well as act as DoT Timers for both my Insect Swarm and Moonfire debuffs.  You will note that Starsurge comes with a mildly obnoxious auditory queue, because I frequently missed it when it was off of cooldown and needed the extra reminder!  Note that the Clearcasting aura you see below is the same one that I utilize for resto – so copying it from the export above will show it in balance as well.


Version:4.9; icon:Spell_Arcane_Arcane03; buffname:Starsurge; x:8; bufftype:15; alpha:1; owntex:true; isResting:0; mine:true; sound:17; spec1:false; size:0.11; y:-39; texmode:2


Version:4.9; target:true; icon:Spell_Nature_StarFall; buffname:Moonfire; x:86; bufftype:2; alpha:1; owntex:true; isResting:0; spec1:false; size:0.11; y:-39; texmode:2; timer.h:0.7; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.y:-45; timer.x:91

Insect Swarm

Version:4.9; target:true; icon:Spell_Nature_InsectSwarm; buffname:Insect Swarm; x:48; bufftype:2; alpha:1; owntex:true; isResting:0; spec1:false; size:0.11; y:-39; texmode:2; timer.h:0.7; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.y:-45; timer.x:53

Sunfire – Similarly to Moonfire, I also set up a DoT timer for Sunfire.

Version:4.9; target:true; icon:Ability_Mage_FireStarter; buffname:Sunfire; x:86; bufftype:2; alpha:1; owntex:true; isResting:0; spec1:false; size:0.11; y:-39; texmode:2; timer.h:0.71; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.y:-45; timer.x:91

Force of Nature/Starfall – I found that I had a lot of trouble remembering to utilize both Force of Nature and Starfall.  As such, they got the obnoxiously large treatment.  I have toyed around with placing them over my casting bar – but feel that I still need the extra big nudge on them yet.  However, at some point I will decide that I am comfortable enough to position them down with the rest of my auras.  As you can see – there are gaps there above my casting bar just waiting for me to be more competent with the cooldowns 😉

Force of Nature

Version:4.9; icon:Ability_Druid_ForceofNature; buffname:Force of Nature; x:76; bufftype:15; owntex:true; duration:2; size:0.24; y:53; finish:0


Version:4.9; icon:Ability_Druid_Starfall; buffname:Starfall; x:-78; bufftype:15; owntex:true; duration:2; size:0.24; y:57

Lunar Eclipse – While it is less of a problem to monitor eclipse procs now as it was in WotLK, I still find that from time to time I get so involved in what is going on around me that I just outright miss that I’ve entered an eclipse state.  As such, I kept the obnoxious eclipse auras.  However, I did minimize them some and add auditory queues to them to really grab my attention when I enter eclipse.

Version:4.9; Instance25ManHeroic:true; icon:Ability_Druid_Eclipse; buffname:Eclipse (Lunar); Instance10ManHeroic:true; alpha:0.62; owntex:true; Instance5Man:true; sound:50; Instance25Man:true; Instance10Man:true; Instance5ManHeroic:true; size:0.31; y:57; texmode:2

Solar Eclipse – This functions the same as the above Lunar Eclipse Aura, only it tracks Solar Eclipse.  As the buff changed with 4.0.1, you now need two auras; one for each eclipse state.

Version:4.9; Instance25ManHeroic:true; icon:Ability_Druid_EclipseOrange; buffname:Eclipse (Solar); Instance10ManHeroic:true; alpha:0.53; owntex:true; Instance5Man:true; sound:50; Instance25Man:true; Instance10Man:true; Instance5ManHeroic:true; size:0.31; y:57; texmode:2

I hope that was helpful! I will be following up this post with one that lists all of my Raid Encounter exports shortly.  Again, I cannot stress enough the importance of experimenting and finding settings that will work best for you!If you have any questions on what you see here, or how to create exports, please do not hesitate to ask!

(For those of you curious – I have updated both Dannie’s and Earenn’s exports, but not Mynn’s, and will try to get them up soon-ish.  I’m not 100% sure I am happy with Earenn’s Chaka and Archangel auras yet, so I will probably end up tweaking them some.  However, I do have a fantastic Holy Power export that I’ve been using on Dannie, and would be happy to provide to anyone who may like it in the interim.  Please just shoot me a note and I will email it to you).

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30 responses to “Beru’s Resto and Balance Druid Power Aura Exports – Cataclysm Update

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  2. Great update, thanks Beru (plus a timely reminder that I need to update my page also).
    One question, what addon allows you to position your solar/lunar bar under your feet like that?

  3. Beru, I love your power auras, thank you!
    I am having trouble getting the Tyrande’s Doll export to work, I copy/pasted just as you have here into my import.
    I have been fiddling with it and can’t seem to get it to work, any thoughts?

    • Hrm, it’s spec specific. Resto is my “first” spec and I believe that particular aura is set only for my resto spec. Try editing the aura by opening it and selecting “spec 2” and it should show regardless of your spec. I suspect this should fix your problem!

      Let me know if it doesn’t solve it for you and I’ll dig a bit deeper 🙂

  4. Hmm, tried that Beru, no luck. Thanks though that was a good suggestion.
    I guess I could try making one from scratch-I suppose it would be “spell cooldown” instead of “show when available”.
    I just want one that tells me when the cooldown is up on the trinket. I love that picture you have on yours 🙂 Wish I could get it to work.

  5. Activation by equipment slot seems to work. Here is my string:

    Version:4.9; icon:trade_archaeology_tyrandesfavoritedoll; buffname:Trinket0; bufftype:23; alpha:0.5; owntex:true; isResting:0; size:0.3; y:-64

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  8. I have never used a cast bar add on or power auras, but this looks like it could be really helpful. Which cast bar are you using?

  9. Nice auras. Personally, I have all of mine as “aura” type ones, as I find them easier than icons. I might borrow your 80% mana and innervate ones, though, as for some reason I couldn’t figure out how to have something appear for a short time every time I “hit” a certain mana threshold… at the moment I have two mana indicator auras, for 50% mana and 20% mana… the first tells me I should start being conservative with my spells and the second tells me I should start using bandages on non-tanks until innervate’s up again. Both of them stay until I go above 50% or 20% mana.

  10. Hi im unfamiliar with this addon im impressed, I was wondering if i could use it to make an “aura” of black/red/fire/death super sayan type shit suround me when i enter eclipse state… and maybe a “YOU SHALL NOT PASS” when my starsurge is ready

    • You can chose any aura option you like for monitoring your buffs, such as eclipse, so it would be possible to do a ring around you – you can even just take my imports and adjust the graphics for them.

      I also know that it is possible to import custom sounds to the auras, but it’s not something that I do, so unfortunately, I can’t offer much advice there 🙂 I’m sure with a little research you would easily be able to track down how to import custom sounds though!

  11. Beru, Awsome. Your Power Aura exports have really helped me take resto druid healing to a whole new level. Question. I am having trouble getting Nature’s Swiftness export to work. The icon never shows though Test does show it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I made no changed out of the box and I am running Version 4.9.

    • One of our Resto Druids had a significant amount of trouble with the NS aura as well – and he tried several different imports.

      Ultimately, the only thing that worked for him was rebuilding his own NS aura from scratch. So I suspect that is probably the case for you as well. Let me know if you need some advice on how to build auras, and I’ll see if I can’t help you out with it 🙂

      • It appears to be a problem with Power Auras liking the cutting and pasting of the spell name. After importing, if you change the name of the spell to something else, then back to NS, it works perfectly. 🙂

  12. Beru, No problem, will do and thanks! I think I can take it from here. Again thank you again for all the great information. Really helped!

  13. Question, with the swiftmend aura, it shows when it may be avail but not when its ready to cast. I guess I mean it sits on my screen and I try to cast it but it hasnt proc’d yet for me to be able to cast it. I imported it properly but unsure why it shows up on my screen when in fact it may be off cooldown but not ready to cast?

  14. The swiftmend aura was broken for me too. I just modded one of the other ones that worked to be a swiftmend aura and it worked just fine. I also added a tranq aura.

    Thanks SO much for sharing these. I used all of the resto ones!

  15. I’m a resto druid in Blades of Wrath on Icecrown and I also incorporate a lot of power auras in my UI. One thing that I have tried but been unable to do is incorporate cooldowns for nature’s grace, my engineering gloves, and my trinkets. I was wondering if you’ve ever tried to do that with any modicum of success. In general there are a few interesting elements to your UI that I find appealing and may try and work them into my own. If you’re interested here is a link to our H:Alysrazor kill and if you have any questions about mods/setups I use feel free to ask.

    • I haven’t tried to use Power Auras to track the internal cooldowns for things like NG or cooldown on trinkets. I use auras to show me when they are active, but outside of that I ended up picking up forte xorcist to track things like the icd or time until something is off cooldown. I’ve actually fallen in love with it since I picked it up. If you’ve not tried it yet, it might be worth checking out. In addition to getting a better feel for the icd on NG, I’ve found that it’s been fantastic for monitoring power torrent and making smart decision on innervate.

      As for doing it in power auras, you could probably invert the aura with a timer to show you the time since it was last active. I’m not sure how well it would work, but I think it might do what you were looking for, although might be a bit rudimentary. If you would like, I can try to set them up and give you the exports for them. Just let me know 🙂

  16. That would be cool. I have had no trouble displaying the cooldowns for my other spells by making inverted auras. The problem I have with Engineering gloves and trinkets is that I can’t find a name that works. Like for engineering gloves I try putting in my gloves name, or synapse springs, and so on and it just wont work. I have tried forteXorcist and while I kind of like it for my alts, I don’t much like it on my resto druid. The main reason being I can’t tone it down enough to make it use screen space as well as my other addons. This is especially important since I often have a boatload of rejuvs out and I don’t want them to be as large and in charge as my dots when I go balance. If you can find a way to display shard of woe, jaws of defeat, and/or engineering glove cooldowns with powerauras I would greatly appreciate it. 🙂

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  20. This is great thank you for sharing these auras. I am a first time user of power auras and I am having trouble with the icons being in the middle of the screen, but other than that nice and easy for a first time user.

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  22. I love what you guys tend to be up too. Such clever work and coverage!
    Keep up the good works guys I’ve you guys to blogroll.

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