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I know that when a lot of healers ask about “how” you heal, frequently the response that comes back is “get grid and clique” or “get VuDho”, or something very similar in nature. However, what you don’t see a whole lot of information about is exactly what you can do with an addon like Clique, or how different healers might set up their healing binds.

I thought it might be worthwhile to take a few minutes to go over how I have my bindings set up, so that those that have never bound actions to their mouse before, or even those that have and are looking for some new binds, might be able to get some suggestions on what can be done.

As I go through these, please keep in mind that not all bindings will feel cohesive for everyone. Additionally, keep in mind that the only way to get used to a new binding is to play with it. Don’t expect to change a binding and be 100% comfortable with it straight away! Give it at least a week to see if your motor reflexes get used to a new setting before tossing it in the trash. In the end, everyone will use what works for them, and that is perfectly fine!

The Mouse

Before we talk about how I set everything up, let’s talk about my mouse of choice. I have always been a huge fan of Logitech’s gaming line, and more specifically their “G” series. My current mouse of choice is the G500 Laser Mouse. This is a 5 button mouse, with a scroll wheel. However, there are several other features that really draw me to the mouse.

First and foremost, you can weight the mouse. That is to say that the mouse comes with a tray in which you can add weights to, until the mouse is as heavy, or as light, as you like. For me, I really prefer to feel the mouse in my hand. I absolutely cannot stand a mouse where I can barely feel that I am moving it around, as such I weight my mouse very heavy, utilizing most of the weights that come with it. However, you can adjust the weight until you find one that suits your tastes.

Some of the other perks of the mouse that I really enjoy are:

A braided, no tangle cord.
The option to have your mouse wheel click, or spin seamlessly without the click.
A speed adjustment on the mouse, for how quickly it reacts and reads, that is very easy to adjust.
A coarse, sweat resistant, grip that prevents your hand from sliding around if your palms get sweaty during extended play.

I am sure that this will not be the mouse for everyone, and others will have their “favorites”, however I have been using an iteration of this particular mouse for five years now, and every time I try something else, I hate it and end up digging out an old one/buying a new one. I think it’s safe to say that this is, in fact, my “favorite”. That being said, just because this is my favorite, doesn’t mean that it will suit everyone. You will need to find a mouse that feels good in your hand, and fits your tastes.

Beru’s Binds

Now that we have gone over my mouse, let’s talk about my key bindings, shall we?

I bind 100% of my heals to my mouse. I also have several other spells and/or trinkets bound to my mouse that I make use of with some frequency. I utilize a number of modifiers to my spells, but I think that they are pretty straight forward. I also have a number of keybinds that I utilize with some frequency as well, that I will discuss after my mouse binds.

Since I have 4 healers that I enjoy playing, I tend to keep as much similarity to my binds as possible, so that I don’t confuse myself switching between characters (i.e. Flash Heal/Flash of Light/Lesser Healing Wave/Regrowth are all bound to the same button). Another thing to keep in mind when looking at my bindings is that I’ve been using mouse bindings to heal since Vanilla WoW and a mod called “Cast Party” was the go to binding mod – long before Clique had even been created! Some of my bindings were set before we had such a diverse toolset, and I took my original binds and expanded around those, so what you see me using may seem awkward to you.

I use a lot of modifiers, which is not problematic for me, but may be for others. Some of my success with being able to use some of my modifiers is that I have large, flexible hands which make modifiers like “alt” work fine for me. Some of these binds may be more difficult if you have smaller hands. Additionally, my hands/brain are easily trained to work together. I largely attribute this to my classical music background – and the hours I used to spend in a practice room working through scales and arpeggios. To that point, I attribute my high twitch reflexes to my music background as well…but I suspect that is an entirely different post for another day!

While these binds work very well for me, they may not work well for you. You should absolutely play around with your bindings until they feel comfortable to you.

Below are the binds that I use for Beru:

Please note that when I am referring to “button 4”, I am talking about the thumb button that is closest to the back end of the mouse. When I am referring to “button 5”, I am talking about the thumb button that is closest to the front of the mouse. Logitech added a “sixth” button in the form of a third thumb button to this edition of the mouse, but I find this button awkward in my hand and do not bind to it at this time.

Without Modifiers

Regrowth Right Click
Healing Touch Button 4
Wild Growth Button 5
Target Left Click


With Shift Modifiers

Swiftmend Shift-Left Click
Rejuvenation Shift-Right Click
Nourish Shift-Button 4
Thorns Shift-Button 5


With Control Modifiers

Lifebloom Ctrl-Left Click
Innervate Ctrl-Right Click
Remove Corruption Ctrl-Button 4
Use Tyrande’s Doll* Ctrl-Button 5

* I run a custom macro for using Tyrande’s Doll in Clique. The macro is as follows:

/script UIErrorsFrame:Hide()
/use Tyrande’s Favorite Doll
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear(); UIErrorsFrame:Show()


With Alt Modifiers

Soothe Alt-Left Click
Barkskin Alt-Button 4
Nature’s Grasp Alt-Button 5

Some of my abilities and actions I do not have bound to my mouse, but have bound to certain keys on my keyboard. This is due to a number of factors, but the biggest factor in it is the frequency in which I utilize the abilities in a given encounter, and I determined that they were not worth taking up a mouse bind.

Keyboard Binds

Nature’s Swiftness One
Battle Rez Shift-One
Berserking Shift-Two
Lifegiving Shift-Three
Hibernate Shift-Q
Root Shift-W
Cyclone Shift-E
Use Mana Potion Ctrl-1
Use Concentration Potion Ctrl-2
Use Rejuvenation Potion Crtl-3

There are also a few abilities that I do not have

Tranquility – I have made any number of attempts to bind this ability since it because useful, however I have frequently a)forgotten what it was bound to in an emergency; b)utilized the spell as the result of a “misclick” on the binding. Neither result is good. I remain uncertain as where this spell will end up bound for me.

Tree of Life – Since this has become an “on use” option I have not played around with binding it. However, I am likely to replace my Thorns binding with ToL simply because I’m just not casting thorns with great frequency and it could be moved to a less prominent binding.

What binds do you favor? As I said above, no two people will have identical binds. Do you have certain bind that you favor that you think might be helpful to those who are looking to set up mouse binds? How about keybinds?

I hope that this was helpful! Please let me know if you have any questions!

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18 responses to “Beru’s Clique Settings and Keybinds

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  1. Nice. I think that it is funny that my druid has a very similar Clique setup as Beruthiel. I also use the same modifies, with the exception of the ALT key. I tried to use it, but more often than not, hit the Windows key in the heat of battle.

    • You can purchase a keyboard that lets you disable your windows button (the one I use, for example will do that – the Logitech G15, no the G500). However, I don’t have an issue with this. I suspect it’s from spending a lifetime teaching my hands what to do and having them respond quickly and efficiently to those actions!

  2. I use a very similar mouse – it’s the business line so has less “gamer features” but the same handshape & buttons.

    My binds:
    Left: Wild Growth
    Right: Rejuv
    5: Nourish
    4: Lifebloom

    Mouse up: Swiftmend
    Mouse down: Remove Corruption
    Click Mousewheel: Cyclone (for MCed party members)

    S+L : Target
    S+R : Regrowth
    S+4: HT
    S+5: Thorns

    Rebirth and Rezzes are done automatically by VuhDo.

    I cannot comfortably reach my Ctrl/Alt modifiers so I don’t use them regularly.

    Innervate is F7
    ToL is Shift+1
    Travel form is Shift +2
    Barkskin is Shift + 3
    Nature’s grasp is V
    Nature’s Swiftness is 4, typically. Potions are on 5-7ish. Tranquility is somewhere where I won’t hit it accidentally but I forget where exactly. F6 maybe?

    • The only thing I’d suggest as a general rule is to make your instant cast spells as few keys as possible. You can cast rejuv or lifebloom while running, so it’s easier to press button 4 + E than 4+E+Shift. Both ergonomically and to reduce risk of misclicking.

      This may not be an issue for someone with larger or more dexterous hands, as you pointed out. I have very small hands and carpel tunnel, so I’m about as far from that as possible.

      • I actually don’t have any issues using modifiers for my instant cast spells and utilizing them while moving.

        I don’t know if this is as a result of having spent more than 8 hours a day for a good portion of my life in practice rooms and concert halls, lending me extra coordination, or the fact that I do have larger hands (part of what made me an excellent bassoonist!).

        That being said, none of my modifiers are more than one key, either πŸ™‚

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  4. Do you move with the mouse? If not, did you remap your movement keys?

    • I do move almost exclusively with my mouse. Autorun is also bound to mouse button 4, so if I am mousing over something, I cast Healing Touch, if I am not, I autorun. It works out fairly well for me πŸ™‚

  5. What do you do with your dps spells?

    I found I was running dps on 5mans so often, I had to have all those spells easily available too.

    I’ve got a setup that uses the number keys for dps, but then my healing setup is in the lower corner of the keyboard (Z X C) and close to the modifier keys for my little hands. Tranquility/Innervate/Cyclone are keybound to mnemonic letter keys so I never forget where they are (T,I, and Ctl-C respectively).

    I might rethink adding in the mouse buttons – thanks for a most useful post. I hate that people will explain their addon settings ad infinitum, but never share the basics of their keyboard/mouse setup, which is where it all starts.

    Thank you!

    • If I am in moonchicken, I actually have relatively few buttons that need pushing! All of my mouse binds mirror my resto ones, and all of my shared spells (rebirth, berserking, etc) mirror my resto set.

      I have my other spells simply bound to 1-5, and I will (only somewhat reluctantly) admit that I tend to be a clicker for my abilities. That being said, if I am on the move, I will utilize my bindings for casting.

  6. I like to depend as little as possible on a certain mouse (since I might play with a 5-button one on the desktop, a 3-button one on the laptop, or whatever my boyfriend is currently using), so all my keybinds are in the form of [modifier]+button 1/2/wheel. I won’t list them all, but I have a google doc of all my bindings:

    I also like to keep the “simple” clicks as default – left-click is target, right-click is context menu, wheel click is autorun.

    Like you, I bind similar abilities on the same shortcut for all my healers… it makes it much, much easier to switch between them. (Note: I haven’t played my priest or paladin yet, so their binds might be a little messed up.)

  7. I am struggling with bindings at the moment actually. I find that if I add extra ones for spells that I don’t use much, I forget what the binding is, and spend precious seconds remembering or hitting the wrong combination.

    So at the moment I have healing spells linked to Shift-Leftclick, Shift-Rightclick, Ctrl-Leftclick, Ctrl-Rightclick, Shift-Ctrl-Leftclick, Shift-Ctrl-Rightclick, middlebutton (scroll wheel) and Alt-Leftclick. My brain can’t cope with any more than that at the moment!

    I use OPie for shifting forms and a few keybinds for other cooldowns. And, as Jen said, plain old left and right click stay as target and interact respectively, because old habits die hard. My autorun is actually one of the side buttons on my mouse though.

    Jeez, this is a post all in itself, isn’t it πŸ˜›

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  9. Hey, I have a suggestion for Tranquility if you’re still checking these comments. I run a similar setup to you, but only have two buttons, so most of my setup is built around 2-modifier combos, and I do not use unmodified clicks. BUT! For tranquility, as it is a spell that makes me sit still forever, I use Ctrl-Alt-Shift and either mouse button (I have two binds) So that I can essentially just slam my hand down and have it go off, with zero chance of failure.

  10. You.. but… no mouse wheel?

    WU: LB
    WD: RJ
    WLeft: SM
    WR: HT
    R: RG
    B4: Nou
    1: Barkskin
    2: NSHT
    CTRL-1: ToL (other forms on CTRL-2 + 3)
    SHIFT-1: IV
    SHIFT-2: BRez
    F4: Tranq (I put long CDs on F1-5)
    Mouse ‘zoom’ button: mount macro

    I have a lot of other key binds as you maybe guessed πŸ™‚
    Also I have a very flat keyboard that makes hitting F keys possible.
    To bind wheel left and right, I have to map them to F11 and F12 using Logitech software.

    Logitech hardware is okay but I’ve found it decays rather rapidly. I’m searching for a new brand, I just got a Cyborg Rat for my birthday.

    I have highlevel toons of all classes and use mouse binds for every role. It’s just incredible when tanking, I couldn’t go back; although I do have to use shift as a modifier.

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  12. f = Barkskin
    (and was Windshear on my Shammy and Fade on my Priest)

    Otherwise, I also bind 100% to my mouse. I find ‘f ‘ is the one keyboard key I can get to, really fast and reliably, without messing up my movement or my healing rhythm. (You could try it for ToL maybe.)

    I have stupid teensy hands and fingers. Those arpeggios were murder, and I’m yet to find a mouse I really like. Claw grips make my hand ache horribly, and everything else is for GIANTS.

  13. L: Lifebloom
    R: Nourish
    W: Rejuv
    4: Swiftmend

    S+L: Regrowth
    S+R: NS+HT macro
    S+W: Wild Growth
    S+4: Trinket

    C+L: Target
    C+R: Unit Menu

    A+L: Remove Corruption
    A+S+4: Rebirth

    I got things like Innervate, Tranq, Barkskin and Pots on my keybord for easy access.

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