Oom’s Resto Druid PvP Guide Unleashed!   7 comments

A while back one of my guildmates was looking for a good guide for Resto Druid PvP, as he had just leveled his to 80 and had really gotten into the PvP aspect of the game with his druid. Naturally he asked me and I offered the following, well educated and eloquent response: “um….”. Not feeling satisfied with this, I scoured the internet long and hard looking for a definitive guide on Resto Druid PvP, I asked around on my blog if anyone had any resources for Resto Druid PvP, and still nobody had anything. Apparently the secrets of Resto Druid PvP were being tightly locked away in the tightest vault know to…well the internets! I bet the goblins of Gringots couldn’t have cracked this sucker!

Today, my friends, that has changed!

I recently received an note from Oombulance letting me know that he has finally unlocked that vault and released the secrets of Resto Druid PvP healing in his very own Resto Druid PvP Guide! I was really excited to see this guide, as I really did feel that something like this was missing in the community, so thank you Oom for all of your hard work! I finally have a reference to provide to people who ask me about PvP resources, which beats my standard response of “um….” 😉

If you have any interest in Resto PvP whatsoever, I strongly recommend going over and seeing what Oom has to say about the state of Resto Druid PvP!

Posted January 13, 2011 by Beruthiel in Uncategorized

7 responses to “Oom’s Resto Druid PvP Guide Unleashed!

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  1. Thanks for the plug Beru! Had some feedback already and the largest issue was that its one large wall of text, will work on splitting it into sections to make it easier to absorb.

    The new PTR has really hit us for PvP so will need to edit for that too. :/ Not more insta cast roots and powershifting QQ

  2. When I first saw ths in my feed reader, I thought you had written your own PvP guide. I thought Oh God this will be good :P! haha

  3. http://oombulance.com/pvp/patch-4-0-6-ptr-resto-druid-pvp-thoughts/

    Should the PTR changes go through some of the guide will no longer be *as* applicable so be advised that it will be updated as we get updates from blues/official notes.

  4. I think I cry a little inside, I swear I answered that advertisement. I’m not nothing *pouts*


  5. Oom, thanks a lot for unlocking it, just like the author i want to read and learn a guide for resto druid pvp guide. Healing is the best skills for support type like me. Before i leave i want to say Beruthiel!! you are so cute!!lols thanks for nice post.

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