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I read a post this weekend that both saddened me and made me think a bit.  You see Tam and I started blogging right about the same time, and we sort of “discovered” each other just as we each opened our respective doors and our thoughts to the world.  He was in his Sissy Dress, and I was full of frustration and looking for an outlet to express it.  I do not know if it was reciprocated (although I’d like to think it was!), but I have always felt a bit of a bond to Tam and have always been incredibly fond of him.  I read his thoughts daily, even after his blog hit my work’s “you shall not view this” filter under the category “Adult Content” (I still think it was the WoW Cocks!) – but sadly didn’t comment as often as I should have as a result.

While I completely support and respect Tam’s decision to stop blogging, I am a little sad that his voice will be leaving our community.  He offered this amazing insight into the most complex of things and always did it in such an intriguing way that you couldn’t help but follow through to the end of his thought.  I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around the creativity he posses.  Honestly, he probably has more creativity in just one tiny button of that sissy robe he is so fond of than I have in the entirety of my mind.  One of the things that Tam was always so good at was addressing any topic with a side dish of humor, regardless of it is was something just for run or seriously deep thoughts.  In fact, I bet if I ran a poll of people who found themselves laughing out loud from his rhetoric the poll meter would break.  (You know, like in a cartoon, where the thermometer fills to full and then just BURSTS! out of the top).

Dear God, Beru!  Do you have a point in all of this?!?!

I do!  Honest!  I’m just working my way around to it, sheesh!  Can I continue now?  Yes?

You see, one of the things that reading Tam’s farewell post made me realize this weekend is that he always seemed to have so much fun in whatever it was he was doing.  Not only did he have a bit of fun – but he shared that fun with all of us and that got me to thinking about how much I was going to miss his anecdotes.  And that made me realize that sometimes I forget about the fun.  I sit down to write a post and so rarely do I think “I’m going to just have fun today!”.  More often I write about whatever bee is flying around my bonnet – and I don’t really think that there is anything wrong with that, per se – it’s just always so serious.

Now, I already left a goodbye note to Tam and Chas.  It was filled with all kinds of terrible Lord of the Rings analogies – to go along with the title of their post.  But as I thought more about it, it doesn’t really do my friend Tam justice.  Because, you know, a few words are hardly enough to say goodbye to someone to truly show the fondness that I felt for Tam and the joy that he often brought me through his writing.  And so I thought that perhaps the best “good luck and have fun!” gift/words that I could offer was to try a put a bit of Tam in my post today, and see if I couldn’t  have a bit of fun.

Before I get started, I would also like to encourage everyone who enjoyed Tam and Chas’ work to do a bit of the same this week.  Show Tam and Chas how valued they were in the community, and how much we will miss them, by bringing a bit of fun into a post on your blog this week in their honor and to say goodbye and good luck!

And so, without further ado, I’d like to present to you a little bit of fun in honor of Tam!

This weekend, I decided to finally give the goblin starting zone a bit of a try.  Now, I know that some really didn’t care for it and after doing the zone, I can certainly see why it wouldn’t tickle everyone’s fancy.  But I had an immense amount of fun moving through it.  To be fair – I was a little surprised that Blizzard was promoting insurance fraud and robbing a bank in one of the starter quests, but I took it for the laugh it was supposed to be.  I will admit that overall I enjoyed the zone quite a bit.

Regardless of if you loved or hated the zone, there was nothing anywhere in Kezen funnier than one of the buffs that you receive – and I happen to think that this can be appreciated by all.  What buff is that, you might ask?  Let me show you!

Hot Rod

If you aren’t cracking up with laughter (the way I was the entirety of the time I had this buff!) then you clearly aren’t familiar with the fine work of one Robert Matthew Van Winkle.  Or perhaps you are just too young  to truly appreciate how funny it really is!  Of course, I supposed that you could also just be too embarrassed to admit how fond you were of this fine artist (for shame!), because let’s be honest the song is damn catchy!  Admit it!  Just on seeing this buff you now have it stuck in your head!  MUAHAHAHAHA!

For those of you who have no clue what I’m talking about, do not fear – I have included some insight for you 🙂  Just click on the picture of the buff above and travel back in time with me, circa 1991, to stop, collaborate and listen!  I am not ashamed to admit that as I was driving around town Brade and I were both singing Ice, Ice Baby (although, I will rat him out and disclose that he knew far more of the words than I did!).  I will also admit that at one point in my life I did own a pair of those horrid pants – don’t even ask me what I was thinking!

Word to your mother!  Peace Out!

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4 responses to “Ice, Ice Baby

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  1. I knew all the lyrics then. I am not ashamed to admit that!

    …I am slightly ashamed to admit that I still know them. Proof that my brain hates me. That space could be used for better things! Foreign languages or particle physics or — or more WoW trivia!

    If there is a problem, yo, I’ll solve it. Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it.


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  3. I think I just barely make the cut into too young for it. I was technically alive, and I remember the name, but I don’t remember Vanilla Ice flying around my school hallways. 😀

    But thank you for inserting one more thread of crazy music into my music collection for grinding / leveling music!

  4. Ohmygoodness, blast from the past 😛

    I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t read that buff the one time I went through the goblin starting area; thanks for the heads up (I think…). Also, thanks for a very fitting post. I completely concur.

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