The GREAT Kae Search!   11 comments

The druid community is generally a very chatty bunch of branches. However, lately we’ve noticed that one tree has been unusually quiet. Naturally, this causes concern, as we start to wonder about the silence and worry if everything is alright. Well…that is what most people do, anyhow.

But, you see, I’m not most people. Neither is my good friend Keredria.Β  AndΒ the two of us not being most people we decided to go on a journey in search of our lost tree friend, Kae. Because, well, we really miss her! We were determined to find her, looking everywhere we could possibly think!

And in honor of our friend Kae, I have done my best to document Keredria’s and my efforts in, uh, stick figures.

(I pretty much fail at HTML – so if I’ve done this properly you should see a small version of our search, and if you click through see it full size. If I’ve not done it properly, I will fix it ASAP and you should check back!)

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We miss you Kae!

Posted March 11, 2011 by Beruthiel in Community

11 responses to “The GREAT Kae Search!

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  1. I was sooo sure Kae was in the tree house!

    I consider Kae my guru in terms of 10 man resto druid raiding. I am lost on strats without her stick figure guides!

  2. I miss Kae too, and her puppy pics.

  3. Haha, aw sad trees! Hopefully Kae is just busy and will reappear soon. I MISS HER COMIC STRATS.

  4. Aw… so cute! I miss Kae too. I’m hoping she’s just busy.

  5. The random puppy made me smile πŸ™‚

    I hope you’ll find Kae soon!

  6. I’ve been checking her blog daily, too, and hoping she’s just been busy…

  7. I’m also a fellow druid in (Kae’s guild) and I’ll be sure to pass along the message.

    We’ve been whining at her to make some more posts and pics of her cute puppy (which I’m sure has now grown into a massive ball of ridiculous cuteness), but she’s been quite the busy lady with some out of game stuff lately. As far as I know though, she’s doing fine.

    Hopefully this’ll help get her out of her winter hibernation!

  8. …omg. I love you all. ❀

    *hugs all around*

    I promise I am okay. Life has just gotten very busy. I really really really appreciate the comic and concern… I am notoriously bad about procrastination and keep putting off blogging and such! I am sorry for causing worry 😦

    • Hooray! A Kae!

      I guess Keredria and I forgot to look in the “life bin” in our search! πŸ˜‰

      And don’t apologize! It happens πŸ™‚ Just wanted to make sure that you were alright! I mean, what else is community and friendship for if not this?!

      I am very glad to know that everything is alright!!!


  9. Omg, you found a Kae!! ❀

  10. Awe.. πŸ™‚ as another Kae guildie, I wanted to say hi.
    I told kae yesterday after we showed our new resto/boomkin how to do wall feasts that she needs to take a screen shot and blog about it!

    Now we’ve got wall feasts, but we need river puppy pictures, to make all our wiping stop.

    I don’t think kae understands how important her blog karma is to Vortex raids. πŸ˜€

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