Healing Heroic Chimaeron (Video Guide)   8 comments

This is my first attempt at doing a narrated video guide.  If people find it helpful, and would like to have more along this vein, I will probably put together additional videos.  This was my first time utilizing the voice record software, and I’m not particularly familiar with it, so hopefully for the next one I’ll have a little more knowledge on how it works and will feel brave enough to edit some of the narration.

Note that the video will be best viewed in one of the two HD settings – and larger.  Wordpress auto embeds YouTube videos, and try as I might, I can’t convince it that I want it to embed at a larger size!

I realized that there are a few things that I didn’t address in the video – so I wanted to just briefly touch base on them now.

  • Topping off the tanks after the feud.  Because the tanks keep getting attacked during the feuds on heroic, you must top your feud tank up to full health very quickly.  We utilize a combination of Lay on Hands rotations and priest cooldowns on them right as feud hits so that the tank healers can get them topped up quickly enough to survive the hits.  The two tank healers have to really heal hard to get them stabilized while the raid healers get the raid ready for caustic slime.  Additionally, the tank tanking the feud will use large cooldowns (Shield Wall, for example) for the double attack during the feud so that he can survive the hit.
  • What do I do if Swiftmend is on CD and there is no OoC proc? You have a few options – if your target is someone that self heals as well (priest/paladin) a rejuv will get them up to 10k life as long as you get it out quickly.  Outside of that, you will have to take the mana hit and regrowth them without the OoC proc.  I tend to rejuv into a regrowth – just in case my regrowth isn’t big enough to hit the 10k mark – that ensures that my target will be topped up sufficiently.
  • Oh God, my Mana! One thing I neglected to mention, and should have, is that this is an incredibly mana intensive encounter for druids.  Our toolkit isn’t ideal for the mechanics of the fight, and you will find that you will likely blow through a ton of mana every feud phase just trying to keep the raid stabilized.  You will see in the video that going into that last feud phase my mana is quite low, and in our early kills I was completely OOM at the end of that phase, with not a drop of mana left to DPS during phase 2.  To help combat this as best as you can, make sure that you are innervating early, and on cooldown after that.  It is also really important to make sure you are healing just as much as you need to be, and not more.  You are able to sneak in a concentration potion between the feud and the massacres, as long as you communicate that you will be out for a spit so that another healer knows to cover your target.  I tend to just utilize a mana potion.
  • Battle Rezzes – If you don’t have to battle rez your tanks *ahem* or a DPS midfight, be sure to use your battle rez on DPS that die early into phase 2.  They will return to life at full health and will be able to continue contributing to the raid!
  • Hand of Salvation – Have your paladins pump Hands of Salvation into your DPS that lack threat drops/survivability (Moonkins, DPS Warriors, DKs) throughout the fight to keep them low on threat so that they have a greater chance of survivability in phase 2.  You ideally want your rogues, hunters and mages at the top of the threat list after your tanks as they have shenanigans that will let them live longer in phase 2, buying the raid additional time with more people alive to push through the phase.

I hope that you found the video helpful.  Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have feedback or questions!

Posted April 8, 2011 by Beruthiel in Druid Healing, Hard Modes, Raiding

8 responses to “Healing Heroic Chimaeron (Video Guide)

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  1. First – THANK-YOU. I imagine it took lots of time and effort to get this together. The commentary was just right for me – the druid stuff without all the stuff you can already learn on Tankspot.
    It’s totally timely as we’re about to face 10man normal mode Chimaeron for the firs time tonight (yes, yes, I know, late to the party.)
    1. As in the previous vid, you don’t always have Omen running. Do you do this to help with lat, or for some other reason?
    2. What is that nice addon you have centre left showing time until the big CDs are up?
    3. For reasons inexplicable (by me), the bad guys often like me best after the tanks. (Maloriak adds frequently like me better than the OT.) So I’m guessing I’ll be taking the heat early in that last phase. All I can really think to do is run and Fade. Should I cat Dash? Anything else?
    Other than that – wow 16K + hps. I’d like to be that strong!
    I can’t wait to give it a go now. Thanks again for posting this.

    • Thanks Deppi! I’m glad it was helpful! 🙂

      To answer your questions:

      1) Omen runs based on your target, since I don’t always have the boss targeted it won’t always show threat. Every time I have the boss (or an add, etc) targeted, it lets me know where threat is on that target. If I target, say, a tank – then omen doesn’t report because there is no raid threat on the tank.

      2) That add on in oRA3. It’s a bit dependent on others also running the addon though, I think. It’s a raid requirement for our guild.

      3) If you end up with threat on Chim at the end of the fight – cat up, dash and kite him. When he catches you, bear up, barkskin and pray!

      Good Luck!

  2. As a resto druid it can also be beneficial to taunt Chimaeron in the 30-25% health range (the same goes for holy pallies). As long as the bot is up and you let your tanks know about it before hand it shouldn’t cause any issues and it lets us (and our low dps output) get aggro on him in p3 before a more important dps spec’ed raid member.

  3. I love coming to Druid blogs and reading other stories from other Druids. Thanks for the posts and keep it up!


  4. Awesome video, helped me out a lot! But could you tell me what addon you are using to track Lifebloom and Omen of Clarity?

    • Hi Ish –

      That’s Power Auras 🙂

      • Thanks so much. I use Power Auras (badly) and now I’m gonna have to find a way to make it work for lifebloom like you have it.

        Again thanks for the video, and for the reply 🙂 I would totally support more narrated videos!

  5. Howdy, I had a go at normal Chimaeron last night for the first time and had issues on some of the Feuds. I was ok for the Tranquility one, but really struggled to work out a decent rotation…especially when I didnt have ToL.

    Was wondering what sequence of spells you might suggest in this case? I am now leaning towards 2 Rejuves whilst I run in, then Swiftmend one of them for Eff, then WG and Rejuv the other 3 in my party. Then Nourish a few times and refresh the Rejuves. I am getting the Holy priest to do Prayer of Healing on the other group, followed by the same on my group. Would you recommend this sort of rotation? Usually it was the 3rd pulse that would kill a person or two.

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