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Last night I had my first date with Heroic Nef – and much to my disappointment, after 3 hours he rarely let me get past first base and made me buy dinner!  Of course, after that date I am riddled with questions on what I (we) did wrong!  Because I have so many questions that I’m trying to work through, and we barely had the chance to tickle phase 2 last night, this musings post is largely going to be a brain dump of my thoughts and questions.  I’d love any feedback or insights that you may have and/or want to offer!


  1. One Crackle or Two in Phase 1?  I’ve watched videos ad nauseam and the truth is – you see both pretty equally.  Last night we had some pulls we pushed successfully with two crackles, but it was always very close.  Conversely we had some pulls where Ony exploded.  Something to consider is that we run 3 tanks (although our feral does some pretty beefy damage if he gets MC’d after he’s rounded up all the adds) and 7 healers (with our healing make up, I do not feel it’s reasonable for us to do it with 6 healers – and I believe our DPS is strong enough to support 7).
  2. Related to question 1 – if we take only one crackle will that negatively affect us in phase 3?  I’m really concerned about pushing 81-83% of Nef’s health in phase 3.  More specifically, I’m worried about keeping our kiter standing for that much of Nef’s health.  Maybe I’m just being a nervous nelly about it – as DPS will only continue to increase as everyone grows more comfortable with managing the MC mechanic.
  3. Nef DPS vs. Ony DPS?  How much do you allocate to each?  I’m not entirely sure that we had it “right” last night – which means I’m not entirely sure that we can make an adequate assessment of our ability to push two crackles.  I feel that we are missing something fundamental in when, how, and how much DPS to allocate to both Ony and Nef to facilitate the crackles.  On our most successful two crackle pulls I moved 3 people to Nef as soon as he landed (2 hunters and a warrior), kept everyone else on Ony until she reached 50%, then had 6 DPS stay on Ony and everyone else switch to Nef.
  4. WTF is with Ony’s Threat?  Seriously.  I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this, or if it’s something that we are doing that makes her go all weird – but we’ve had the following happen with any number of tanks that have tanked Ony:  Tank jumps down, pulls Ony and starts to move her to position.  Hunters/Rogues MD Ony into tank.  Omen clearly shows that tank has threat on Ony.  Ony doesn’t care that the tank has threat and bounces around as if threat is on several people.  In fact, one time last night I had Ony threat – and she thought I was very tasty indeed.  At the point I had threat, I’d done almost no healing outside of a LB stack and a rejuv on the tank.  Do other people have this problem?  Is it an issue with how she reads threat?  Is it an issue with how she reads MD threat?  WTF is going on with it?
  5. Are you spamming “2” fast enough?  I think we had some people far more successful with managing the MC buff than others.  Those that were most successful mapped “2” to their mousewheel down and just spammed that in addition to mashing their “2” button.  As we spent more time in phase 1, I definitely think people got better at handling this, which means their DPS increased, but I think some people still struggled.  I have absolutely zero insight on this, as I break my MC as soon as it comes up.  Anyone have tips on how to “mash 2 harder”?  (And yes, we had traps/earthbind totems for everyone).
  6. To trinket or not to trinket?  We’ve not made a definitive decision on this yet, but we have asked everyone to get their ass out to Tol’Barad and start working the dailys for tokens until we do decide.  Last night, I’m not sure that we lost anyone to a crackle.  We had a barrier and a raid wall to mitigate the damage – and even if we missed our barrier as long as people were topped up they survived.  While I think that it would help mitigate damage, I’m not entirely sold on it being “necessary”.  Things to consider:  We will likely always have two disc priests and a raid wall – at worst we will have two of the three.
  7. Phase 2 healing?  Even though we didn’t get a lot of phase 2 time last night, and the times we did get there we either blew people up or missed interrupts, the times we did get there had me question how to heal the phase.  I’m wondering if it would be best to have a healer that focuses on the cinder people, and another that focuses on the non-cinder folks – cross healing as necessary.  Does it need to be that dictated?  Am I over complicating it?

Even though our date last night was a little lackluster, Nef did kindly ask me out again tonight.  I’m hoping to spend more time in phase 2 tonight, which will, I’m sure, only create more questions!  But to get there, I think I need to answer the first set of questions with regards to phase 1.  I’m completely open to (and welcome!) any feedback and/or experiences that anyone may want to share 🙂

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5 responses to “Monday Musings: One Crackle or Two Edition

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  1. for 1 and 2 i think you will have to rely on experience when you start seeing p3 more frequently. it depends on how good your kiter is and what cooldowns are still available at that point for him really. it’s killable with 1 crackle in p1 but the shorter p3 is the better for sure.

    #3, most guilds will put everyone on ony to start and bring her to ~10% then all switch to nef – switching back to nuke ony before her bar fills (normally pulling off 2 crackles this way)

    #6, the trinket becomes more valuable in p3 when mana is lower and cooldowns are spent. it’s definitely valuable while progressing on the fight, albeit not required. it’s particularly helpful for classes like shamans who don’t have a personal defensive cooldown to use.

    #7, you aren’t complicating it. the person with cinders will need a decent amount of healing but so will everyone else. overlapping is a really bad thing here. better to be well prepared than ill prepared. we even keep a hybrid healer (ele sham/moonkin/shadow priest) on each pillar to help out when a healer gets cinders.

    sorry i skipped a few, but i don’t have much experience with those that i did and i didn’t want to give you any guesses.

    Good luck!

  2. Regarding Onyxia, are you using Levitate?

    People on the forums comment that Levitate can cause Ony to decide that someone is un-targetable, so she picks new targets.

  3. We’ve had Ony do stupid things before, even when we didn’t have a priest on the encounter. It’s just a glitch in the coding, your tank’s gotta be real twitchy on the taunt button when he’s moving her.

  4. Sorry, I’m late to the party and I saw you got the kill this week.

    In our ten-man guild, we burn Onyxia with Heroism, no crackle in phase 1.

    This is due to the fact that we have the adds tanked by Onyxia’s tank under cds as we can’t afford losing time on cc’ing the adds and have them off-tanked by a plate dps risking his life, assisted by a mage, losing in the meantime 2 dpsers to cc.

    That means we begin phase 3 with Nefarian aroud 95%, depending on how much ranged damaged him in phase 2.

    The kitter have to be really good, he needs to really understand how the shadow bolts works and have the timers with a bossmod. The phase 3 is looong. But after all, if your kitter can hold for 6-7 minutes, he should be able to hold another minute.

    We grabbed first kill server with this method two weeks ago. The other guilds working on it on 10s and 25s for longer still haven’t killed him.

    About the resist trinket, only tanks have it in the guild. We ask people to use their personal cooldown first crackle, then a bublle, then a dk bubble, then raid wall, etc… But I don’t know how different this is in 25s.

    And be sure your raiders with short cds use them. My healers always know when I forget to raptor strike a crackle (6sec cd on the raptor strike – hunter ability).

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