Healing Heroic Magmaw (Video Guide)   11 comments

I received a lot of positive feedback from my first attempt at a narrated guide (thank you, everyone!), so I’ve been working through some of the other encounters that I’ve taken footage for and have started adding commentary to them as well.  The next encounter that I decided to tackle was Heroic Magmaw, and you’ll find the video below.  As I did with the Chimaeron guide, I realized after I’d finished recording that I forgot to mention a few things in the commentary so I’ve added a few notes additional notes below.

Just a friendly reminder that this video will be viewed best at one of the higher resolution, and probably a tad larger.  Because of the way wordpress auto embeds, I’ve yet to find a way to embed the videos in a larger viewing size.

A few notes that I forgot to mention in the video (one of these times I’ll say everything I mean to say!)

  • Tree of Life – I mentioned that I use ToL fairly early in the encounter, but then don’t talk about when I utilize it after that.  The answer is pretty much every time it comes off of cooldown, as long as we aren’t in a head phase.  There is constant damage in the fight, so you will generally always be able to maximize using it.
  • Barkskin – Something that I forgot to mention is that using barkskin for as many of the lava spews as you can will really help mitigate a lot of damage.
  • Power Word: Barrier – While not druid related, I meant to mention that while our disc priests bubble the ranged and healers, we do drop barriers on the melee for lava spew as often as we can.  This is a little less important since the hotfixes went in, as the melee are no longer in a constant state of being barbequed, but the mitigation is still extremely helpful!

I hope that you found the video helpful!  Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any feedback or questions!

Posted April 13, 2011 by Beruthiel in Druid Healing, Hard Modes, Healing, Raiding

11 responses to “Healing Heroic Magmaw (Video Guide)

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  1. I am LOVING these guides so much.

    I’m a Australian resto druid ( and GM of a 25 Man progression guild that is tackling HM’s) so your blog really strikes a chord with me.

    Anyways, this is my first comment on your blog (even though I’m actually a long-time reader) and I just wanted to let you know that your video guides are amazing, I am enjoying them so much =) I hope you cover the rest of the heroic encounters soon (you busy thing!)

    • Thank you for the feedback! 🙂

      I am hoping to be able to get another posted over the weekend, just trying to decide which encounter to do! I have heroic footage of Maloriak, Conclave (note I am not on the wind platform) and Halfus. Do you have a preference?

      I’ve been trying like the dickens the past couple of weeks for some atramedes and omnitron footage – but, uh, I haven’t gotten any “clean” cuts yet 🙂

  2. Nice guide, (and nice voice too),

    It’s always nice to see a fellow druids PoV in tough fights like these.

    So, looking at your UI i see there’s a subtle difference in the way we have set up our raidframes, and i think it influences the way we heal considerably.

    Bare with me.

    What you have: You have set up your raidframes to show if a hot is ticking, but you can’t see when it is going to expire (LB being the exception)
    So, you hot a player if he needs some heals, and i’m guessing you’re making decisions on what to use based on what’s already ticking at that moment.

    My grid looks similar, but here’s the big difference: my grid shows timers for each and every hot.
    Im looking at a grid *full* of numbers, i.e. one corner shows Rejuv counting down, another corner shows WG counting down, another yet shows Regrowth.
    My Lifebloom also counts down, but 1 stack is in green, 2 stacks is orange, and 3 stacks is red so i can see not only when LB expires, but howmany stacks are ticking.

    As you can imagine my grid is very hectic looking.

    Now, the difference in healing is the following: i will know when a rejuv is going to expire and build my rotation around it and re-hot that player if he needs another rejuv the moment it expires.

    Similarly, rejuv and LB are both ticking on the tank and refreshed before they expire.

    What i’m getting at is that our decision making process on what to use and on who is very different and based on different parameters.

    I can’t help but wonder which one is the most effective

    I can guess which one is more tiring though, maybe i should consider getting rid of numbers and just hit hots when they’re needed – it would certainly give me more time to look at my surroundings and less at grid.

    Have you ever tried using numbers? whats your experience with that?

    • Hey Mr C –

      My Grid shows timers for all of my HoTs except for WG – they are probably just hard to see in the videos (if you watch the highest resolution of the video on full screen, you should be able to see them). So you know what to look for, Rejuv is in the upper left corner of each raid frame and regrowth in the upper right corner. Both are numerical values for the duration of the HoT.

      Wild Growth will just show as a green dot in the top center of my raid frame. The reason that I don’t have a timer for WG, is because I only need to know who WG is ticking on for mastery purposes, I don’t need to know how much time it has left. Having a timer for a “smart” healing spell just seems to add clutter to my raid frames. (The pink dot you see in the bottom right hand corner represents MotW).

      At the risk of sounding big-headed or egotistical, and not that rankings really mean dick all for healers, but our first kill on this encounter I was ranked somewhere around 50th in the world on WoL – I think that’s since dropped to 120ish, but I’m still ranked for the fight (and we have some very strong and competitive healers!). Why I’m bringing this up isn’t to stroke my ego or to preen, but because it tells me that my raid frame set up works well for me and is effective for me. 😉

      I think it’s important that everyone finds a UI that works well for them and fits in well for their healing style, and no two people will have the exact same UI. Different people will have different things that suit them, and that’s perfectly fine. 🙂

      • Wow. grats on being so high on WoL. I never thought of looking in those rankings, but doing so now and comparing myself to those players is truly a humbling experience 🙂

  3. If you’re taking requests (that might be dangerous =P) I’d love to see Maloriak. Some of the guild has looked at it on heroic but I’ve been working with our new recruits in a seperate 10 man for a little bit so haven’t seen it yet. This would be really useful to me =)
    That said, anything will be great, it’s always good to see a fresh perspective on the same role!

    Above all, it’s just great to be able to check-in and make sure I’m somewhere in the ballpark of assigning things correctly – as well as taking on some new tricks and helpful stuff that you provide along the way.

    Also, I wouldn’t be HUGELY fussy on the video’s being super clean – I mean it’s a bit different to uploading on a guild website for people to look at I can understand wanting to display an amazing kill, but when using videos as a guide, I personally love to see how guilds get over the finish line when things turn a bit chaotic.
    I think these highly polished strat videos from the big websites (while excellent) can really paint a false picture for many raiders, I personally prefer ‘real’ footage ‘ with all the spills and thrills of a guild raid – which is probably why I’m enjoying your vid’s more than the average tankspot one at the moment. Sure, they are more suited for ME playing a resto druid which may tip my favor, but I prefer seeing a guild that is somewhat more realistic with their raiding schedule do these encounter – things don’t always go totally perfect! For example when you guys lost a tank to a break – I’d love a dollar for everytime that has happened to us. Learning how to cope with real raid curveballs is just as valuable as mastering a new strat.
    …and I talk too much ><.

  4. Grr, wodpress noob >< Not sure how i link comments so that they align with the person I'm responding to…

  5. I am loving these guides also. Thanks so much for taking the time to show us the reasoning behind some of the heafling decisions and assignments. Wonderful job.

  6. P.S Australian also. Blixa, which guild? 🙂

  7. Im a resto druid as well but my guild does not do 25 man as we are small but on the encounter our heal comp is shammy.pally,and me the druid would you advise ToL popped on that second spew like you did in the vid or do you think in 10man i coulld push it?

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