Healing Heroic Maloriak (video guide)   6 comments

Continuing on with the narrated guides for this tier of content, I asked several places what people would like to see next – and almost universally everyone responded with Maloriak.  So I tackled Maloriak next, and you’ll find the video below.  I actually think that I remembered most everything this time, but did realize that I forgot to give a note about healing assignments so I’ve again added a few additional notes below.

Another friendly reminder that this video will be viewed best at one of the higher resolutions, and either on YouTube or in full screen.

Just a few things to mention:

  • Breaking Down the Healing Assignments – we assign two full time healers to the Maloriak tank, the same resto druid/holy paladin combo that you saw heal for Magmaw.  We assign one healer responsible for keeping up the swill tank – who will also heal him while he’s tanking the aberrations (Usually a resto druid or shaman).  And one healer to heal the second aberration tank (usually our disc priest).  Both of the aberration healers also assist with healing the raid.  We have three healer assigned full time to the raid, who will also assist with the Maloriak tank during Engulfing Darkness (usually a holy priest, resto druid and resto shaman).  All of the healers help cross heal during key parts of the encounter as needed.
  • Barkskin – this is another encounter where there are lots of optimal barkskin moments.  Scorching Blast, Consuming Flames, Ice Blocks, anytime in phase 2.
I hope that you found the video helpful!  Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have feedback or questions!

Posted April 16, 2011 by Beruthiel in Druid Healing, Hard Modes, Raiding, Video

6 responses to “Healing Heroic Maloriak (video guide)

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  1. Awesome video guide, Beru, thanks! We prefer to do a 3-tank/7-healer setup too, but really questioned dropping a tank and trying to kite just because of lower-than-anticipated DPS on the Vile Swill and the other adds we encountered on the other phases. Great to know that 3/7/15 is a viable comp!

    One question about your Maloriak tank — does he blow a bunch of cooldowns while taking Engulfing Darkness? (Or does he have a bunch of CDs thrown on him?) Apart from if he’s standing in the Dark Sludge, that is.

    Thanks again, these are so helpful to those of us learning the heroic versions of these encounters! 🙂

    • Thanks for the feedback, Kurn! 🙂

      As for the swill – a lot of classes have “special” AE rotations that they can use on the swill and aberrations to up their damage on them. For example, our moonkin does something with Solar Eclipse (Calculated has a great “how to moonkin Maloriak” video out – http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_profilepage&v=KtVLgrxhg0Q), our warlocks all run demonology specs for the fight (I don’t know exact specifics, but immolation aura and hellfire make them pretty unstopable I believe), and I know our mages run fire and “farm” for procs.

      Also, we have our melee focus one swill at a time using only incidental AE on the others. We found having one or two down early really helped minimize the number of black pools in the raid.

      With regards to the tank – the only time he uses cooldowns and/or we use raid cooldowns on him is if we don’t think he’s going to make it to the end of engulfing darkness alive. Most of the time he comes out of it around 20-25% health without any cooldowns and we just get him topped up quickly. We generally have one of our tank healers call out if a cooldown is needed, otherwise we hold them.

      I hope that helps!

  2. Woot. As soon as I get my laundry put on the line I’m making a cup of tea and getting stuck into this video!

  3. V nice guide! I just had a query about your Grid – it looks like you’ve got GridStatusLifebloom working, how did you do that? I don’t think it’s being maintained now?

    • Hi Bel –

      That is actually GridStatusHots. You just have to adjust the settings for Lifebloom to your liking. Let me know if you have trouble getting it set up how you’d like, and I can see if I can help! 🙂

  4. Very useful video so thank you for that 🙂 Can I ask what addon you are using that is showing what is off CD above the Quartz bar as well as the seconds remaining on LB?

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