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I’ve had several people ask me about the Al’Akir encounter in general, and I know that it’s a fight that has been a point of consternation for a number of guilds.  As such, I thought I’d give a shot at a video guide for Al’Akir to see if folks found it helpful.  I know that it’s not a hard mode video, but with so many guilds struggling or skipping the fight, I thought that it still might be relevant and helpful!  Something that I did differently for this guide is that I added some text notes into the encounter for some of the things that I forget to mention in the audio, but think are important to know for the fight.  They will be easiest to read if you watch the video in full screen at one of the higher resolutions.  Just in case they are hard to read, or you can’t watch the video at a larger resolution, I’ve added the notes below as well 🙂

A few notes!

  • Tranquility – I use tranquility in phase 2 as our stacks start to grow.  However, it’s important to time when you utilize the spell so that you aren’t forced to move right as you start casting.  I have found the best time to use tranquility to be right after a squall line passes, so that you know you will have time for the entire channel.
  • Squall Lines – We have people call out where the gap is in the squall lines and which direction they are coming from.  So, for example, “Right Back” would indicate that there is a squall line coming around from the right side and that the opening in the line is at the back of the line.  Additionally, you can add the debuff “Squall Line” to your raid frames to track who gets picked up in the tornadoes.
  • Movement in Phase 3 – I use “x” to move down (my sit button) and space bar to navigate up.  This works well for me, but if “x” is an awkward or clunky key for you to use, consider rebinding your sit button to another key that is easier for you to navigate.
  • Camera Angle in Phase 3 – I have found the easiest way to manage phase 3 is to adjust my camera so that it’s in line with me, and I’m looking at Al’Akir from the side.  This allows me to easily judge if I am in the proper plane and if I am out of the lightning clouds.
  • Lightning Rod – Raid members affected with lightning rod should move 20 yards to the left or right of the raid (never up, down, forward or backward!).  Once the are out of the raid, make sure they receive heals for the duration of the debuff.  We generally assign the tank healers from phase 1 and 2 to heal the lightning rod targets in phase 3.
I hope that you found this helpful!  Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or feedback!

Also, because I’m really pleased with how it turned out, have a sneak peek at an un-narrated (music) Heroic Omnotron Defense Council video! I should have the narrated guide ready later in the week 🙂

(In case you can’t tell, I’m learning how to do new and exciting things in the video editing program and having a lot of fun!)

Posted April 23, 2011 by Beruthiel in Druid Healing, Hard Modes, Healing, Raiding, Video

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  2. Thanks for the video! My guild killed Al’akir while I was on holiday… so we’ll go back there and I’m afraid I’ll just decorate the floor (or clouds) for the whole fight. I’ve been dreading this ever since I read your post about phase 3, and the fact that we acquired a couple of know-it-alls in the guild doesn’t make me any more confident :/ I had no idea I could jump off the platform instead of dying, that’s gonna help lots \o/

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