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I opted to tackle heroic Valiona and Theralion nest because, well, it’s all I had left outside of Heroic Nef – and I don’t have video for him yet!  I hope to have some soon, though.  Since the changes in some of the mechanics of this encounter, it’s become one of the easier heroics in this tier of content.  I am again primarily raid healing, so you will see me primarily focus on the raid while offering spot heals to the tank.

A friendly reminder that this video will be best viewed at one of the higher resolutions and and in full screen.

A few notes!

  • How many healers do you use?  We use seven healers for the encounter, although our first kill we used eight because that is who we had online.  I don’t necessarily recommend using eight healers, as the DPS check is still fairly tight, but if you think your DPS can push it with eight healers, it is an option.  The tank doesn’t get hit particularly hard, so we generally just have a disc priest focus on the active tank and ask everyone else to help with spot heals.  We only ever send one paladin down into the twilight realm, almost always a paladin.  We have a “backup” to go down with the tank in case the designated healer is selected for twilight meteorite.
  • Healing in the twilight realm.  The healer that goes into the twilight realm announces that they are heading down so that the three rogues can adjust a little closer to the middle of the room.  This way all three of them are in range of heals, and the healer doesn’t have to run around a ton trying to heal them.  The rogues can sustain their life pretty well on their own, but there are times between their cloak of shadows cooldowns where their stacks get very high, and they need extra healing to stay alive.  Once the healer’s stacks get high, they need to come up top or bubble them off.  Once they stack up again you will have to return to the rest of the raid.  Like anyone that ends up in the twilight realm, you need to avoid the orbs so you don’t blow yourself up.  Additionally, if you end up in the twilight realm during Valiona’s strafe, you still have to dodge it as it permeates the twilight realm.
  • Oh God, my mana!  It is very easy in this encounter to go rejuv happy and blow through your mana extremely quickly (you see towards the end of the encounter, this happens to me and I pretty much have to resort to nourish casts for a period of time, as that’s all I have mana for).  It’s important to keep your mana management at the forefront of your thoughts in the encounter so that you don’t become reckless (as I did!) and burn through it before the encounter ends.  Innervate early and often, don’t over-utilize rejuv and be sure to pot!
  • Tranquility Hax!  If you don’t want/need to utilize tranq during blackouts, you can do some really sick healing if you tranq while afflicted with engulfing magic.  However, for it to be more than just epeening (and oh god it is like Viagra for your epeen), your raid actually needs to be in need of that amount of healing – and, of course, you need to have engulfing magic line up with your tranquility cooldown.  I don’t recommend this strategy, but it can be very effective if your raid is in a rough spot while Theralion is on the ground and you end up with engulfing magic.
  • How do you handle engulfing magic during Valiona’s strafe?  It’s actually easier than you think to deal with this!  Pretty much anyone with engulfing magic during the strafe needs to move away from the raid by going up the stairs to the platforms that the twins start on before you pull.  This should put them far enough away from other members of your raid, while still allowing them the freedom to avoid the fire.  Additionally, keep in mind that if you aren’t a DoT or HoT class, you can simply stop casting to move amongst your raid without blowing anyone up!
  • How many times do you send a tank into the twilight realm?  Generally only once, the first time Theralion is on the ground.  However, if the tanks stacks don’t drop in time for a taunt, it’s not a big deal to send a tank down again.  We generally have the first tank take four stacks, the second tank take five (to send a healer down for the rogues), and then they taunt off of each other at four stacks each time after.
I hope that you found this helpful!  Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or feedback!

Posted May 17, 2011 by Beruthiel in Druid Healing, Hard Modes, Healing, Video

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