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My next guide in the video series that I’ve tackled in this tier of content is Heroic Nefarian.  It may actually be the last one for a little while, because I’ve caught up with the content we’ve killed!  I’m still debating if I’d want to do one for our 10 man Heroic Al’Akir kills or not (would you all be interested in seeing this?).  One of the things that I realized while recording, is that there is so much going on in this fight, that the 10 minutes I have for the video is hardly long enough to cover it all!  So, there will be plenty of notes below 🙂

A friendly reminder that this video will be best viewed at one of the higher resolutions and and in full screen.

A few notes!

  • How many healers do you use?  We use seven.  For phase 1 we have two on the Ony tank (Priest/Paladin), two on the Nef tank (Priest/Druid) and three on the Construct tank (Shaman x2/Druid) – but note that those on the construct tank have also been known to toss a few heals to the Nef tank.  Once the constructs are down one of the shaman goes and assists with the Ony tank and the other two of us stay with Nef.  For phase 2 the platform with 9 people gets the third healer.  We usually break the platforms down as such: Druid/Shaman, Priest/Paladin, Druid/Shaman/Priest.  For phase 3 we have three healers on the kite tank (priest/paladin/shaman), two healers on the Nef tank (priest/druid) and two healers for the raid (druid/shaman).  However, if the Kite tank has bad resets, the Nef priest will go and assist with the kite tank.
  • As a healer, what do you do with your MC?  I will break it straight away so that I can get back to healing.  That being said, if the raid/tanks are in good order, resto shaman can gain stacks during the MCs and then Lightning Bolt back to a full mana bar quickly and easily.  (P.S. /jealous).
  • What happens if MCs are in line with a crackle?  This is tricky!  If the crackle will come before the MC’d player will reach their portal, stay MC’d!  MC’d players will not take damage from the crackle.  If you are MC’d and will hit your portal before the crackle hits and your life is not at 100%, break it and get back to the group ASAP to get healed.  Healers should also watch for players that are MC’d during a crackle in case they need an emergency heal before it hits as they come out of their MC.
  • What if the MC’d player’s life is really low?  Sometimes people DPS their allies.  It sucks, but it happens.  We tell our players that if their life hits 20% they need to break their MC ASAP so that we can heal them and they don’t risk death.
  • I forgot about Cone of Cold!  I know that I mentioned we used hunter traps, crippling poison and earthbind totems during to snare – however I forgot to mention that a mage can Cone of Cold as long as s/he isn’t empowered and provide and extra snare as well.  This works really well for when people have reached the end of the frost trap.
  • What about those pesky shaman totems?  Enhancement shaman and elemental shaman will use searing totem as part of their DPS.  If they get mind controlled, the totems will shoot at the raid (enhancement’s is more of a pain than elemental’s).  The best way to deal with this is simply to stomp the totems.  Also don’t use fire elementals in phases 1 or 3, as they will attach themselves to MC’d members of your raid.  Use them in Phase 2 with your Blood Lust.
  • Why is your pet attacking me!  Hunters, Warlocks, Frost Mages and DKs all need to make sure that their pet is on passive (get a pet attack macro so your pet doesn’t sit idle!).  If pets are on defensive they will attack members of the raid while your are mind controlled and wreak havoc!  DO NOT BE THAT PERSON!
  • Phase 2 Interrupts – The bane of this encounter.  Each platform needs two interrupters and back up interrupters.  Work out a rotation for interrupts before you pull.  It’s vital to communicate for a back up if you are a main interrupter and get cinders, or if you fat finger your interrupt early.  It’s equally as important that communication is clear and concise.  All we want to hear is “Help, Back, Next”, for example.  One missed interrupt can easily wipe your raid.  Once you get this worked out, phase two becomes much less of a pain in the ass.
  • Clearing Cinders -Explosive cinders can be cleared using Ice Block, Cloak of Shadows or a Pally Bubble.  You will not explode your platform by making use of these abilities, and it is good to save them for phase two when possible specifically for this reason.
  • Everyone can help their survival with Explosive Cinders – Almost every class has something that they can do to help mitigate some of their damage if they need to jump into the Magma for cinders.  If they are out of “oh shit” buttons, the should use their Tol’Barad trinket as they swim back to their platform after their cinders have exploded.  It is also vital that people do not jump around and flail in the lava, as it will cause you to generate magma stacks faster.  At 3-4 seconds out jump off the platform into the lava, wait for your cinders to explode, and then strafe back to the platform.  This will allow you to minimize how many magma stacks you receive – and will increase your survivability!
  • Phase 2 Healing – almost as bad as the interrupts!  Our healers will also provide clear, concise communication for dealing with cinders, especially if there is more than one person on the platform afflicted.  Additionally, we place a “back up” healer on each platform for emergencies.  Elemental shaman, Druids of any spec and Shadow Priests work very well for this.  Do not hesitate to call out and use DPS to keep your platform stable in a pinch.
  • Spec – I spec 3/3 Perseverance for this encounter.  The mitigation is extremely helpful for learning and has saved my ass on more than one occasion.  I strongly encourage you to consider picking up at least 1 or 2 points here if you don’t want to go with all 3!
  • Oh God, my mana!  I know I commented on it in the video, but I wanted to just say it again.  Really be conscious of your mana.  Take your time in phase 1 and 3 to get the raid topped up, and let your HoTs work for you.  Do not over-rejuv or you will be OOM faster than you can blink.  Innervate early and often, and try to squeeze in a concentration potion during phase 3 (you see me use mine in between crackles).
  • Beru, will you ever get that fourth Tranquility?  Some day! 😉
I hope that you found this helpful!  Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or feedback!

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2 responses to “Healing Heroic Nefarian (video guide)

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  1. Great video! I’d definitely be interested in an Al’Akir video, it seems like one of the toughest fights in this content tbh.

  2. Thank you very much for completing this video! I’ve enjoyed all of your videos so far and this one especially was one I felt like I really needed. I even went so far as to link this in my guild’s forums, so we could maybe learn a thing or two from what you guys did to down this.

    Thanks again and please keep them coming, Beru!

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