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When I posted my Nef video, I had asked if people would be interested in a video for Heroic Al’Akir 10.  Since several folks indicated that they would like that, I decided I’d go ahead and do a guide for it.  While we have been working our way through our remaining hard modes, we simultaneously worked Al’Akir 10 as it is an easier encounter on 10s, and it enabled us to obtain extra shoulder tokens while we were still working on Heroic Nef and Heroic Cho’gall, as well as offered us experience with the encounter for 25s.  It worked well for us, and we’ve since continued going in and knocking him out, rotating two to three different members of our raid in each week for the 10 man kill.  While I really hated this encounter while we were learning it – it’s actually grown a soft spot in my heart.  It’s certainly not my favorite encounter, but it’s not so bad either!

A friendly reminder that this video will be best viewed at one of the higher resolutions and and in full screen.

A few notes!

  • What is your healing composition?  For our first kill we use a druid, shaman and priest.  However, we’ve since done it with a druid/priest/paladin combo (which is what you see in the video here) and a druid/druid/priest combo.  I’ve also read of someone doing it with a triple shaman combo!  I think that it’s probably healable with any team that you bring in, provided that your healers are strong and think quickly on their feet.
  • Any tips/tricks for phase 1?  The biggest thing I can say is don’t be afraid to move out of range of one of you healing assignments to navigate a squall line.  As long as you communicate it, it should be fine.  On that same note, don’t be afraid to move to navigate the squall lines!
  • In really tricky situations, you can eat a wind burst, shift into cat and sprint around squall lines.  It’s extremely effective, and can save you in a pinch.  I remember the first time I did it I felt OMGAWESOME!
  • ToL if you or one of your healing groups gets lightning on them.  The group to my right always has two people and takes a lot of damage.  I found popping a ToL very effective to make sure that all three of us, plus the tank, were always stable.
  • Barkskin is your friend.  Use it, love it.
  • Make sure all of your healing assignments are around 75% health before a wind burst.  This ensures that they can survive the wind burst and any subsequent damage that may happen right after.
  • Practice makes perfect.  I know that sounds incredibly cheesy, but it’s the truth.  You will wipe in phase one many times.  Be patient and stay calm.  It takes time to learn to navigate the perfect storm of events.  Talk about each wipe after it happens and try to work through how someone could have avoided dying.
  • Have contingencies, and contingencies for those contingencies.  It may sound like overkill, but having a plan C for when plan B didn’t work helps a ton.
  • You tank can delay windbursts by moving out of range of Al’Akir – but we found this to cause more trouble than it was worth, so ultimately opted to just navigate the encounter without having him delay any.
  • The Infamous Tol’Barad Trinket – While we could probably navigate the encounter without it now, it was invaluable while learning and still incredibly helpful for repeat kills.  I strongly encourage it’s use!
    • Use it in phase 1 if you are in lightning.
    • Use it in phase 1 if you have to stand in a frost patch while waiting for a squall line or wind burst.
    • Use it in phase 2 to help mitigate the acid rain damage – we use it at 3-5 stacks, and then on cooldown after.
    • Use it in phase 3 if you are the target of lightning rod.
  • Oh god, my mana!  Try to be as conservative as possible in phase 1.  It’s challenging sometimes, especially if you and/or your neighbors are recipients of the lightning storms on the platforms.  However, the closer you are to a full mana bar in phase 2, the better off you will be.  Almost all of our healers run dry by the end of phase two and are all screaming WHY AREN’T WE THERE YET?!?!  Be careful with your rejuv usage – it is your biggest mana drain and will run you dry extremely quickly if you are careless with it.  Try not to overwrite existing rejuvs, and try to make sure that it gets its full potential.
  • Timing Tranquility.  You have to be careful with tranquility in this encounter.  It’s not well maximized in phase 1, so I don’t recommend using it there (I’ve tried, and you are so spread out it hits almost no one, and ends up being a waste of mana).  Since our kills run about 6 minutes, I generally only get one in because I try to maximize it for the time it will best serve the raid in phase 2.  I will try to wait until we are 8+ stacks of the debuff, sometimes longer if the raid is in good shape, to make sure that I am using it when it will help the raid and the other healers the most.
    • Wait until a squall line passes, so that you do not have to cancel your cast to dodge an incoming squall line.
    • Do not cast it if you are standing close to Al’Akir.  He will randomly interrupt spell casts if you are too close in proximity to him, and it has the potential to completely waste your tranquility.

    Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have questions or comments!

    What’s next?!  Well, we have actually killed Cho’gall (twice now!), and I’ve spectacularly failed to remember to FRAPS the kills.  Because we are so close to Firelands, we’ve opted to lock out this week’s BoT for continued work on Sinestra, so it may be a bit before I have video footage for a guide – and it may be that I have video of Sinestra first 🙂  However, I will keep trying to put together video guides as we continue to progress, they may just be fewer and farther between 🙂

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    8 responses to “Healing Heroic Al’Akir 10 (video guide)

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    1. Thanks a lot, you make it look easy 😉

    2. Definitely useful information! If only I had the time to spend getting the TB trinket. Alas I don’t think I’ll ever get that one, or at least have it for a while to come

    3. This is probably a bit of a change of pace for you, but I think it might be interesting seeing some “live” recordings of the alt runs. It seems like there’s usually at least one person on those that is either undergeared, unfamiliar with the fights, or just plain Bad At This ™.

      Sometimes seeing the most common ways in which good(ish) players fail horribly could be a teaching tool, and it’d almost certainly be entertaining.

    4. @ Dendrite

      Alternatively, she can just record me for a “do not do this” video!

    5. Thanks for all the info and movies it really helped me improve as a healer 🙂

      now i am just wandering you got a macro that puts a raid warning out when you pop Tree of life and Tranquility, are you willing to share them?

      thanks in advance 🙂

      • Hi Yei!

        That is actually a mod called Raeli’s Spell Announce (RSA), and you can pick it up over at Cure. Just configure it to announce where you’d like it and it will automatically announce in certain channels/raid/party when you use certain abilities.

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