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I recently decided that I was going to push my second druid, Elentari, to 85.  She used to be my “mini-me”, before Beru became a troll.  Now, however, she is  my swift flying, fast herbin’ tauren druid.  I have learned a few things while I have been leveling her – such as if you wear all of your heirloom gear through level 81 you cannot queue into the LFD becuase your iLevel is pitiful and you must visit the Auction House to put yourself in order.  Through use of said LFD, I have also reconfirmed (again) that some people completely subscribe to the internet fuckwad theory.

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about – let’s get back on track, shall we?

As you may recall, I have been working my way through the Warcraft novels, and I’ve recently just started the third book in The War of the Ancients Trilogy.  The battle with the Burning Legion is still raging, Illidan just had his eyes burned out by Sargeas, Tyrande is being held hostage and Malfurion is becoming a bad ass.  I also just met Maiev Shadowsong, and it took me practically being beat over the head to realize that Jarod Shadowsong was her brother (never put two and two together!), but I did figure out what her role will be with regards to Illidan without much trouble.

As I’ve been reading, I’ve also been questing in Hyjal with my mini-me.  Now, this will be my third trip through Hyjal but I never really gave the quest lore that much thought on any of my other trips.  So here I am putzing around Hyjal – and to be honest, it’s almost like I am doing it for the first time with the new in depth lore knowledge I have acquired.  Which is actually pretty neat.  I’ve really enjoyed this trip through Hyjal.

As you may know if you’ve quested through the zone, I am tasked with asking the ancients to help in our fight.  And one of those ancients is Aviana.  Of course, I’ve just recently met Aviana in my reading, when Krasus and Malfurion take a visit to her.  So imagine my surprise when I open up one of the quest givers and she asks me if I’d like to learn more about Aviana.

Hell yes I would!

So I enthusiastically click the option to educate myself – and I learn a few things:

  • Aviana fought valiantly in the War of the Ancients, against the burning legion.
  • Aviana died in that battle, overcome and unable to continue her defense.
  • Rumor has it that Aviana’s blood even fought as she died – casting itself on the legion and destroying anything that came into contact with it.

Which is great!  Right?

Except, it’s not!  Because Aviana/Cenarius/etc haven’t joined the battle in the book yet!  So now I not only know that they will be fighting against the legion – but that Aviana will die in that battle.  WAY TO SPOILER YOUR BOOK BERU!  /facepalm

But it gets better!  Oh yes!  As my mini-me continues through the quest lines (I stopped clicking optional “information”), I am tasked with freeing Jarod Shadowsong (to which I went, out loud mind you, “wtf, he’s 10,000 years old!).  I am advised that Jarod was instrumental in convincing the ancients to fight alongside the elves – and not only that, but that the ancients had so much reverence for his command, that they permitted themselves to be commanded by him throughout the battle.

Now, I pretty much knew that Jarod was going to be an important figure as the fight progressed because I had just read about how he was able to convince the tauren and dwarves to help the fledgling night elf lines in one part of the battle, and how he could see things in battle to which that priss Stareye was completely oblivious.  So I knew he was destined for greatness.  But I didn’t know just what he was going to be able to accomplish.  Not until Mini-me had to go and ruin it for me.



(really, though, I’m enjoying both the books and leveling mini-me quite a bit.  I was just highly amused at inadvertently spoiling myself and then pretty much facepalming myself in real life at the situation!)

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  1. ::giggling:: Um.. Beru.. I’ve read those, and if I’d thought with half a brain, I’d’ve warned you of that… 🙂 But I can say I didn’t know your mini-me was going through Hyjal, so I suppose I’m actually in the clear on that.. Yep, I’m not going to say more, though, I don’t want to spoil what remains for you, but I did LOVE Hyjal for all the lore in it. Some of it you will remember from the Grizzly Hills quests, too… once you get a litlte further in…

  2. Hahaha xD
    WoW lore is so difficult because on the one hand you’re thinking “please don’t spoil the books” as you’re playing, but on the other hand you know full well what happens in some of the books from quests, raids, and even Warcrafts.

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