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I posted this up for my guild, but I think that it would be helpful for others outside of our private little forum, so I thought I’d go ahead and duplicate it here for everyone else!

As Firelands approaches there are a few things that you will need to in order to ensure that you are prepared.

You must complete the Aessina’s Miracle questline to unlock the Regrowth and have access to the new Firelands quest hub. It is a fair way into Hyjal, so if you’ve not quested through Hyjal I might recommend starting before the patch hits and the place is a zoo. You will need to start on your Hyjal dailies as soon as possible.

Know if there are any changes to your class that will affect your stat weightings and priorities, or your rotation. Be prepared to make those changes as soon as 4.2 hits.



Be prepared to gem gear upgrades as they come. I suspect the gem market will go up a bit with new content, so stock up now while everything is a bit cheaper!



Be prepared to enchant gear upgrades as they come. Similar to gems, I suspect that enchant materials will also rise a bit in price, so stock up now in preparation!



Be sure to make extra time to do the new daily quests for any gear upgrades that will be available either from the vendor or via Avengers of Hyjal reputation. Even the smallest upgrades can make a difference. Doing dailys in groups will make them go faster. Remember that Firelands gear can be upgraded to heroic level with the use of Firestones. Guide to the Stage One of the Firelands Dailies.


Guess what, all your precious valor points are getting downgraded to Justice points when 4.2 hits. If you want 359 boots for alts, or to sell, buy them now while you have excess valor points. You will only be allowed to hold 4,000 Justice points – any valor points that exceed that when converted will be turned into gold. Additionally, be sure to make extra time to run your daily/weekly heroics to maximize your valor points each week (remember you don’t have to do them daily anymore, they can be done on the weekends, as well). You will need to utilize Valor Points to purchase gear upgrades. Just like the Firelands items, the new Valor items can be upgraded to heroic pieces with the use of firestones.

Here is a list of both the Firelands vendor gear and the new Valor Point gear.
Here is a list of the Avengers of Hyjal Gear.
Mark of the World Tree rewards(includes patterns).

Educate yourself on boss strategies. There will be limited information early in the content tier, so if you come across something be sure to share it with your guild!   Here is some tertiary information about each boss.



Take some time and educate yourself on the gear upgrades that are available for you in Firelands. Know where your upgrades come from – be it from vendors or boss drops. Have a gear plan for yourself, but do not turn away clear upgrades. Here is a list of gear that each boss in the Firelands will drop. (Please note these are subject to change, as this is from the PTR).  For what it’s worth, I am tentatively going to go with Helm/Shoulders/Breastplate/Legs with off set hands for my 4 T12.  However, that may be subject to change as I study the gear a little more.  As the tier hands are likely more accessible, I may sub the tier piece in for my bonus while waiting for access other pieces.

 I wish everyone the best of luck as 4.2 approaches!  And may the devs find a way to give resto druids something with flames before release! 😉

Posted June 12, 2011 by Beruthiel in Firelands

6 responses to “Preparing for Firelands!

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  1. Great, great post!

    One additional thing I’ve been doing is stocking up on mats. Regardless of class, there will be craftable upgrades available through the Firelands quests, so I’ve been transmuting truegold and farming leather, elementium, and even Chaos Orbs. With many new weapons available via Blacksmithing (and having several alts), this has been an area where I’m going to save quite a bit of gold by being prepared. Hopefully it will pay off. 🙂

  2. Yes, same here, not only stocking up my enchanting mats by running heroics and Zs until my eyes cross and rolling for chaos orbs wherever I can, but taking my little un-geared paladin mining to stock up on truegold and hardened elementium. My rogue has already demanded the new crafted combat rogue sword, the Pyrium Spellward, And she wants it before Kay gets her spellblade, too… ::chuckle:: Kayeri and my others have patience.. my rogue is not known for this except when it’s work-related… At the same time, I’ll grant Rhi is still working with the combat rogue mace off Daakara in ZA, and she HATES swinging a club with a troll’s head on it (or maybe a goblin, I’m not sure), and I kinda cant blame her for that, so yes, I’ll probably let her get away with it. My husband the blacksmith has already been informed that he will be doing ALL the new dailies every single day and he will unlock the vendor with the blacksmith recipes first.. ::chuckle::

  3. “fair way into Hyjal” is right! I did 81 quests before getting the Last Living Lorekeeper! Thanks again for this, Beru. 🙂

  4. Greeeeeeeeat Blog Love the Infomation you have provided me .

  5. Awesome post! Repeated ti to my guild, thank you! 🙂

  6. It looks like the only items upgradable from Firestones are raid trash drops and wands/relics from VP; nothing from dailies. And you can only get Avengers of Hyjal rep from the raid. The dailies just unlock vendors for gear that is probably mostly behind what you guys are wearing.

    Definitely stock up on chaos orbs if you have a profession that uses it though – the new patterns require those in addition to the new version!

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